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Warren Blasts Top Wall Street Cop for 'Broken Promises' and Lax Regulation


Warren Blasts Top Wall Street Cop for 'Broken Promises' and Lax Regulation

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a letter described by news outlets as "scathing" and "unusually blunt," Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday slammed the country’s top Wall Street regulator for broken promises and lax regulation of the financial industry.


Didn’t White come straight from Wall Street? What should we expect?


Thanks to Elizabeth Warren for pointing out the obvious.

White will stick to Wall Street SOP. She knows better than to mess with the oligarchy’s carefully contrived system. It can give her a golden parachute or destroy her in a New York minute.

Maybe Elizabeth is still alive because the oligarchy does not want to make her a martyr.


Guess its hard to care when none of us or members of Congress have yet to see an Obama appointee who does not fall into THE FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE category.


How can you say Obama doesn’t care? He carefully appointed her to do exactly what she is doing – nothing.


I’ve heard Bernie Sanders speak on this issue many times.


White is clearly cut of the Obama Clinton suck-up-to-Wall Street mold.

We are the ultimate suckers because we keep letting voters return those sleaze bags into office.


The Democrips and Rebloodicans (crips and bloods gang members…thanks Jesse V.) have the system so locked up, voting for a 3rd party candidate is like throwing your vote away. It makes me furious we are trapped voting for these 2 gangs, I mean, parties. I have contributed to Bernie and will vote for him in the primary, if he is even still in the primary race when I have a chance to vote. Illinois has a late primary so I probably won’t even get a chance to vote for him. I would love him to be our next president. It is horrible to see democracy stolen from us in my lifetime. We live in an oligarchy now.


" No matter how cynical I get, I just can’t keep up. " Lily Tomlin Well, Sen. Warren, whose reservations about SEC Chairman White made for an arms length relationship at best during confirmation hearings, finds herself writing an expository essay about the obfuscation and lack of regulation of Wall Street institutions. Which, it seems, Pres. Obysmal has not a peep to say anything about. ( This guy wants a legacy but really who wants to be remembered as The Cotton Candy President. ) Ohbummer the Impotent Imperialist , flaccid and disengaged on the domestic home front and unable to deliver on foreign affairs. ( Benny the Net and Cameron walked all over his Hopium and Changium platform. He can’t even tell Hillary and Bill to lay off the Canadian sweetbreads. ) No wonder the Oligarchs picked him; he’s the black version of Pee Wee Herman, for sure. ( Nice guy, definitely finished last in the bicycle race. But, he got a ribbon for best looking, non-functioning bike. Everybody deserves a ribbon, don’t they. ) " Politics ain’t bean bag ", has stayed in our lexicon for a 145 years, for a reason. Bernie, Elizabeth and Rand =s 6 Balls. The Obama Administration =s 0 Balls. But, but, but, … you got lousy healthcare and it’s mandatory. So it goes…


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When they deregulated Wall Street and the banks in the late 1990s they did it specifically so the banks could take advantage of (cheat) the consumer. We can blame corporatist Democrats (Clinton) and virtually all Republicans for this. Gramm, Leach and Bliley are Republicans, if you didn’t know.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are among the very few to stand in opposition to this fraud.


This is why congress has a 9% approval rating—because they are directly responsible for the deregulation that allowed this. Mostly Republicans but also corporatist Democrats like Clinton and Obama.


Obama has sealed his main legacy: worse than GWB in every way that matters.

Isn’t it marvelous how many D Senators co-signed Warren’s letter? NOT ONE OF THEM!


With far too few exceptions, the Whole House Of Representatives and Entire Senate
collectively, are, well, you know…


"White, for her part, issued a statement that read in part: “Senator Warren’s mischaracterization of my statements and the agency’s accomplishments is unfortunate, but it will not detract from the work we have done, and will continue to do, on behalf of investors.”

MJ White confesses: she works on behalf of investors. Not all investors, just those with big money. How can Senator Warren be cloned?


“How can Senator Warren be cloned?”

That will only happen when those of us waiting in the shadows and behind our computer keyboards while she takes the brave stands (remember what happened to Paul Wellstone?) step up and stand by her side publicly, loudly, and consistently, facing down the Too Big to Jail criminal bankers and their financial and corporate cronies, the deep government’s (a.k.a., the inverted totalitarian state), our Manchurian White House and Congress, the domestic military-intelligence intimidation/enforcer matrix and the bigoted, racist, neofascist true believers who make up their “base”.

The choice before us is: stand and fight, or cower and slink away when the battle is joined.

“Cowards die a thousand deaths. The courageous die but once.”


bush 1, clinton, cheney/bush jr, obama:

the four Trojan Horsemen of the neo-pocalypse


A letter full of sound and fury signifying populist political positioning.


Everyone has a position. We’re either upright, forward striding and engaged citizens or downward facing dog with pants at ankles; working at Sheldon Adelson’s outsized massage parlor in Macau. There are fewer positions available every day, however, no matter how you stand on the issue of progressive/populist policy. Poppin 'Ps pretty perfectly promises possibilities in perpetuity… well almost.