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Warren Calls on Clinton to 'Be Clearer' on TPP


Bernie Sanders is also honest.


So why is she part of such a corrupt party?


Tons of free time - and no food, shelter or education …


I agree. It is time Warren entered the fight on a higher level. And the secrecy surrounding this bill is a dead give-away as to who will benefit from its passage. Even our congress. limited and narrow minded, as it is, should be able to figure this one out.


Why is anybody male or female? (or whatever) She was likely born into it.

Why do people prefer Coke or Pepsi?


Only the poor die young.


I do believe that in her younger days she was a Rep …

In any case, I don’t really think a political party affiliation is quite in the same category as chromosomal composition … Although i admit I have referred to folks as “genetic Dems” it was for purposes of simile only

I used to be a Dem as well … until I crawled out of Plato’s cave, my point being that the Dems were rather known to be a corrupted party when she ran on their ticket … you can’t dance with the Devil and expect to be able to call the tune …

As for Coke or Pepesi - both rot your teeth ,


Et tu, Brute?

edit for clarity

I meant we should not be so pessimistic. As its a structural/corruption problem, money has taken over politics, not a system that is inherently evil.


Sorry, not clear on to whom you are referring or in what context …


I was saying that lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.

The problem in politics is corruption - a descent into dishonesty and bad faith “criminogenic” dealings caused by MONEY.


Obama is not a Democrat, hadn’t you noticed? He’s a neoliberal, which is a right wing, Chicago school kind of thing. He’s even admitted it.

Bill Clinton dismantled Glass-Steagall in 1999 because it conflicted with WTO-GATS , paving the way for the 2008 financial disaster.