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Warren and Wyden Call for Insider Trading Probe After Trump's "Reckless" Jobs Report Tweet


Warren and Wyden Call for Insider Trading Probe After Trump's "Reckless" Jobs Report Tweet

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After President Donald Trump's tweet last week touting the May jobs report before it was officially unveiled—triggering speculation that he may have tipped off his rich pals about strong employment numbers—three Democratic senators on Friday demanded an investigation into whether any of Trump's "Wall Street cronies" obtained the numbers in advance and used them for personal enrichment.


Who cares? The “haves” are above the rule of law. This is another meaningless news flash in the pan. Why aren’t they talking about all the death and destruction in Puerto Rico, the destruction of what there is of health “care”, or the destruction of families, including putting children in “holding cages”.

I swear, the older I get the more bullshit I see; however, I never see the people with the pooper-scoopers to clean it up. Ah, well, I’m just another powerless peon, I 'spect. My rules and laws and opinions mean nada…


Let’s be honest, the biggest bunch of inside traders on the planet walk the halls of Congress. How else can so many politicians go into “government service” in one of the most expensive cities in the country, maintain two residences, and retire as multi-millionaires? Other than John Kerry, of course, who got there there old fashioned way, by marrying money.


Telegraphing financial data?

OMG, an impeachable offence for sure!!
The pure animal cunning! Cryptically “signaling” to his rich cronies. Somehow.
Hitler wouldn’t have stooped so low!!!


Heck, jus’ doin’ his job (while we watch, and wait).


No, not pure animal cunning; these are Big city New York values living in sky scrapers and ripping people off while their not looking and have’n fun at the rodeo. Nothing’s changed. New York isn’t the richest city on Earth for nothing.


Another plop on the pile of manure that nobody will do anything about. It stinks to high hell, but who cares, right? It’s no worse than anything else that freak has done, or what the other creeps running the government and MIC have been doing.


AB-solutely true and spot on.


AND where the Frell are trumps tax returns!? They are critical for investigators to examine to connect the dots of his web of crimes!

The smoking guns that will be discovered there, the connections, the cronyism, the hidden profits, the violations of the Emoluments Clause, from policy decisions!! made by the ginger pig! A “probing” isn’t anywhere near enough for the swine, he should have his rotten greedy self marched to the gallows for a neck-stretching for all the crimes and destruction he has caused!


The data on this shows the effects of President Trump’s tweet and it did indeed appear to move the markets. His Tweet came at 7:21 a.m. Eastern time - for the hour and a half before the Tweet indices for stocks, bonds, and the U.S. dollar were all flat. Then immediately after the Tweet the markets moved upward. See the graph at https://www.theatlas.com/charts/BJ7SqTCkm


I read that Dump is worth 3.15 billion dollars, chicken feed in his view. Isn’t that over three thousand million dollars? What a disgusting fat greedy pig!


You can add John McCain to that statement about Kerry.



A play in one short act. A True story. At a theater near you, now.

Hapless Citizen (HC—no relation to that presidential candidate, o.k.? Enough on her for a minute!): Um, Mz. Representative? Mz. Public Servant?

“Public Servant” (PS): What the hell do you want? Can’t you see I’m occupied with IMPORTANT BUSINESS?

I’m studying critical questions to which everyone already knows the answer!

I’m pontificating and prevaricating!

I’m waxing positively, prolifically poetic on matters of great importance to my net worth—which is, of course, synonymous with the well-being of humanity!

HC: (Finally getting a word in, edgewise): Ummm, sorry to bother you, ma’am/sir, but agents of the Federal Government are torturing children next door. I was hoping you could do something to stop this horror. (Screams and wails heard in the background.)

PS: What d’ya want me to do about it? Go stop it yourself, if you don’t like it! I told you, I’m occupied with IMPORTANT BUSINESS!

HC (gulping nervously): Well, ma’am/sir, I know it’s kinda asking a lot, but I thought maybe if you came on down here, like Senator Merkley did, except you sat down and refused to leave until all the kids were removed from this torture camp and treated like the victims of war crimes they are, I thought that might actually make a difference…

PS (bellowing): Are you MAD?!? Those guys have tasers, and tear gas, and guns…tasers and tear gas and guns, oh my! Tasers and tear gas, and guns, oh my!

HC (daring to interrupt): Yes, “representative”, that’s exactly my point! I pay for those tasers, and tear gas, and guns! I’m paying the salaries of those folks who are using them to defend their torture of children—

PS (interrupting): I KNOW THAT! You know that.

The question is, why on Earth would you imagine I would put my privileged ass on the line to help a bunch of kids?

HC (briefly speechless): …Ah, maybe because that’s what a leader in a functional social mammalian band does? Puts their ass on the line to protect the young?

PC: Look here, I don’t know who you think you’re talking to! You must have me confused with someone else.

I’m not interested in “functional social mammalian bands”, o.k.?

I’m not here to serve the likes of you, or of a bunch of brown kids fleeing from some place I would never deign to visit, let alone live.

Didn’t you read the fine print, you moron?

I’m here about the money. About the narcissistic supply. That’s all! Capiche?

HC: Oh, we the people “capiche”, alright. A hell of a lot better than you give us credit for!



It would take a hundred feet of rope to make a noose big enough to fit around that fat neck.


Yes indeed! Have we not reached the breaking point yet? Not one faction or person is willing to do what is necessary to jail these murderers. Not one! Insider trading? Of course! No one will do a damn thing about it. Warren will do nothing as usual. The people and journalists have become so pathetic with comments, they never mention any solutions. What’s it gonna take for people to rise up? Seems we’ve already lost…


A President’s duty is to the people and running the country properly, not profit off of his bullshit oath to hold this position and get richer. He should have been thrown out from day 1 when the attacks against us started. We sat back and did nothing. Now we’re screwed. Don’t count on Mueller either.


And the people sit back and do nothing after over a year of this bull crap. WE forgot how to fight back.


“President Trump recklessly violated federal rules and years of precedent by telegraphing financial data that has the power to move our markets,” Warren said in a statement released alongside the new letter. “The Trump administration is swarming with people who have secret financial holdings and conflicts of interest a mile long.”
So you find something wrong? What exactly are you folks going to do about it? The age old slap on the wrist to the Dumpster and his goons. The same ol, same ol. Get Real! You people never do anything to hurt the wealthy!


We’re all powerless peons until we decide it’s time for the guillotines to make a return.

Pwr 2 the POWERFUL peons!


Aaaaah, yes…the guillotine. The original political HACKER!