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Warren and Sanders Lead Probe Into 'Dangerous, Irresponsible' Aetna Ploy


Warren and Sanders Lead Probe Into 'Dangerous, Irresponsible' Aetna Ploy

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Leading progressive U.S. senators are demanding Aetna come clean about its "questionable" decision to withdraw from the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) health care exchanges after the Department of Justice (DOJ) challenged the company's proposed merger with Humana.


Leading progressive U.S. senators are demanding Aetna come clean about its "questionable" decision to withdraw from the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) health care exchanges after the Department of Justice (DOJ) challenged the company's proposed merger with Humana.

Far more important is the Democrats' questionable decision [remove "scare quotes" and replace with bold text as it should be] to allow the insurance companies to continue to play a role in our national healthcare "system" (for want of a better word).

Sellouts ..


I think it's great that they are calling out Aetna on their bribery/shakedown attempt. The light they shine on this issue will hit millions of eyes that need to see it. Bernie is doing this because he sees Aetna's actions as contemptible and he wants to illustrate how this type of corporate greed makes our insurance based system unworkable. I have no idea why you'd have a problem with that.


"Aetna is a for-profit company".

That's the problem, healthcare should be not-for-profit i.e. single-payer.

Agree this is all Kabuki theater though.


quoting: "—and to charge sick people (or those likely to be sick) an arm and a leg."
In this case it may well be literally arms and legs and other body parts. The old expression is rather fitting.


This is senators doing their job. All of the carping is just that, and speculative. This is the situation we have, for now, and the senators are doing their best to improve it.

So easy to criticize from an anonymous keyboard.


No, I don't. I listen to what the man says.


Yeah, but where are Sanders and Warren on "The whole truth and nothing but the truth"? Seems that the need for immediate action on curbing 'the greenhouse effect' that is causing our planet's chronic fever will be taking a backseat! While these two wring their heart-felt hands over corporate malfeasance - DUH? We Americans have been betrayed with another two liars, so-called candidates, who have yet to be vetted in front of Dr. Stein or anyone else that qualifies as a mathematically potential winner in November's election. Right now, only 2 warmonger choices for our nation's top office, who will arguably hasten a death nil for our Planet Earth because of their "business as usual" intransigence.

Since Ron Reagan and John Anderson debated without incumbent Jimmy Carter in 1980, third parties have been barred (quite underhandedly so with quotas) from presidential debates - to protect the corporate wall street donors that have taken control of America's politics. An expected thirty (seventy?) million debate viewers without the representation from US citizens? We who are alive, blood and bones citizens of Main Street?? Dr. Stein has a mathematical chance of taking the election! Wake up Bernie. You too, Elizabeth!


Perhaps Bernie could have "won this," but winning for himself has never been what I've understood Bernie to be about. And this article is not about the presidential race. Let's leave that one alone here. I will not concede myself to 'I know Bernie personally and know he caved and is now just a "good soldier."' You do not speak for him.


Thanks dpearl for you comment, I for one appreciate it.

The people who have their crystal ball and can read so clearly the motives and intentions of others, strikes such an insincere chord, they would argue that the sky is falling no matter the data at hand.

Single Payer is the goal, if you want to work for that, please do.

Can't we just set our goals, work the work, and skip the seeing into the minds of others,
it is such a boring routine.


Wow, Chris gave Dr. Stein, "The other woman" eight minutes (of interruptions)! Gee, thanks, sir! The Wallace smirky mockery and condescending grotesqueness is second to none.


Yep, profits are up for Aetna. They went up immediately after the Affordable Care Act and stayed there. And their insureds slant younger than before. You can read it anywhere. The problem with these corporate defenders is they believe the blarney that corporations, and the wealthy, feed them.


But how does one live without them, at least as things stand now? Believe me, if you're sick, and especially if you don't know why, you take what you can get.


Please document. Sounds like an HMO arrangement, only private. Frankly, US Health Care got me a dual cervical laminectomy and implants, 20 years ago, and all it cost me was travel into NYC to the neurosurgeons (I rejected the one who wanted me to just live with the pain and the risk of "losing the use of my arms") and ultimately for the surgery. When I broke my pinkie, I believe the total bill was $13. I've spent SOOOOO much more with Aetna paying one specialist after another to say 'Oh, I can treat X symptom, but I don't really care what's going on with you in general.'

Yeah, I want single payer. And I do believe that the hijinks of the likes of Aetna will hurry it on.


Don't forget the governors who decided to obstruct the success of the ACA by not allowing local exchanges and expanding Medicaid.

But ask the Emergency departments in public hospitals how many fewer routine or routine-gone-acute-by-neglect cases they're having to deal with. That and people like me not being dumped and uninsurable because of preexisting conditions are the successes of the ACA.


It's always appropriate to provide links when you make such a claim.

What they should have done is expanded medicaid and fully find it instead of forcing the States to cover part of the cost of the expansion, and set up a Federal exchange for people who were turned away from private insurance

Isn't that exactly how the federal exchange works? Medicaid has always been a collaboration between fed and states, and the states were offered increased funding, not made to cover the expansion. The governors who turned it down didn't get an expansion, period.

And as you note, this was the best the White House could get through Congress. The fools need to be shown that the people insist on health care, not for-profit insurance.


Now if only the Fed'l Gov't "would withdraw from the federal Affordable Care Act" and replace it with SP, we might be getting somewhere ...


Becasue almost all of the commenters here are comfortable white people who are not at all affected by government actions and know very little about what government works. Most of them probably cannot even name half of the cabinet departments. Consequently, they love to engage in a sport where they are practically climbing on top of each other to show that they are more hate-filled and bitterly cynical than the other commenters.

The alternative hypothesis is that they are agents for Trump and the Tea Party Republicans working like hell to assure that the next government is an overwhelming majority of extremist Republicans led by the extremist Trump who empanels 15 fascists to lead the cabinet departments.


Don't worry, Trump will give us single payer...


Well shucks - if they are so upset about it, they oughta back Stein for the WH - Clinton ain't gonna whack these folks - good heavens, who are they kidding ...