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Warren and Sanders Versus Big Business in Oregon's Corporate Tax Fight


Warren and Sanders Versus Big Business in Oregon's Corporate Tax Fight

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

An all-out, big-money ballot war is being waged in Oregon as a local effort to tax corporations has seen record levels of outside opposition spending while drawing the support of national progressive leaders Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).


The progressives will be here any minute to denounce Warren and Sanders.


Go people of Oregon! Make the corporations pay for their privilege.


My wife and I have already voted in Oregon's vote by mail
What I have noticed is that usually after a TV ad in favor of 97, they run an ad against 97, like they want to get in the last word. It's a way of the MSM helping corporations instead of people.
Oregon is considered one of the most progressive states, I think 97 will pass.


In the category of the power of language, as in persuading peoples' opinions, the signs seen all around are simple, but deceivingly direct, aiming at Oregonians' wallets - "Vote No on 97, No Tax on Sales".

This implies that a Yes vote would result in a sales tax, something we do not have in Oregon. High property and incomes taxes, yes, but none on sales.

The truth of the measure is about large corporations paying their fair share, and the list of those businesses supporting the No campaign is not all that surprising. The usual suspects, as it were.

Thankfully we are also a vote-by-mail state, and along with the ballot in the mail comes a voters pamphlet in which all candidates and ballot measures are presented, explaining the impact of a Yes or No vote, along with statements in support of or against the measures. The League of Women Voters came out in favor of a Yes vote, and hopefully that will make a sufficient difference with enough voters to carry this measure.

Corporations do just fine with our population, and the State could use the extra revenue that will result from the measure's passage.


You never disappoint.


Do you have any documented proof of this load of shit?

The American people threw it away.
Wrong. There just weren't enough supporters to overcome the shenanigans of the DNC, the Democratic Party and the "shadow government" in the U.S.

....any hint of being on the side of peaceful relations with Putin would have diminished his supporters immediately.
I'm confident that for every supporter he might have lost would have been easily replaced by another supporter who is fed-up with never-ending war.

For the record, I didn't support Senator Sanders due to his ties with the military-industrial complex and his support of capitalism. But I'm not going to stand for your line of bullshit lies and ignorance.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Don, you are delusional to the point of needing therapy since you are so incapable of recognizing the facts and the truth when it's facing you square in the face.

Good day!


Receiving the pamphlet well ahead of the actual day when ballots are due allows us to review and consider the issues before making an informed decision with our vote.

Oregon consistently has high voter 'turn out', or participation, thanks to our vote-by-mail system.

And using a physically tangible paper ballot is reassuring, with less chance of any tampering with results.


In my haste to respond to your comment, I forgot to thank you for recognizing our approach to democracy here in Oregon. It's really a Pacific Northwest thing.

Being provided with clear statements of fact seems so obvious, not to mention respectful of our intellect, when it comes to that very process of democracy, and an element of which one cannot help but wonder why it is not in more common practice instead of relying on questionable sources such as the infotainment industry.

Thank you, on behalf of all Oregonians.


Congratulations on the Bundy verdict. Good thing they weren't Black, eh?


We know. A totally innocent White guy with a gun, running a road block. Not like he was a Black guy with his hands up. I am so racist.


You have to admit, they seem like a relief valve for the neoliberal establishment. Like the kind of relief valve on a water heater to keep it from blowing up and exposing the real problems.


There are folks who think blowing up the water heater is a good thing?


You're entirely welcome.


Are there those who believe the system is broken?


I think the word you wanted was 'tack', a sailing term, "... that Clinton chose that tack of opposing..."
'Tact' is a noun describing personality, and Trump is lacking in tact.

As for Putin, IMO we need someone who isn't deceived about Putin's character after looking into his eyes (and soul), but at the same time knows where to draw a line about conduct that we are willing to stand for. And if we aren't willing to stand up to anything that Putin might do in Europe, then it is time we tell NATO that, and pull out of NATO and come home. Best of luck to Europe should that happen....