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Warren After Visiting Child Detention Facility: 'What I've Witnessed Here Is Truly Disturbing'


Warren After Visiting Child Detention Facility: 'What I've Witnessed Here Is Truly Disturbing'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After President Donald Trump set the stage for asylum-seeking families to be detained en masse on military bases throughout the nation and demanded that anyone who crosses the borde


Children kept in cages.

Traditional Christian Family Values.


What type of souless creatures can do this to these children? “Guarding” the children by day and watching Netflix by night–what a perverse existence. This goes beyond Trump. The mechanisms of the market have rendered the desperate capable of great cruelty in the name of a paycheck. The systemic stink sticks to very fabric of a sick society. Xenophobia is a contagion gone wild through a wide swath of the country, fueled by fears exploited for political purposes. The founding fathers tried to ensure against such dark forces of human nature wresting control from more measured minds. The “Moral Majority” has devolved into a drooling rabble of the nation’s worst instincts. It is past time for true morality to put them back on their heels so that they may slip in the slop of their hatred and be forced to consider the folly of their ways.


Hate is fear. Whitey is afraid of being a minority. (yes, I’m white)


I appreciate Warren making the effort and saying what she said, but I’ve yet to see useful investigative journalism about this situation and as a donor to Common Dreams would like to see an article that answers the following questions:

  • Who operates and makes money from these detention centers and are there any connections to specific politicians who helped the profiteers get the contracts?
  • Where does the money come from to pay for these centers?
  • How can it be legal for those who operate the centers to bar media and elected officials from immediate access to the facilities, and what can be done to break that access blockade?
  • What programs, inspectors, and other means are in place to ensure the safety, security, and tracking of detained people?
  • How does the government verify familial connections and the truth of facts presented by asylum seekers, if at all?
  • What if any judicial process is in charge of evaluating the migrants and determining their status and fate? How is that process staffed and operated?
  • If separated children are sent to foster care or other third-party venues away from their parents, how are they protected from child abuse and sexual abuse, which is rampant in foster care situations already?
  • What is the role of human population growth in creating the migrant crisis? What is the effect of anti-abortion/anti-contraceptive policies that block US funding of reproductive planning services in countries from which the migrants are coming?
  • What will be the psychological effects of placing children into military venues? Is the use of military bases a prelude to recruitment, as the Roman Empire did by capturing foreign children and training them to be centurions?

As with many news topics these days, we get mostly “he said, she said,” and very little real reporting. If Common Dreams wants to get more donations and be real journalism, it needs to up its game.


Today’s startribune.com has many answers to your questions.
Nonprofit waded into the middle of child separation. Why? (Southwest Key Programs)
written by Kristi Rendahl.

From the article: “Between 2013 and 2015, according to the organization’s federal Forms 990, available via guidestar.org, the organization’s revenue grew from $168 million to $242.6 million. The amount attributed to government grants for those same years grew from over $164.7 million to more than $240 million. The figures from 2015 show that government grants represented 99 percent of the total revenue. According to the organization’s website and Forms 990, all of this has been governed by a board of directors composed of just six individuals. These individuals have the fiduciary duties of care, loyalty and obedience, the last of which regards the organization’s adherence to its mission.”

I wonder about the possibility of “kick-backs” with that amount of Government funding! Matt Taibbi, are you busy right now? I smell a real story made to order just for you.


This is only the beginning. Once you open this particular door, a LOT of other doors - to very dark, very disturbing places - pop open very soon afterwards. History is replete with examples. All it takes is having the balls to open that first door, and all the others become easier and easier to open.

We are in a very, very dangerous place, and unfortunately very few Americans realize this. When over 45% of the country approves of Trump and what he stands for - well, that says it all. People throw around comparisons to the Nazis too lightly, in general, and use the word “fascism” inappropriately, resulting in both of those words being neutered nowadays. Now that fascism is truly here in the U.S., people are afraid to use the word for being alarmist.

Unfortunately, I fear the U.S. just does not have what it takes to stand up to these first fascist beginnings (hell, even RECOGNIZE them) before they can take root. I think if you are brown-skinned, or practice any other religion than a Christian one, or are not straight sexually, then you would be well-advised to try to leave the U.S. now - while you still can. I have no clue why any immigrants would come here any longer, unless they have a death wish, or hate living outside of a cage. It would be like Jews flocking to Germany in 1943. Just doesn’t make any sense.

And as for all of you on the right in the U.S., you own this 100%. It’s crunch time - just as it was in Germany after the Enabling Act of 1933. The German citizenry could see with their own eyes what was going on around them - incrementally, bit by bit to be sure, but still happening - and most of them chose to shut up and avert their eyes. Many of them chose to join in with enthusiasm. VERY few stood up against it. And the rest is history. You Republicans, and you Trump acolytes, and you 45% of Americans that think this is all wonderful - you will be remembered forever in the same way as those who allowed the Nazi scourge to take root in Germany are remembered - in ignominy and disgust. And all the rest who sit idly by and say “nah, it can’t happen here, fucking alarmist paranoids” - your ignorance is paving the way for the atrocities that will come, and you will be held in the same ignominy.


