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Warnings of 'Taxpayer-Funded Discrimination' Against LGBTQ Workers as Trump Pushes Religious Exemption Rule for Contractors

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/14/warnings-taxpayer-funded-discrimination-against-lgbtq-workers-trump-pushes-religious

As one who, despite being an atheist, thinks “Thou shalt not kill” is a pretty good idea, I want an exemption from having to pay the portion of my taxes (currently about 60%) that’s consumed by the military.

What say you, SpongeDon SquareMouth?


This kind of discrimination represents yet another example of nauseating continuity from President Obama to President Trump: https://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/12/us/politics/obama-wont-order-ban-on-gay-bias-by-employers.html?_r=0

From the article:

"President Obama disappointed and vexed gay supporters on Wednesday with his decision, conveyed to activists by a senior adviser, not to sign an executive order banning discrimination by employers with federal contracts.

“The executive order, which activists said had support from the Labor and Justice Departments, would have applied to gay, bisexual and transgender people working for or seeking employment from federal contractors.”


“That stance departs from the White House’s prominent ‘we can’t wait’ campaign: Since last fall, Mr. Obama has signed executive orders on a variety of issues, arguing that ‘we can’t wait’ for legislation that Republicans in Congress refuse to let pass.”

The faux-left – the same folks who dozed away while President Obama was caging tens of thousands of children at the border, putting ICE on steroids, and deporting more immigrants than all 20th-century presidents combined (far more than Trump, deplorable demagogue though he may be) – may now return to hyperventilating about the bad orange man they love to hate… and marginalizing and smearing Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard, the only two progressives with a chance to defeat him in 2020.


Usually presidents realize that this country needs a fair amount of equilibrium. Not trumpenstein though. He is playing politics as though the republican party is going to rule forever. The truth is that most of what trump is doing has to be undone. A monumental waste of time and tax payer dollars, if there are any left after his departure.

It’s high time for a movement to undress the military budget item by item so the public can see what is happening.
I want my taxes that go toward the military reduced as well.
We don’t need a poll here to identify who is in line with this.


There must be a really brave corporation somewhere in America that will test this Trump stupidity-------so who are you, Corporation? Stand and deliver!!!
All you have to do is announce that you will not be able to hire any Christians-----I wonder what would happen with that? After all if a person is born then it seems like whatever your God is-------then that God approved this person’s birth .
It seems that the First Amendment should not allow any of this silliness which grows into meanness----but sometimes showing the hypocrisy in kind —can be that teachable moment. : )


The only way to counter this is to take the argument to its ridiculous limits. The person who so strongly wants their “Christian religious beliefs (that are alone right in the whole wide world)” protected would not stand up to taking that argument to the limit. Their rights would very quickly be subverted if religious exemptions are allowed based on personal beliefs/intolerance. I’m too tired to start the example. Feel free.