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Warren Blasts "Back-Slapping" Wall Street Insiders

Warren Blasts "Back-Slapping" Wall Street Insiders

Nika Knight, staff writer

Wall Street insiders are trying to write their own rules and Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants them stopped, according to a letter (pdf) by the senator published Thursday.

In the Massachusetts Democrat's letter, a response to a report (pdf) criticizing trading restrictions known as "position limits," she accused a government advisory committee of reflecting "the highest hopes of industry."


Well hell…somebody had to know what they were doing in government right? I feel like there is a crowd of tourists watching Sen. Warren walk by and everybody is pointing at her saying >>> “Ooh look. That is the honest one who knows what she is doing.”

The tour guide then says “Very rare. Honest and intelligent politicians are an endangered species.” As the tour moves on to congress the guide admonishes - “Please remember to keep your hands inside the car and at all times remember and do not feed the politicians. They will always return to a feeding site over and over again and become dangerous when dependent on handouts”


Liz, the longer you wait to endorse Bernie, the harder it gets to believe in your sincerity.


Hey Liz, the time is right to join with Bernie as a team - running-mates to defeat all the corruption you both see and work to defeat. If you two cannot come together right quick and seize the moment it will be lost and the servants of Wall St and banker/financial greed and more will continue to flourish.

A great ticket to radically alter the election and garner GREAT public support - how about it?


The clock’s ticking, Sen. Warren.


Elizabeth Warren’s words are hollow without her endorsement of Senator Sanders. How could she possibly justify a lack of open support for his candidacy?


Unless Elizabeth Warren endorses Bernie Sanders before the Massachusetts primary on Tuesday she will be known as one of the biggest political cowards of our time.

For years she’s been talk talk talking about the abuses of Wall Street, yet when a champion arises to fight for her causes on the national stage, with the only other candidate being for all intents and purposes Wall Street itself, she has shown no courage of conviction.

If she does not endorse Senator Sanders before Tuesday, Senator Warren is dead to me.


Re: no need for position limits on speculators – does anyone else besides Californians remember the scramble to get enuf of that buzzy stuff that comes thru wires when Enron nearly destroyed the market? How abt the time the traders played the energy market like it was a game of pikachu cards? Ah, yes those were the good old days. . .

She’s starting to remind me of the commercial currently on TV where the bank securityguard warns everyone that there’s a robbery in progress but doesn’t lift a finger to stop the robbers!
Pointing out what we’ve always known out here in the cheap seats but not doing the one big thing to make it better is cowardly!

We need more than a scold. We need a heroine, or if its Clinton I’ll need some heroin.


Act now Sent. Warren and endorse/join on the ticket with Sent. Sanders!


Self policing is a bad joke. The crooks will NEVER police themselves.

Jim Shea

Let’s all join in and email Elizabeth Warren daily to endorse Bernie which would show true support for change and coming down on Wall Street and corporate raiders.


Without an endorsement, every word from her lips is just so much gas.

She is betraying all of her alleged principles.

She is waiting to see when it is time to endorse HRC, probably after Super Tuesday.