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Warnings of Trumpism 'Forever' as Senate GOP Rams Through 44 Lifetime Judges in One Day


Where in hell do you get your numbers ?Most Americans don’t want any of the crap that you just spouted. Maybe the Leon Trotsky wing of the Democrat party but no one else does.


Yes, CR IS one of the places I’ve talked to the kids about. They have a lot of policies I like…and seem to care about animals and environment, oneof my two major issues. It’s my understanding they don’t have zoos anymore. Except for the conservation programs, especially of endangered animals, I have no use for any zoos. Thx!


Yeah, that’s his name, but did he have a photo icon or just an initial like you and I have? I looked for about 30 min. Will go back in a bit.


Can’t quite picture it.


Anyone here at Common Dreams heard from Fokker?

Seriously folks, Fokker had a bad ticker. I was always doing my best to keep him from stressing out.



Actually been bothering me since he dropped off. Ticker, just quit like he threatened to do, or got zapped by CD.??

Sure heard the bullfrog song too much. Mighty fine wine.
Time for some SNL. It’s Saturday night.


SNL in 10 minutes. Yayyyyyyy!


Just curious. Did you catch that robt. byrd gig on hee haw?

It’s not Zeppelin, but I don’t mind a little hillbilly music now and then.


Robert not only plays the fiddle but also sings.

Yes, I did see it.

Hee-Haw, Hee-Haw.

Remind me to sometime tell you about a private bluegrass festival that I attended in the early 80’s.




There is some youtube of the Mt. View Arkansas annual bluegrass festival. The middle 40. one with the store, I was there 3 years in a row. People from 5-6 years old to the granny and gramps bring their instruments to town and jam. It’s really old fashioned, but it grows on you because of the unpretentious people. People, players, just shift around the square changing who they play with. Used to be only pre 40’s music was played.
I have a couple of acres of undeveloped wooded land on a hill top dead end road if we ever need a headquarters meeting place. Within a half hour of Mt.View.


Dear Gandolf nice try , but you will never succeed to make those green heads and pseudo progressives to admit of making a mistake. Essentially they are made of the same mold as Trump and far right - they are never wrong they do not see middle ground and all they want isa revolution. They like shock therapy and to them Trump is one step close for “workers” outrage . We all have heard it before from Lenin and Marx , it came out good!? Right? Millions killed.

Now we will all live with ultra right Supreme Court on a brink of taking away every liberal right and imposing a flavor of “sharia” law.


We didn’t want the Civil War either. But it became inevitable. When the choice is to stand in the pile of shit or move to a dry spot, people migrate.


Congratulations. You’ve lived as a human on planet earth and have concluded, at long last, that no one is perfect.

On that point, you’re right. And your position on voting for the “lesser of two evils” helps the right.

What would you think about a Democrat president who was supported by the leading capitalists of his era? Someone who was called a warmonger for getting the US into a war that resulted in the deaths of more Americans than any war in history to that point? Someone who was openly supportive of openly fascist regimes in Europe? Someone who interned 120,000 foreigners in camps to “protect” native Americans? Someone who refused to honor or even see African-American athletes who won medals at the Olympics? Someone who refused to sign a law to make lynching a federal crime because he did not want to offend hard-right members of his own party? Someone who nominated a member of the KKK to the supreme court?

That someone was FDR, the greatest Democrat POTUS in history, the one who conceived and implemented the New Deal.

Hardly perfect. But so much better than his Republican opponents on policy, starting with economic policy, the thing that determines how individuals survive.

You’re arguments are understandable from the mouth and mind of a quixotic teenager learning about politics and history for the first time.

They are pathetic from an adult who understands that we only live about 50 years on this planet as an adult and need to support the political leaders who do the most good for the most people.

You and your mentality are letting the extreme right-wing win.

To take just the issue of immigration, your refusal to support the Democratic candidate in the last election has resulted in untold human rights abuses for poor people desperately migrating to the US. That would not have occurred under a Clinton presidency. Please add that to your list.

To so casually dismiss the real and major differences between the two parties must mean something. It must mean you’re not a minority who is worried about Trump’s support for the alt-right, child separation at the border, and of course, the fence. It must mean you don’t make minimum wage because Trump has zero interest in raising it. It must mean you don’t care about the environment because Trump has done more in his two years to un-protect it than any of his predecessors. It must mean you don’t care about fairness in the tax code because Trump gave the rich (corporations and individuals) the greatest tax cut in history. It must mean you don’t care about public education or health, because he is privatizing education and has dismantled the individual mandate that under girds Obamacare.

Your infantile remarks and arguments should embarrass you and every person dim enough to think they’re doing the virtuous thing by throwing their vote away so Republicans can make the rules in our lifetimes.

