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Warren and Sanders Lead 2020 Candidates in Backing Workers Demanding Fair Wages, Vowing Not to Cross Picket Line for Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/13/warren-and-sanders-lead-2020-candidates-backing-workers-demanding-fair-wages-vowing

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Funny, if it were a Republican gig, the Rs would be helicoptered over the picket line and refuse to reimburse the security forces for their efforts. I say this as a life-long Independent.


Elizabeth “the shadow” Warren.


LOL Bernie and Warren forced the others.

I wonder if the others are pissed off of relieved they dont have to go to another phony ‘debate’ (read: Cluster farce press conference)

Bernie 2020


I’m unsure about Warren but it seems a Sanders/Warren ticket would be the one to beat.


How many recall Obama’s promise to walk on picket lines…but when the time came, he was no-where to be seen


He kept part of his promise.
He bought some comfortable shoes.
They feel really nice when he’s partying on an oligarch’s yacht.


You’re probably right about that tag-team of Bernie/Elizabeth Natureboy.

With the “free” stuff that these two advocate for the masses, (I’m being funny, we all know our taxes would pay for it) you’d have to be dumb not to support them.

If only, these two Senators announced their willingness to run together at this early date, they would be much harder for the DNC and the Democratic Party Establishment to fuck both of them out of the nomination.

What do not think?


I haven’t given up on Tulsi. I think she has more experience (especially international) and, truly, MORE BALLS than Waffling Warren.


Sanders/Tulsi would be impossible to beat, IMO.


Bernie would beat Trump in the debates. And Tulsi would be a formidable candidate to beat by whoever the fascists put up. But her popularity contests today have her trailing Warren. So Its Bernie/ Warren I guess.

Actually, when the time comes, it will be up to Bernie.


Thanks. I forgot that one.

The one I remember is when President Obama chastised folks criticizing US economic policy and trends claiming: “Anyone claiming that the US economy is in decline is peddling fiction.”

He did go on to identify wealth concentration as a concern but he follows up stating that “we made progress” and need to “do more” . Obama is a master of using flowery language to present neoliberal/Randian/Friedmanesque policies of universal commodification and privatization as enlightened righteousness.


Though I think there needs to be a lot more progressive change than any of the candidates are suggesting, any of the pairing you have cited would be fine. But we’re talking about the DNC here. Once the primaries start, if there were to be any hint of Sanders getting the nomination, the right-leaning Party leaders would find some way to take him out.

If Sanders were to get the nomination - which I am sure he won’t - I think moderate/right-leaning Dems. would work to get Trump elected. They would then use Sanders failure as a reason for the Party to move further to the right and to never let progressives get a chance of being nominated again.

If Sanders were to get into office, I have no doubt that the majority of Dems. in the House and Senate, would join Republicans in stalling any progressive legislation he put forward and they would ensure that he would not get re-elected. Dems. would paint Sanders, and progressives in general, as the epitome of failure, as they did with Carter who was much further to the right, but not far right enough for the Party.

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I will suggest a “People’s Strike” to picket the January debate, at the next Extinction Rebellion meeting I attend.

Sanders and Sanders 2016 with party backing, you mean. Do NOT think for a second that Warren is Independent. Did she stand up for Bernie against DNC bigwigs Obama and Clinton?


I also feel/think that a Sanders/Warren combination would be formidable enough for the DNC to sideline. This should be declared now and boosted by all right (i.e. left) thinking citizens.


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And, perhaps that “Dynamic Duo” could put the Democratic Super Delegates on notice to get behind them now, instead of waiting until next June before the convention.

Nothing like planning ahead.

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Well, in this case, she did come out with her statement first so I don’t think “shadow” fits. Her foreign policy views are pretty unsupportable - but she deserves some kudos on several of her domestic policy positions. If Bernie isn’t nominated, I hope she is.

We each have our opinions,dpearl, and mine are that she is NOT fit to be president. (Not that Dumbf is!) The following is one of many reasons I stated what I did:

Hell, Pressley shows up as more “presidential”!
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