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Warnings of Possible Cover-Up in Progress as Trump Orders Hospitals to Stop Sending Covid-19 Data to CDC

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/15/warnings-possible-cover-progress-trump-orders-hospitals-stop-sending-covid-19-data


That’s the best part about hiring a “contractor” to do a job for you. You pay them to tell you what you want to hear, and then they tell you.
It’s just like hiring a prostitute. If you pay for a happy ending, you get a happy ending.


Why am I not surprised?


Stop sending data to the CDC? That is an illegal order. No one is obligated to follow it, you feckless fool.


The intent of this predictable move by trump & co - aka “cover-ups r us” - is the same as most everything trump and his proxies attempt - to deceive, manipulate, distort, lie, and hide the truth from the people.
A politician and human being of zero moral compass, integrity, empathy, intelligence and education, (except that reptile thing) and he has no class at all.
trumps ego narcissism and whoever his advisers are only focus on winning at any cost to the nation, public and world to, serve the1% and crony predators to steal more from the people and destroy anything that may be considered for the Common Good.

What should be the serious consequences for such an insidious blatant - even criminal - move will be suppressed by captured media and craven politicians - the victims will be the public and health-care workers…


This Covid fraud is blatant. The numbers have been fudged all along. Those who work on the inside and reveal this are soon censored by the powers that be, a sure sign they are telling the truth in this age of universal deception.

I don’t know if this proposed move by Trump will change any of that, but I am about 1 inch away from voting for him.

There is only one reason why a person like Trump (a malignant narcissist) would do all that is possible to do the wrong thing with this virus, to destroy all of the right ways to deal with it, to maximize the number of cases and deaths, and to blatantly say stop the testing, ignore WHO and CDC, get people to gather together in crowded situations as much as possible, as often as possible - Only one reason - Why he would not do even one single thing right - He is mentally ill, he is an extreme malignant narcissist, which means he also has serious sadistic tendencies. The one reason is… he is attempting to murder as many Americans as possible, and so far succeeding. His illness as been well known for some time now, it has been well verified for some time now - Why is he still ‘allowed’ to be in the office of president where he can continue to make his malignant narcissistic delusions come true? Why?!? Seriously.


?? meaning?


Meaning he is a bot, or a delusional troll, or a paid troll - Ignore him. (His name is a hint…)


"Charles Pierce urged hospitals to ignore the Trump administration’s directive and “send the data to the CDC anyway.”

“It’s time for hundreds of little rebellions,” Pierce wrote.

It might be interesting if hospitals sent information on to both places and then compare what each reveals.

As for little rebellions, about time the big one came: Indict the entire system of exploitation. Period. I refer to capitalism.


No, not fudged, more likely way under reported. Your about an inch away from making a very dumb decision.


I was wondering if that move was illegal or not. Not that that would stop Trump. I am not a lawyer so I do not know. I hope you are correct.

I also note the recent order not to renew visas to foreign reporters. Got to keep truth from coming out. This smells as everything else coming from his administration.


Do I hear the clicking of boot heels? Yes Mien Fuhrer.


Past WH Administrations at least made a little effort to conceal their evil deeds.


IMO the headline should be PROBABLE, not Possible.


This was always going to happen. Trump politicizes everything. If an asteroid were to imminently strike the US, Trump would probably find a way to censor/politicize it as it could make him look bad.

And with that politicization of the pandemic (another fun fact) - don’t plan on travelling anywhere out of the country this year.


As a scientist/engineer my professional code requires all pertinent data to be considered. All. We are in WTC 1, 2, & 7 land here. We really need to pick at that scab and get to the truth. And 22 November 1963. And 8 June 1967. And…


Yeah, no shit! Agree with you 100%, the trump thing IS a menace that needs to be dealt with in a fitting way!


I give up. There is no rule of law let alone any sense of morality or empathy for each other in any meaningful numbers to matter. The USA is a suicidal death cult.


No happy ending in sight on this one.