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Warren and Sanders Deliver 3-Minute Takedown of GOP's Pro-Billionaire Tax Scam


Warren and Sanders Deliver 3-Minute Takedown of GOP's Pro-Billionaire Tax Scam

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Republicans are planning to rain about $2 trillion in tax giveaways down on giant corporations."


…a video released shortly after House Republicans unveiled a tax plan they claim “is for the middle class families in this country who deserve a break…”

I watched their celebration on CBSNews. It really struck me that Republicans KNOW what America wants (note their claims about most of the benefits of their tax plan). Those are things middle America wants and needs, more money for household budgets (never mind that it’s so little), bringing jobs home from overseas, etc. Except the Republicans have NO INTENTION of providing those benefits to Americans. Their lying is intentional, and it takes my breath away, all the while that they were patting each other on the back and kissing babies and having fools (or maybe the wealthy) testify to their piety, or at least their honesty and goodness…

I would not be surprised to see Warren and Sanders sharing a presidential/VP ticket in 2020. That would be great!


So much for REPUBS crying about the deficit. Everyone of their adminstrations, from Reagan to W. Bush to Trump (Ruan and McConnell), jack up the deficit to the stratosphere. All to cut taxes for the wealthy.


We’ll see what corporate loopholes will be closed by repubs - won’t be anything the wealthy care about, if anything at all.


The Love Sanders and Warren, they work very hard for us…but…they are afraid to say what will really happen if the budget and this tax thingy actually happen…People Will Die. Why won’t those on the the left say it like it is? I am not afraid to say it, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these will kill me…Period…why the hell can’t they?


Sanders would be close to eighty so he will not be running. Warren running and winning would be well- rock on! As far as a running mate- would knows ?


They’ll kill you?


Call it a conspiracy theory, call it connecting the dots, but the viciously authoritarian ruling elite worldwide view the prediction of a population of 10 billion by 2100 as an impossibility to be prevented by any means, including “extermination” by warfare, by environmental degradation and catastrophic climate change, by further globalization undermined instantly by curtailing petroleum supply. Dtrump’s wall on the southern border may have a military purpose more than stopping immigrant crossing.


And there are some wealthy who actually wonder why their members of congress work so hard for tax breaks they do not need.


How about better availability and use of contraception in the developed and developing world?


Why are Warren and Sanders the only ones with the courage to call this thing a major scam? Suan Angus where are you? Reagan trickle down on steroids and the Gramm Leach Bliley from Clinton. When this sugar high is over, we will look like Puerto Rico does now


Eighty is the new fifty. In any case, his mental ability out does the present crew of lip diddling used car salesmen.


How do u get that to Trump supporters, Trump has been telling them since day one that media is fake news unless he says it and they believe him. I don’t appreciate the conglomerate monopolistic corporate media owned by six individuals/corporations but not really fake news, lack of all news that does not support billionaire class, fossil fuels, banksters, et al


Contraception isn’t as profitable as arms manufacture, nor as manipulative as consumerism, nor as authoritarian as religious dogma. I’m talking about an economic system rigged to keep most people struggling, whether they have kids or not.


Yes, it does but people only last so long. I suspect though that Bernie will be around for years to come - great senator.


I suspect Hillary would like to run again. :disappointed_relieved::skull_and_crossbones:

I’d still like to see 80-year-old Bernie on the ticket as long as he is free of dementia and/or alzheimer’s, maybe with Warren as his VP. He is currently America’s most beloved politician and would add a lot to the ticket. Her qualifications as a progressive are fuzzier. She would be “tested” as veep, and we’d know if she was a true progressive presidential candidate if Bernie did not run in 1924.


And eighty is the new fifty? I’ll have to remind myself of that. Eighty is the new/old eighty. Sorry to fight your delusions.


Hillary- please stop this! Please live in the present- we need more people to live in the present with their feet on the ground.


You WANT Hillary to run again? We do not- there are other people out there who are more qualified and actually care about others.


LOL and ha ha!!. Golly, you thought my emoticons meant I want Hillary to run again? Wake up and read my other posts!