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Warnings of Trumpism 'Forever' as Senate GOP Rams Through 44 Lifetime Judges in One Day


Obama was the more effective evil.


They have been compromised their entire existence!


Stein, for sure. Hillary is a self-serving piece of shit.


Where did you run to?


I didn’t “run”. I moved to a foreign country that at that time looked like a good alternative. That country was the US, believe it or not. Now, after 50 years, reality demands another move. Fortunately, now there are more and better choices than there were during the Cold War. I can’t wait to leave, but these things take time.


I would suggest one of the higher elevations in Tibet. You can forget about politics and the rising tides at the same place and time.


My friend and I once flew from opposite coasts and met in Amsterdam for a wild time. Beautiful country.

Nepal was to be our next destination.

Sadly, that moment never came.

Life happened.


You can forget about politics because it is all run by the ChiComs.


That leaves a yuuudge question mark. How much life are we talking about?


Radical activists highlight the faults of democratic party leaders with no regard for their accomplishments nor make distinctions between which party has done the most to promote corporate domination, environmental devastation and degradation of human rights. Their “dishonestly” framed opinion is likely the result of rightwing propaganda propagating itself within the extremist political Left. That said, most activists attend rallies and marches to protest what we should not do, but know next to nothing about what we should do instead.


A “Life” sentence worth of life.


Dietary message at “Gearing up for.”

Here’s how my mind works. You say “Life”. Well you moved to the Penn. You have a place with an adjoining wall to another (cell). And you have a life sentence. Apparently conjugal visits as well. See what happens when you let me loose. Peace brother.

PS Any idea of our comrade FF. I’m missing the raw angst.


Marshall Law would serve no purpose that the COG/NDAA does not already provide.
In fact, it would be counter productive as it would only serve to draw attention to the reality that America’s constitution is effectively suspended (read null and void).
A fact they have somehow managed to keep out of the public’s awareness ever since they first declared a state of emergency after 9/11, and every year since.


Oh, I’m sorry. I inferred that you decided to get out of the FUSA while the gittin’ was good. A couple of our comrades on CD did. I’d like to leave…not real big on fascism…but where to go? I don’t know what place is better for my values…and age…lol. Well, it’s mostly a rhetorical proposition…all my kids with their families aren’t going anywhere and we don’t have the $$$ anyway. Sad. One more fascist SC “justice” or Dump going down and putting Dense on the throne puts ice crystals in my blood…


You mean Focker? You’re right! I haven’t seen him in a while! Oh, no…I hope he’s ok. Did you write him to check?


Wouldn’t know how to.


Ok. I’ll do it. Takes a minute to get thru the logistics.


Ok…gandolf, I was wrong…it takes a lot, but I’ll keep on it and try to remember to get back to you. By any chance, do you remember his icon or gravatar? Or a topic he was hot on?


Perhaps the best place for your money is Costa Rica. Beautiful and affordable. And if you like democracy, CR is to the USA what Switzerland is to Sudan, no exaggeration. There is a big American expat community. Arranging things to leave is not easy, I did it once when I was young and it would be a lot harder now, but so is life. Fascism is revolting to me.


Wasn’t it FascistFocker? Topic. Frustration at the lack of change, or the ability to get change.