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Warren Calls on Clinton to 'Be Clearer' on TPP


Warren Calls on Clinton to 'Be Clearer' on TPP

Common Dreams staff

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday called on Hillary Clinton to clarify her position on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the corporate-friendly trade deal that has become one of the most contentious issues in Congress and the 2016 presidential campaign.

Without knowing Clinton's stance on the TPP, Warren said in an interview with reporters in Iowa, she could not answer whether she would vote for the former Secretary of State next year.


Clinton is trying to avoid the trade issues both because of her husband’s involvement in setting up the increasingly infamous WTO, as well as a similar situation with NAFTA. (see page 9 at this Harvard link especially)

Warren is right about trade deals being able to force the changing of US laws. two cases in point are WTO-GATS forcing the 1999 repeal of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, leading to the 2008 world financial crisis, one of the biggest financial disasters ever, and US healthcare’s crippling by GATS which has led to huge numbers of deaths in the US due to ideologically based decisions in health care which clearly were made with full knowledge that they would not work.

And these problems with WTO and GATS have created an epidemic of lying about important things by politicians. Which began in 1994, before WTO’s official start.

Both 1994 healthcare “debate” was a diversion while WTO-GATS quietly started a process which effectively started a scheme to - globally- not just in the US - end the ability of countries (especially our own) to have public affordable health care using multiple interlocking “trojan Horse Clauses” like “standstill”, “ratchet” clauses - and “indirect expropriation”. Read much more about that in this IJHS paper and also in this 2006 document from Maine’s Citizens Trade Policy Committee. (which also mentions TISA negotiations (almost finished in Geneva after nine years as possibly an even bigger threat to affordability).

The TISA and TTIP will block any government help to the poor - framing things like means tested subsidies as stealing low end customers from foreign or Third World low actuarial value insurers. Another neoliberalism friendly form of insurance may be suspended animation for the incurably ill. In short, GATS, TISA and their ilk deliberately repudiate as goals the compassion of the 20th century - replacing it with neoliberalism. They give corporations property/ownership rights to deny care to those aying less framing that as the natural order of things - anything else is trade distorting- They give corporations permanent - as in forever- ownership rights to remain in and control our market which are superior to our interests. The mere presence of a health insurance industry becomes carved in stone and governments are forbidden from doing anything whatsoever which adversely effects their profits - Its unambiguous that most of the positive parts of the ACA would be struck down (rolled back to 1998’s levels of “market liberalisation”) prevents single payer and makes any public health care unsustainable because of the need to charge more money and coddle commercial firms and also that is prohibited by GATS two part test in Article 1:3. So doing anything competes with any commercial offering (not just health care, also schools, water, housing, and hundreds of other essentials will be prohibited to governments.

TISA and TTIP - and GATS - will destroy our futures- Most importantly, we absolutely cannot let any foreign insurers into the country or our cost to extricate ourselves from GATS will increases a thousand fold. Also both TISA and GATS are putting us on a path to lose many formerly public sector jobs due to “services liberalization’s” “fourth mode of supply”. Basically, global temping for low wages. This would give an intenational entity like the WTO the ability to compel the US to eliminate any policy it saw as a trade barrier like minimum wage or restrictions on visas or licensing which excluded otherwise qualified foreign firms which had been low bidders. Also, there would be a standstill on new laws which restricted the making of profit (such as minimum wage or environmental regulations) People should read the summary of the TISA talks here and consult the papers it references - and a trade glossary for the meaning of these terms. Can the WTO, once a service sector becomes globalized (and falls under their jurisdiction), declare a minimum wage or some other rule, like a visa quota, or licensing requirement, to be a technical barrier to trade- a trade or market entry barrier? It did exactly that with El Salvador in the 1990s, compelling the nation lower its minimum wage from 60 to I think 36 or 38 cents an hour or face trade sanctions.


Asking Hillary Clinton be more forthcoming on the TTP details is like asking Adolf Hitler in 1938 to more more forthcoming in his solution of the “Jewish Problem”. Clinton, corporate Americas choice for the quad-annual fleecing of the American public, has shown her allegiance to the 1% over and over. Nevertheless she is relying on strong support from the MSM, billions of dollars of corporate campaign donations and the inability of Americans to vote outside of the two party system to yet again crown Wall Street’s man (woman in this case) as the next Queen of the Empire.
Elizabeth Warren is nothing more than a nagging mosquito to the Clinton campaign at this point as Warren’s lack of funds and media coverage will ensure her message doesn’t get out to the majority of Americans by election time. I wish her the best of luck, but it truly is a David versus Goliath situation.


Really getting frustrated with Warren. I credit her for being an intelligent and knowledgeable person. Yet she still acts as if Obama(& Clinton) are going to listen to her concerns and act on her criticism. The only way she will have any chance of thwarting TPP is by running for President and politically challenging the Corporatist Cabal .Challenging Clinton would give Warren the megaphone needed to put this issue front and center. Her present position effectively diminishes the magnitude of this issue.


Sounds like the end game in the new world order that Bush 41 frequently referred to.


Even if Hillary’s actions don’t end up further to the right than Obama, she does not have any interest in engaging in serial populist platitudes that characterize Bill Clinton’s and Obama’s style. She will be MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY all the way.


