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Warnings of Trumpism 'Forever' as Senate GOP Rams Through 44 Lifetime Judges in One Day


Warnings of Trumpism 'Forever' as Senate GOP Rams Through 44 Lifetime Judges in One Day

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With the nation's eyes largely elsewhere in a sea of distraction on Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee quietly advanced 44 of President Donald Trump's federal judicial nominees in what civil rights defenders denounced as a "monster markup" that threatens to leave the president's dangerous ideological footprint on the nation's court for generations to come.


It can’t happen here? Think again!

When the goin gets tough, the tough get goin!..but the Quisling DINO “opposition” cave and become smarmy sycophants!


If you compare what powers available to that of the office of the President of the United States of America and that of “Mad king George” in 1776 , old King George would have looked on Trump with envy. The only difference is US Citizens get to vote for who they want to tyrannize them.


In addition to other issues comprising their fascist track records, all of the GOP appointed judges (during the past two years) have ruled in favor of added presidential powers with correspondingly reduced congressional powers, effectively eliminating the few checks and balances that existed two years ago.

Judicial appointments are a big part of the GOP’s current strategic planning to figure out how to suspend the 2020 election, thereby advancing the defacto Trump dynasty into a full blown dictatorship.


It is way past time we water the tree of liberty… what, the Kardashians are on? Guess ill check back later.


And lost elections have consequences. Anyone with second thoughts about voting your conscience, instead of preventing a tyrant from taking over?


I see no substantive difference between the Tyranny of Trump and that of Barack Obama. Obama not only executed US Citizens abroad , he orchestrated mass deportations , mass surveillance of citizens and used the force of the surveillance state to break up the occupy movement.

The reason you are there is because there not enough people voting their conscience. When Hilary Clinton types are offered up as alternatives to Donald Trump types , there only bad choices when you put your X next to either.


Are we gonna have another 90 year Jim Crow like period? If the Democrats refused to participate or show up for the committee’s votes would that prevent the nominations from going forward? If the entire democratic caucus of the senate refused to show up on these votes - would that prevent these nominations? Just curious because it seems like they are taking part in a sham. If the house is the place where impeachments begin, then there should be a special effort to thoroughly investigate the backgrounds of each of these justices and if anything corrupt shows up impeachment should move forward. If we find out that our “president” is a criminal, would that be grounds to question any and all of his appointments? I am dreaming cause I know that half or more of the democrats don’t give a damn but they should.


Apparently, you forgot that Obama and the Democrats did not focus on appointing judges when they had the opportunity. The corporate Democrats are there only to hold back policy that most American’s want. 85% of Democrats and 70% of all voters want Medicare For All. 80+% of American’s Want to end the Wars of Aggression for Oil. 80% want to tax the rich. You support moderate republicans that co-opted the party of the people. I won’t vote for a fascist democrat that supports corporations, interventionist wars, bailing out banks, and people that profit from prison slave labor. If the Democrats run another moderate republican centrist they will lose…


That’s my point. With that attitude you deserve what we ended up with, by conscience decision.
You may not like democrats, but don’t blame them for ending up with Trump.


While I didn’t like Obama or Clinton and I concur with some of your points, I do feel Obama appointed more representative and fairer, more progressive people such as Sonia Sotomayor. I think Clinton’s appointments would have been better than Trump’s. We are in a terrible quandry with poor leadership rising to the top of both parties. While I dislike Obama and Clinton, I don’t really feel that they even come near the destructive and corrupting behavior of Trump. We’ve got to come up with better choices.


The GOP is no doubt, the greatest enemy to our freedom and democracy of any group in our country. They are aided and abetted by many in the Democratic party. The republican reign of evil needs to end, the democratic party needs to be drastically reformed and decent alternatives need to rise up.


Yet “Better” a relative term. While Trump accelerates despotism , the Status Quo merely preserved it in what was perceived as a “gentler” form.

Again it like Slavery. There were masters that whipped their slaves to get more work and those that rarely whipped their slaves but they were still slaves. Someone opposed to slavery would not be voting for a person who did not whip his slaves.


I have hinted that it’s leadership that’s lacking in the fight for better government. The right-wing is a lost cause. And the left has been too corporate and otherwise weak in leadership.
The likes of AOC willing to speak loudly back at the powers that be, has to be cloned enough to have backing. It’s time for a REAL shoutdown at the greedy conservative wing.


Yes but if I was an innocent man (or guilty for that matter) today sitting on death row, I would much prefer to have Sotomayor, Ginsburg types looking out for my rights than the likes of Kavanaugh or Thomas. People are dealing with things in real time. I think most democrats have appointed fairer more progressive people and Republicans have consistently appointed backwards, regressive individuals. It’s just a fact.


So correct!


That’s just pathetic. Blame democrats for trump and republican shit. I blame voters. If you have not been voting for democrats (or voting to primary out a DINO), then you are part of the problem.


Let’s try not to get carried away here. Suspend the 2020 election is crazy talk imho.


You are definitely part of the f*ckin’ problem.


Nah you live in the USA. I do not. We have health care and we have a functioning Judicial system. You have some 2 million plus in prison whereas Canada has some 40000.