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Warnings of Trumpism 'Forever' as Senate GOP Rams Through 44 Lifetime Judges in One Day


3rd parties are not allowed on the debates or discussed by the major media so people do not even know they existence.


Wishing we have a ace up our sleeve isn’t being all that realistic.
Maybe shuffleboard and a good sound system can get us through.


I’ve voted third party a couple or three times. It is fruitless.
We have to be somewhat judgemental to make a point here.
As long as we fence with the epee’s with the little round balls on the tips.


That one wore me out.


Ray, you nailed the basic dangers.

I grant that Dump and the Repug Cabal are fascists, and they all, as the messengers, deserve to be drawn and quartered. However, I’m not so sure they’re the idea men behind the scenes; most of them really seem to be pretty stupid, albeit mean and conscience-less…THOSE behind the scenes are the men who need to be identified, dragged out into the open, tarred and feathered, and set adrift on a holey, holy raft on the Atlantic Ocean in hurricane season.


Reluctantly, I agree with your point.


Easiest question I’ve been asked today. Jill…X 1000000000.


And when power is in hands of Democrats they become Republicans.


As the US populace has been lied to about the 09/11/2001 attacks so are they also lied to about most everything.

Pick a card, any card. The system is faux.


The goal of the 1 % is to suspend elections in the US. They plan to use right wing Republican fascists to achieve their goals. They want to manufacture a crisis to declare Marshall Law. When that happens, storm the gates. The life you save might be your own.


The american electoral system is not set up for three parties or more. It is the least democratic of all systems which call themselves democracies. If you don’t vote for the establishment parties, you are not selecting your vote optimally.
You may like this video

As the video says, two compartmentalized parties in one of the most diverse countries in the world can only lead to frustration. Since the US electoral structure is in the Constitution, there is nothing you can do but to pinch your nose tightly and vote for the lesser of two evils.


We have given our country away because of a feudalistic election scheme and traded our economy for black lung.


That is why the Masses should not be in the business of deciding who governs them, they know not what they do and our poor beautiful planet pays the price.


Is Elaine Chao part of the Trump stable? Why is Michel such a Trump brown noser?. His entire face is covered with “IT” Hasn’t brushed his teeth in two years. Kentucky is really weird.


“…nothing you can do but pinch your nose tightly…”

To that, I call BS.


Same here. In our system, it’s a death curse at the federal level. It stacks the judiciary with anti-progressives and actually moves things right, not left.


hmm…, methinks you didn’t watch the vid…
If you don’t want to pinch your nose, you could arm yourself and sacrifice your life, or you could emigrate and leave all behind.
I suggest you do the latter. I did that and it was the best decision of my life.


That is 100% correct. The recession would have to be really bad.
Have you placed your bet on the betting sites? Perfectly legal. You can make a bundle.


So lifetime appointments end with death. What’s the problem?


Our Supreme Court has been compromised for decades. They claim they’re ethical, but that’s one of the biggest hoaxes on us. Plan C?