Noam Chomsky agrees with me. And like me, he’s no fan or Clinton or Obama. He favored Bernie Sanders. But he says the 2016 election was fundamentally a choice of choosing the lesser of two evils and that those who refused to vote for Hillary “made a big mistake”.

As quoted in the press, here is what he said.

There are two issues,” he said. “One is a kind of moral issue: do you vote against the greater evil if you don’t happen to like the other candidate? The answer to that is yes. If you have any moral understanding, you want to keep the greater evil out. Second is a factual question: how do Trump and Clinton compare? I think they’re very different. I didn’t like Clinton at all, but her positions are much better than Trump’s on every issue I can think of.

Please redirect your argument, to the extent that your inane, fatuous drivel deserves that title, to Noam.


no one is perfect? What a puerile response. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of dead children in Iraq and hundreds of thousands of dead in Uganda and you come back with no one is perfect?

I guess Stalin was not perfect either nor was Pol Pot , but apparently you would have elected either as long as they not a Republican.

Now you claimed you got that higher marginal tax rate on the rich during the Clinton adminsitration by holding his feet to the fire. So were you holding his feet to the fire when he decided to sign NAFTA or when he took all those trips to Epsteins island on the Lolita express, or when he proscribed sanctions on Iraq that lead to 500000 dead, or when he lowered the capital gains tax and the estate tax to fill the pockets of the rich with yet more, or when he doubled the per capita prison population?

Why are you here on a progressive board if you support those policies? Those are all right wing policies. You are apparently a Republican. As to Noam Chomsky, so what? As you said nobody is perfect and he dead wrong here. Not near as dead as those children in Iraq but still dead wrong. If you do not want a Government that stinks you do not hold your nose when you vote. This reasoning is like stating one better off living next to a Ted Bundy then a Jeffry Dahmer

Please redirect your arguments to Brietbart. The policies you seem to support is something the readers there are more into.


While it is clear that your understanding of puerility is superior to mine in all too obvious ways, you are the one who brought up the “no one is perfect” point. Not me. Of course you would have to remember and understand your own posts to know that.

Your point on the 500,000 dead from Iraq sanctions is, as you may already know, now considered false. From Wikipedia:

A 2017 study in the British Medical Journal described "the rigging of the 1999 Unicef survey as “an especially masterful fraud”. The three comprehensive surveys conducted since 2003 all found that the child mortality rate in the period 1995-2000 was approximately 40 per 1000, which means that there was no major rise in child mortality in Iraq after sanctions were implemented.

You’re right about one small thing. This is a site for progressives. I’m a progressive who understands that winning elections and holding office matters most. You’re a progressive who thinks other progressives should refuse to vote for Democrats who were elected by a majority of primary voters but do not check each and every policy box you consider best.

Your advice for would-be Democrats is to lose elections, over and over, to right-wing extremists who want to make America into Ayn Randland.

So what is 2020 to you? Bernie or nothing? You think Democrats should stand down if, say, Joe Biden is nominated, so Trump or coffee bean billionaire Schultz can win. How progressive of you.

You are a child.

No one who actually gets elected as a Democrat is ever good enough for you.

And you’re never any good for actual, working class people.

You’re a nihilist. You imagine one day there will be a revolution. In the meantime, millions in the lower and middle classes suffer, and you just continue to load spit balls.

Democrats need to win. Republicans need to lose. It’s that simple.

If you knew anything about real politics, you would understand the importance of Democrats now holding a majority in Congress.

All that said, your Common Dreams handle now makes complete sense, named after a book of essays on fantasy. It’s clearly the only world you inhabit.



I am going to stop corresponding on this topic.

My criticism of your position has become too personal. That was wrong on my part.

I suppose I find this topic more frustrating than almost any. I consider Trump and his extreme right-wing politics to be the greatest threat to our present and future.

In my view, progressives must get behind any electable alternative, even if that alternative is not as progressive as you or I might like.

If you have children, as I do, you think a lot about the consequences of the US going the wrong direction much longer.

I think the US is out of time. We’ve traveled too far down the wrong path. We need to turn around. We must reject right-wing politics. Marginalization of the right cannot wait another generation.

So yes, I’ll take Biden or Harris or Delaney over Trump. Don’t really like any of them. Would rather have DeBlasio or Warren, but I don’t think they will win.

And the left really needs to win. Not a decade from now. In 2020.


Waters does a fine job. Very nice bass run.


We see other countries willing to embrace revolutionary activities, but not us. I think a big reason for that is the free spirit and brave heart that comes from having guaranteed healthcare from birth to death. Americans are afraid to lose something to gain something.


His numbers came from the real world and real world surveys that get the opinions of real people in the real world.

You should check that place out some time.