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Warnings of Trumpism 'Forever' as Senate GOP Rams Through 44 Lifetime Judges in One Day


That’s a lot of shit to shovel in one day.


And many democrats joined in the anti-socialism standing O.


A small scale? Obama dropped 26,000 bombs on seven countries in one year.


Voting against Trump is not supporting someone else. Not the same thing.


But you said above that a vote for Stein was a vote for Trump.

So by your logic, wasn’t my vote for Stein a vote against Hillary?


This isn’t a black or white situation. A vote for Stein was a vote of conscience. IMO.
A vote for Clinton was a vote for her or a vote against Trump, a pragmatic vote. Not all republicans nor all democrats are bad. The all or nothing is anti partisanship. Something I thought we wanted to get away from.
And you had every right, and good sense to vote for Jill as a protest vote against Hillary. Choice. The American way.


It was sad to see 95% of US voters waste their votes on the corporate Democrat or corporate Republican in the 2016 election. Although It was a slight improvement over the 98% stats in 2012 and 2008, most of the 2016 third party vote went to Gary Johnson who is quite delusional after having spent so much time above 15,000’ impacting brain cells.


One thing you’ve got to say about Trump. He has done more damage to AmeriKKKa’s hegemonic financial and military Empire than any leftist or progressive could have hoped to. Hillary would have done everything in her power to expand the franchise.



My vote for Jill and Ajamu was a vote for the most qualified individuals running for those offices.

The Duopoly is not interested in giving the people what they want, they’re interested in giving the people choices that the MIC wants the people to choose from.

It’s really that plain and simple.


Yep, you’re right. The fact that he left over 100 federal judicial vacancies (including a SCOTUS seat) when he left office has NOTHING to do with it…


Absolutely. When republicans control the Senate, they can pretty much do whatever they want.


I understand the sentiment. The growing apparent reality though, is that a third party has no chance of winning. The rest is just cheap whiskey.
Disliking the apple doesn’t make the peach taste any better. Whatever that means.


Yes, very true, but have you ever tried McAdams whisky. About $11 for the giant bottle. Love it.


LOTE voting is simply amoral … immoral too in some cases. My conscious will not allow me to willingly choose a vote for evil. The empire is corrupt to the core. A vote of D vs R does NOT change that.


My first run was Bacardi and coke. My dwindling present is a few Aristocrat and cokes free at the casino.


The conversation that many of us here at Common Dreams are having is, “Why is it that many here see no reality that a third party has no chance of winning, simply because they are a third party?”

Many of us here wonder how so many in this country remain registered as Democrats and Republicans, when even with a little investigation into their ties to the corporations and military, and they’re willingness to accept money for their votes, we question those people’s judgement, their values, their ethics and morals.


From my point of view? The party machines are too powerful to infiltrate. Without a physical fight we are stuck with them for quite some time to come. imo.


Well, that’s a change of tune from this comment by you:

"With that attitude you deserve what we ended up with, by conscience decision.’


Yeah, pretend every human has no evil. Funny.


If we are on the same page, a decision of conscience could be either a vote against Hillary, or a vote for the virtues of the Green Party. Nothing exclusive there.

It doesn’t diminish the fact that the only way to make sure Trump would not become president was to vote for Clinton. Full stop.