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Warnings of Trumpism 'Forever' as Senate GOP Rams Through 44 Lifetime Judges in One Day


Ah, another of the purist police who will help the republicans to truly ruin this nation. Disgusting.


Glad to hear it. You’re not part of the ACTUAL problem. I just hope people don’t pay much attention to your BS.


People have not been paying attention to it for decades in the USA and look where it has got them. You DO know that it was under Clinton that the prison population per capita doubled and it was under Clinton that the Prison system privatized?

As to Mr “Hope and change” after HIS presidency there no hope and no change.


It’s easy to find bad shit on any politician who has been around for a while. LBJ would have been my favorite President of all time if he would have ended the war. Instead he’s just one of the many disappointments. FDR was amazing in so many ways, but his treatment of Japanese citizens was way more than just disappointing. Most humans tend to disappoint sooner or later. I should likely say “all” humans.


What we are witnessing is the continued seizing of the judiciary by the US fascists. It happened before in human history and it didn’t end so well…


Very true - we - human beings are a big problem with our egos, fears and ignorance. Our history is very troubling but we have progressed in some ways but everything seems so fragile and people appear open to manipulation by corporations or jaded politicians.


You are familiar with the Patriot Act and the NDAA…?? Both pieces of legislation are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution and were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. That’s pathetic…


Trumpism? When Trump, at the SOTU hammered socialism’s role in the American experience, he was putting a feather in the head dress of corporate, fascist, capitalism. Promoting class warfare. Trump is a traitor, possibly in more ways than we know.


While this is beyond getting angry over, this soft rolling coup. Keep in mind Mother Nature is here to seize the day. By the time any of these fine up standing jurists get to cause problems, America and most of the planet will be a waste land. We are experiencing both at the same time, this soft coup and ice melt. Who do you think will prevail?


We have had very few good presidents. Obama was compromised in so many ways and Clinton was corrupt to the core. Funny how so many people still think both of them were great. Don’t expect too much in the way of intellectual thought coming from the US. It is very, very crude down here.


While you might not have had good Presidents , you have had good Candidates for President. The problem is an electorate that falls for the lesser of two evils stuff over and over and Political Parties that have been totally co-opted by the Corporate state wherein they always put forward as a final candidate “The pragmatic” corporate friendly choice.

A simple question .Would you prefer Jill Stein your President or would you prefer Hilary Clinton?


Which translated, was in effect, a vote in the Trump column.

I had second thoughts too. But voting my conscience would have ended up as just being stubborn instead of pragmatic.


Which reminds me of my pledge to keep reminding folks that the voting reform part of HS1 needs scrutinizing. Calls to representatives. Without voter reform elections matter little if they are stolen.


I will state with complete confidence—but with neither pride nor satisfaction—that not one single US citizen voted for Stephen Harper.


It is rapidly becoming apparent that the Democratic Party (the left wing of the rapacious ‘bird of prey’) is working as hard as it can to ensure that Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020. The powers that be are burying any possible consideration of the very policies that the vast majority of the American public support and are clamoring for. They have made it perfectly clear that Single-Payer healthcare, Getting Money Out of Politics, Addressing Economic Inequality, Reigning in our military, Meaningful Climate policy are extremist views and ALL OFF THE TABLE.

The excellent article by Les Leopold (Beware the Moderate Democrat, cd 2/2/19) lays out clearly that the Republican-lite Neo-Con Democratic candidates the party leadership is pushing have ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICAL BASE, and therefore ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE to win in 2020. This is 2016 on steroids. Even if one bought into the morally bankrupt concept of choosing the lesser evil, I’ve got news for you: IT AIN’T THERE FOR THE CHOOSING. After 2016 an attempt was made to reform the corrupt leadership of the Dem party. It failed. We cannot afford to waste any more time or effort on these disingenuous trolls. It is time to leave them “dead by the side of the road” and move forward as the largest political demographic out there. We’ve got the numbers, we’ve got the power, we just need to wake up and realize it.


You’re right. Suspira and Shadrock are wrong.

Not voting for Hillary mattered, especially to federal and supreme court rulings for the next three to four decades.

Too many self-identifying liberals on this site let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

If liberals and progressives cannot agree to support the next Democrat candidate over Trump in the next election, they are mad.

Anyone who cannot comprehend the virtue of voting AGAINST Trump is a complete fool.

Vote for the best Democrat available and push the party to the left when they hold office.

Otherwise, sit on the porch and scream at any person, cat, dog, or car the goes by.

It’s what insane people do.


Nor did I. Mr Harper tried to destroy our health care system. He tried to privatize the lands on our First Nations reservations.He claimed he would be “tough on crime” and send more people to prison. He appointed a number of judges to the Supreme Court . I am not so certain he happy with the outcomes.


Yeah like that strategy worked with Obama and Clinton as president. When it failed in the past fail and fail again right?

Ever since I have been posting here, I have read the same screed from Columnists and others supporting the Status quo “Just hold their feet to the fire”. Yep that worked out pretty well for you hasn’t it?


The elections are rigged . Hillary actually won the election and I am not talking about the popular vote. Plus Bernie Sanders if democrats did not rig the primaries he would be the nominee for the party and would have beaten Trump.


Can’t do basic arithmetic, eh? A vote for Jill Stein, or a vote for none of the above, is one vote. For that one candidate (trying to check two boxes in the same column would be voter fraud). Period, paragraph, case closed—unless it’s your assumption that our votes are owned by and owed to any Brand D Wall Street stooge who slithers on to the ballot, in which case we have nothing further to talk about.