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Warren Blasts Dept of Ed. for 'Hounding' Students Defrauded by For-Profit School


Warren Blasts Dept of Ed. for 'Hounding' Students Defrauded by For-Profit School

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


For Profit and Bankster fraud, ignored/sanctioned by government agencies has been around for a long time. For all her faults, Warren is helping all of us by keeping these matters on loudspeaker. Wells Fargo executives have taken the previously unheard of action of reducing their own compensation in response to their most recent fraudulent scheme. Warren's voice will likely have impact on the DOE as well. It's about time.


Will Elizabeth Warren start grandstanding about Walden University next? Walden University, an online college, is the U.S. flagship of Laureate Education, Inc. Laureate paid Bill Clinton $17.6 million for five years "work" of being their "honorary chancellor." http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/hillary-blasts-profit-colleges-bill-took-millions-one-n636786 From the article:

"Over five years, former president Bill Clinton earned $17.6 million from the world's largest for-profit education company, Laureate Education, Inc. In his role as "honorary chancellor," Clinton has traveled the world on Laureate's behalf, extolling the virtues of the school. ... A 2015 study found Walden students had one of the highest debt loads of any school in the U.S. "


Warren has her snout in the Hillary pay-for-play trough so don't expect her to point out that most private, for-profit educational institutions are con-games.
Including Laureate, Bill Clinton's favorite honey-hole.
Warren says very interesting things and then acts like a political weasel.


I agree Imhotep. Warren and Bernie seem to be operating as simple pressure relief valves. We'll see, but it is getting very late in the game...


If you examine the whole education debt thing, ALL American universities have become for-profit con games benefiting hedge fund investors and the banks. https://www.caseyresearch.com/articles/buy-this-stock-to-profit-from-the-student-loan-bubble


The US Department of Education appears to have become even more of a cesspool of corruption on Obama's watch.


Yup, that is the service they perform for the DP - and they will be rewarded/tolerated to the extent they are useful as such - but if they start getting too uppity, they will be dumped, just like Kucinich was ... Anyone tying their political fortunes to the DP is dancing with the devil - they can boogie a bit, but step on his toes and there will be hell to pay ...


Yackety yack, Liz, yackety yack ....


What they Should have done (and should do in the Future) was to base the Fines the fraudulent college would have to pay at Twice the amount of the loans that would need to be written off because of the Fraud.

And subject the colleges' administrators to additional Jail Time if the fines are not paid Promptly.

That's assuming they got any Jail time for their criminal actions in the first place ...

{Snark Off}


And we can count on Hillary to do something about it, can't we Sen. Warren?


The blond lady in blue is off on another "mad". This time it's the shysters (aided and abetted by those pampered ensconced administrators in the halls of ivy) who fleece future grads into economic serfdom.

Will anything change? Will anybody with the authority and clout to do anything about it act? Is this latest "liz-tantrum": good for much more than a breathless reporting in the progressive press?

Nah--but it sure beats Clinton-Trump scripted pro wrestling match.


What is Warren's motive? Why not point out that Dr. Stein has been saying forgive the debts as well as provide free education? The public needs less politics and real efforts to deal with serious problems facing the country - climate,
employment and military spending.