I wonder if Democrats and Republicans are disturbed at the school to prison pipeline, predominantly in the South, that they have set up and operate to this day.

It’d be nice to think the establishment really cares now. Unfortunately this like most other horrors will be discarded once Trump is gone.


And go where? This is happening all over the world.

As population meets habitat overshoot and climate change, it is indeed crunch time. People putting children in cages hide behind religion. But then the left turns to these same religions for answers.

We have confused the poetics of myth with reality in order to have one more day of shopping, and so that people can live in a dream of family values.

Just stay where you are and promote science, literacy and planned parenthood, and demand a separation of church and state.

Even then the CO2 levels will remain high and will get even higher, causing even more disruptions around the world, leading more and more people to turn to “tough” solutions. Children are being murdered every single day in refugee centers around the world. Habitat overshoot is a thing. This is what it looks like.

There are few solutions at this point, but the one’s that remain begin by questioning the role of population growth. People who hide behind “traditional family valies” and then exploit resources for short term wealth are the problem. Telling people to have more kids and go shopping, and then wish for the best, or pray for hope, is the problem.

This is what ignoring habitat overshoot looks like. This is what climate change looks like. The horror of children in cages is just the beginning.

This is the story of cult of endless growth meeting science.

More is on the way.


I’m sure you know the answers. Unless we stop the Republican Murder Machine, do you think all of this horror will end here? Their plan is to de- populate. And we will be next on the bus. This has been carefully planned for decades.


Yes. And you and I are next! Agenda 21 is in play.


Warren is disturbing! She looks but never acts on anything!


This country isn’t just beginning to fall into fascism, it is now a fully-fledged fascist state. The economic foundation for fascism has been building since World War II and both parties and every administration, since, have contributed to it by putting big business, first, and people, second. The nativist, racist and militarist elements of fascism have been here since the beginning. Trump and his goons are only pulling back the curtain on what’s been here for decades. The sooner progressives abandon their propaganda-induced fantasies about American ideals, democracy, supposed Constitutional rights and other elements of the American myth, the more accurately they can asses the scope of the problem. Make no mistake, a significant portion of the population are just fine with Trump and his policies. That’s what we’re facing. Know the enemy.


It’s a Duopoly murder machine. The private prison-industrial complex exploded under Clinton and the immigrant concentration camps and sending immigrants to state prisons and local jails grew geometrically under the Barry-Nobel-Peace-Laureate administrations.


We live on a planet. Every country on this planet is an abstraction. At the moment governments around the world are enforcing cruel punishments on refugees and “minorities.” From the Uyghers in China to the Syrian refugees, to the people fleeing Libya, the those running from the violence in Venezuela, and the list goes on and on and grows daily.

We live on a planet.

That habitat can not sustain 8 billion people especially given climate change the overuse of resources needed to sustain human life.

We live on a planet. The CO2 is already there in the atmosphere. Expect more disruptions of crops and water supplies. As the population grows at three people per second on the planet, expect more refugees.

As the chaos mounts, expect more “tough” responses by governments who do not have any other answers, since talking about overpopulation and the science of climate and habitat is against everyone’s religion.

Blaming all of this on one country just makes it worse. Mexico isn’t exactly a paradise of human rights and enlightenment, and they do exactly the same thing on their southern border. Worse.

And El Salvador does even worse.

And around and around we go.

We live on a planet.


Owl. I agree, strongly agree, with your general points; but using the patriarchal, racist, property-owning U.S. colonialists that “founded” the largest, most-powerful empire humanity has ever seen, deserves a re-think IMO.


Much thanks!!!


Aww, look… she cares. Wait, never mind. I just remembered she could not give one half of a shit about what happens to these people and knows when and how to show up for the cameras for good PR points. If she cared one single bit about people she would have said something different that “We’re going to see how it plays out” when I confronted her the day after a young woman had her arm nearly blow off by police at Standing Rock for peacefully protesting. My contempt for this spineless worm only grows every day, and if you’re looking for a woman to blame for President Trump besides Jill Stein or Susan Serandon, look no further than this person who chose a career move to support HRC rather than Sanders, the person she supposedly sides with on issues. Disgusting


No kidding Liz. Duh… Of course, like the hypocritical First Ladies we’re waiting for the Senator from Raytheon to show the same concern for children incinerated by U.S. bombs and drones all over the Middle East.


I hear you, and I see the “house immigrants on military bases” policy as an “immigration to being a soldier” pipeline.