She is a Senator- the system has become corrupt, but its not a bad system, its just become poisoned by extreme levels of dishonesty, criminality (its a “control fraud” like problem - like banks where their executive management is looting them from inside)

We have a huge problem with bribery and corruption. Its gotten progressively worse as money has taken over politics.

Warren is literally the only person there who is being honest about how bad it is.


Yes, and addressing reciminalizing financial fraud and other corrupt activities that have been decriminalized (starting with allowing mortgage securitization in 1978 and continuing today) is the first step to solving many of the problems that Warren’s progressive critics complain she is ignoring.

The financial services industry owns many governments including the US Government. Until that industry is controlled the way it was from 1935-1975 there no progress is possible on the other issues is possible.


They will address it by means of TISA’s endorsement of GATS’s “standstill”'s effective date in 1998 or 1995 by means of “rollback”

Standstill means a freeze preventing any new regulations, laws, changes in policies or enforcements that reduce the level of liberalisation (privatization /globalization/deregulation). (virtually any act by any level of any government national, state,local,municipal) could be construed as a prohibited change that reduces corporate profits is considered to do that) Rollback means that the laws subsequent to a given date have to be nullified and the difference in profits between the two regimens becomes due and payable as a debt.

Also, additional rules exist to prevent policies that restrict trade - it could be described as the most exceedingly unpredictable thing imaginable as laws that restrict corporations from doing practically anything they want to do.

So, all the laws that regulate financial industries would need to be rolled back if it was found that they had changed in a way that represented a reduction in the level of liberalisation. Which they would be found to have done. So its likely the governments will lose.

Financial services ia very broad term that I suspect also includes health insurance. So any law, such as restrictions on profits or laws that force firms to condust their business in any way, might be challenged and rolled back at a hige cost to the taxpayers of countries that dared to attempt to act like a government was expected to in the 20th century.


It has been rumored that technology causes many people to not read anymore but imagine elected officials not reading and yet voting on an issue that will bring untold harm to our planet and her living creatures–Kafkayesk. Release the damn text, Obama!


To me, Senator Warren is doing a great job of getting this issue front and center. She ended her interview about the TPP on the NewsHour last Wednesday night with: “You know, this is my life’s work. I have spent really all my adult life working on what’s happening to America’s middle class. And I am deeply, deeply worried that another trade agreement will be another punch in the gut to hardworking families.”


Although Insurance is a financial product, not a health care product and health care should not be in the financial services tent, health care has been put in that tent with insurance driving that industry.

Until regulation of the financial industry is rolled back to the way it was in 1975 or earlier, the 99% will continue their downward spiral.


The corporations, their media and the Democratic Party have marginalized Warren during the many years she has worked on these issues and they want us to believe that Warren is a recent arrival on the political scene.


Is Warren calling for direct democracy?


The work world of 2045
is likely to be one where only those who want to work and love their work will be needed to do it, and everybody else will likely be either unspeakably hungry and desperate, or far more likely, has tons of free time, to learn and become experts on things in an informal manner. AND participate in politics and community.

That society where people again can have a life (basically, the 20th century was an anomaly where many people had little time, having more time is the longtime norm) that we’re rapidly heading into just terrifies many politicians.


No, I don’t think thats a good comparison at all. For one thing, its my understanding that she was very well liked at the State Department, as a boss. Unusually well liked by other people there. You could tell by the way they spoke of her.

Thats far different than Obama.

Does anybody remember April 17, 2008, when Obama gave Hilary the finger on national TV during a debate?


I hope Liz continues to hold Hillary’s feet to the fire on this issue. I’m really getting sick of all these Dems getting on MSM and siding with Obama on this. Liz and Bernie are about the only ones getting any airtime at all with the correct take on TPP.


I agree, Particularly with your sentence " it is far more likely (that those people will have), tons of free time, to learn and become experts on things in an informal manner". It take primitive tribes 2 hrs of “work” a day for a family to live well.

In the future when robots do all the work and there is proper wealth distribution, everyone would be assured food, shelter, transportation and all of life’s necessities by law.

When did “work” become more important than having fun?[quote=“TisaCGats, post:16, topic:8635”]
far more likely, has tons of free time, to learn and become experts on things in an informal manner.


Tisa, you beat me to the correction.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, trade deals prohibit that.

Like GATS does before it, (that has something to do with our health care mess, ya know! Shhh!)

TISA will “prevent governments from creating or reestablishing
public monopolies or similar ‘uncompetitive’ forms of service delivery.”

It would also lock in any privatization of government services. PSI
explains that “if a government did decide to privatize a public service,
that government would be unable to return to a public model at a later

Read this TISA vs. Public Services PDF

Look at it from their position. They invest in markets with the expectation of being able to make profits on loans. Trade deals prioritize their interests.

making money on others misfortune is a good example, of how things are different in the value systems of neoliberalism and humanity.

Neoliberalism sees nothing wrong in making the most money possible from the exploitation of really unfortunate differences in power. The most money is made when there is an inelastic market.

trade deals take advantage of the fact that most people still think that politicians are trustworthy and would not do that.

Their standstill and ratchet clauses ensure its unambiguous that governments are NOT in the future to get in between them and their customers.