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Warnings of 'Unconstitutional' Assault on Social Security as Trump Threatens Unilateral Suspension of Payroll Tax

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/05/warnings-unconstitutional-assault-social-security-trump-threatens-unilateral


But legal experts doubt the president has the authority to suspend the payroll tax through executive action.

Since when has Trump cared about his authority to do anything? If he dreams it, let it be so.


What is it about these mean spirited, ignorant, racist, fascist, exploitive, greedy haters of the poor and the common welfare that they must make everything about monetary profit Life itself be damned??


Far be it from me to underestimate the orange anus but I am not too concerned about this. It is more than blatantly unconstitutional. An emergency SCOTUS ruling will stop it in its tracks if it would even get that far. Even this SC won’t let him do this during an economic depression…
Its a nice sunny day here after the hurricane (though all the bridges I must cross to get anywhere are still closed) and a disliked very unfriendly neighbor has all his flooded basement carpet laying in his driveway… so… maybe it’s cockeyed optimist day for me…

Or maybe we are so far down the dark rabbit hole I am blind…


I’d like for him to attempt it; it will only help put him out of office by his own little vulgarian hands.

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And to think that so many naive Americans actually believed that Trump, an alleged billionaire, had their best interests at heart in 2016. This begs the question as to whether those same Americans now continue to believe this in 2020.


That’s Trump for you. Think if the worst thing to do, and the worst time to do it, and you have Trumps decision making process.
If it can make people’s lives miserable, hopeless, even cost lives, even better must be his thinking.


DON’T STOP PUSHING. This the time to stand up for justice, accountability and representatives who actually represent the 99%. Use what remains of democracy at the local level or lose it.


The majority of US citizens have for 40+ years been constantly been told SS is a financial burden for the country by the rightwing wingnuts, and for the most part, the people have accepted this lie. It’s long past time to counter this propaganda with a informational campaign, that will remind the people that SS doesn’t cost the government a dime, and is totally self supporting. The massive pool of money is actually a benefit for the government, allowing bonds to be sold on it’s behalf that helps keep our government functioning. It’s time to educate the public about SS, so they will stop making political decisions that hurt their interest related to this subject.

It takes a true sociopath to want to get rid of a government program that is funded by the same people it benefits. How many politicians on both sides of the aisle fall into this description?
I’m looking at you Joe Biden!


@CommonDreams and Jake Johnson,

When the US signed all these portions of the GATS which endangered Social Security in 1998, they were definitely done in contemplation of eliminating Social Security and Medicare in the future, if other countries would make concessions and privatize their public services too. These commitments made the kinds of changess most progressives want FTA-illegal.

And SS and Medicare now have this threat hanging over them and have for >20 years now.

Many of the things that have been done worsten the threat.

Any article that doesn’t explain that is leaving something super important out. What I am asying is easy to verify, just look at the WTO web site. Why are you pretending this isnt the case?

I have a lot of stuff on my web site about the history of all this. Its in my profile.

People should be aware also that large scale outsourcing and offshoring of skilled jobs has been planned for a long time. Also, its Social Security is seen as a barrier to this outsourcing because the typical guest worker visa is just a few years so they end up paying into the system and not getting to take their money out when they leave. This is seen as highly problematic by countries such as India. Lets assume that 50% of our non-manufacturing jobs end up outsourced (both to workers sited here and overseas) for “a legal US wage” (minimum wage) These would be the high skill jobs that increasingly require a graduate degree to be considered. Imagine the impact on Social Security. This is at its core why both parties seem to want to get rid of it. They see it as being a problematic situation where many people will have to retire early and they dont want the government being held responsibe for what will most certainly be a disaster of unprecedented proportions. But they dont see themselves as wanting to dump this GATS agreement that was made way back in the 1990s, when the workplace was much different.

They want to do what big business wants (even though it will kill the economy)

Nor do they want to put the investment into higher education that would be reqired to make our country really what it could be again, (including profitable) Instead they want more inequality again. Like it was in the 1920s and earlier.

They are in rent extraction mode.

Both rich peoples parties are in deep in this. They are not what they pretend to be.

Pray we dont lose the Dispute #503 in the WTO which is not just about visa fees. Its about quotas. Whether we have the right to limit the numbers of guest workers when our commitments in the WTO are for an unlimited number to qualified firms. What that is is a escape clause for the rich from their obligations everywhere. If we lose it will be binding not only on us but on the whole world.

For a good plain language overview of our commitments in financial services see Patricia J Arnold and Terrie Reeves in the Journal of Business Ethics (2006), their article on GATS and health care.

Everybody interested in health care should see it too.

Patricia Arnold’s paper (2006?) for Public Citizen on GATS and financial services deregulation is a must read too… Thats on the web. Its linked from my web site in the external links area.

Near the top. People should look at those top links first.


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Politics, pure and simple.

So why was Obama’s payroll tax cut just dandy and Trump’s is the end of the world? Conditions today are multitudes worse than when Obama cut payroll taxes.

(for the record I didn’t agree w/Obama’s and don’t support one now)

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How about we first take the 12.4% “payroll tax” from all income, capital gains, et al, from those who are exempted (people making over $137k annually),which is to say, all the greedy twits in favor of it in the first place. Then, if you’d like, we can have this discussion.


I’ve been paying into these funds since 1964 just like all the rest of you out there that are on SS and Medicare. What I learned about compound interest in the 50’s, my account should be worth millions.

So by God don’t let those liars tell us it is an entitlement. Isn’t it also double taxation? Didn’t I earn the money and there was a payroll tax on my earnings? then the 6% taken out for SS and Medicare or was SS and Medicare already taken out before they taxed me? Now since Reagan I believe, we pay taxes on SS each year we receive.


Good question, I wish someone would answer that or just duopoly.

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Yeah, well, being “particularly heartless” is the credo of the Republican Party, as “we didn’t have the votes” is the Democratic Party’s.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was calling for a three-month payroll tax cut for EMPLOYERS ONLY back in March of this year. That really should tell workers all they need to know.


Republican or Democratic administration, the onslaught against Social Security continues, unabated.

“And now, they’re coming for your Social Security money. They want your fucking retirement money.
They want it back. So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.” - George Carlin -
“The American Dream” (2004)


“There are none so blind as those who will not see.” That saying applies to those who only see either the worst or the best of life’s experience. Thanks for sharing a bit of life’s best reasons to live and carry on the fight to correct its unbearably horrific wrongs.

The carrot or stick measure of taxation is too far removed from how our social safety net is constructed. The stick will forever rile those who pay more because they don’t need the safety net. It’s like paying for car insurance but never getting into an accident. The (metaphor) of car insurance serves to point out an escalating cost of living that should be taxed - the harmful impacts our cars impose and the insane amount of driving we conduct daily with no choice but to drive, incidentally producing lavish incomes for car-related businesses - finance and insurance, roadway and housing construction, fuel/energy mining and distribution, parking, media advertisement, economic systems based on luxury travel, etc.

The wealthy do not want to pay taxes to pay back IOUs for the money taken out of the social security trust fund since Reagan.

Raiding the social security trust fund has provided a convenient way to make up for the loss of government revenue due to (postponements disguised as) tax cuts…Paying it [back] now would be a bitch.

By the way, Trump may figure he could declare a national emergency and make himself King. Why not?