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Warnings of Trumpism 'Forever' as Senate GOP Rams Through 44 Lifetime Judges in One Day


It did.

Obama and Clinton appointed liberal judges. They didn’t give HUGE tax cuts to the rich (Clinton raised them). They didn’t gut environmental legislation. They didn’t hyper-inflate the military budget. It goes on and on.

Spoiled toddlers toss perfectly edible food off trays when they don’t get exactly everything they want.

Adults who think and act like adults learn to accept the best thing available.


You have to be able to add, and subtract, to do basic math.


Stop it.

Obama got elected four years earlier. We just had an election where Dems won most of the open seats.

Of course there is fraud and corruption.

The solution is not to vote for another Republican or a third party.

Vote, hold politicians accountable, and fix the system.


Wealth inequality increased under Clinton. He passed welfare reform which increased poverty rates. Prison populations doubled. He relaxed regulations of the banking systems which led to wide spread corruption and the bailout exercised by the Obama Presidency,

Barack expanded wars to 7 different countries and boasted of it. He the guy that got you into Syria by the way. He the guy that destroyed Libya. He fully supported the Saudis war on Yemen. He doubled the number of drone strikes on peoples when comapred to the Bush Presidency.

Yeah a BIG difference.


Thank Obama for leaving the vacancies for up to 8 years unfilled so Trump can have a field day.


I would vastly prefer Hillary.


How did a thread on Trumpism turn into a Clinton and Obama trashing session?


I don’t see where Obama had ANYTHING to do with it.


“These are not normal nominees, and Democrats can’t continue to treat this situation as business as usual.”
*However, they will, because that is what their paymasters want. If the Demoncrats ever did something that really helped the people, and followed our Constitution, the Oilagarchy would wipe them out in fairly short order.
*When a politician becomes a Senator or Congressperson, he follows orders from the Oilagarchy and, the Godfather(s).
When the society begins to collapse and they reject any measures to help it, I’m sure they will say, “It’s nothing personal, just business.”


You’re tossing your food again.

Yes, neither Dem president was perfect.

But on balance, they were far better than right-wing alternatives.

If Trump teaches anyone anything, it is that.

By the way, your facts about prison populations and poverty rates are dubious at best, closer to flat our false (and I believe you know it).

As for wealth inequality, it has increased under every president since Reagan, more or less. It increased sharply under Obama, not due to his policies per se, but to a fundamental flaw in modern capitalism that we are a long way from fixing. See Thomas Piketty.

Liberals are supposed to care about facts and context.


Obama started no new MAJOR wars the way W did. Bill raised taxes on the wealthy. Unfortunately, Bill did go along with the republican Congress on too much. We now know that bipartisanship has turned into shit. Governing is going to be increasingly difficult without a really SUPER democratic majority.


“Better then” is still bad when it a bad choice. Something which YOU do not understand which exactly why a Trump could be elected President.

The DNC could have nominated Sanders as Candidate as he certainly “better then” Clinton but they did not want the “best Candidate” they wanted to keep that Corporate money flowing in. But hey, you held their feet to the fire right?


Trump started no major wars either? Whats your point? Obama expandedd the war on terror to 7+ more Countries. See Libya.


The flaw in capitalism since 1980 has to do with the sudden divergence of productivity accelerating while labor’s share of that productivity remained totally stagnant. That is why we need a wealth tax on multiple fronts plus other legislation.


Bernie had an impossible mission. But he put a chink in the armor of the dem establishment. It should be a better run this next election.


My point is that, rightly or wrongly, fighting terrorism on a small scale is better than a major war.


First, it’s better than, not better then.

Second, that first sentence needs an edit.

Third, you don’t need all caps to make a “good” point.

Fourth, you are the one who does not understand why Trump was elected. It is simple. Trump was elected because too many liberals think like you. And in fairness, the working class had every reason to elect someone from outside the beltway, for many of the reasons you mention.

That said, the bad policies of past Democrat presidents do not excuse me from deciding to vote for, or not vote against, someone like Mike Pence or Kanye West for POTUS.

That would be the worst choice.

Even if Hillary runs again as the Democratic candidate (to be clear, not a fan, but to use the most extreme example), it would be a very stupid choice.

Finally, with Trump as POTUS, the only fire that matters is the one he’s setting on the entire planet.

Congratulations on your past and future protest votes.

You’re so right, so to speak.

Another four years of Trump after this four years is, without question, the “better then” choice.


NOT lifetime placements, we will void/impeach every judge that these Russian AgentS McConnell and Trump place…


It’s never the Democrats’ fault. The voters can let the d-party down, but the d-party never lets voters down.

And Russia, ooga booga, and Bernie Bros. I pity you LOTE voters, gandolf, voting my conscience feels awesome…


Your conscience belongs right with the amoral evil in the White House.