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Warren Calls Out 'Economic Disaster' and 'Moral Failure' Brought on by Ineptitude and Cruelty of Trump and the GOP

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/08/warren-calls-out-economic-disaster-and-moral-failure-brought-ineptitude-and-cruelty

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Hate Fueled Ineptitude Is Their Trademark Action.

History will remember the “Curse Of Trump” on the United States of America spanned from 2016 to 2020, culminating in a total dereliction of duty to country, enabled by a corrupt Republican Congress, Attorney General, VP, and most if not all Secretaries of Departments.

The negligent homicide of possibly hundreds of thousands of Americans, will forever label those complicit with Trump as the most inept administration of all time.


The Trump administration is suing the Sacred Heart ORPHANAGE for the right to survey its property, in preparation to build Trump’s border wall, during a global pandemic.



She’s right.

She won’t be chosen as VP because of “virtue signaling” - and biden will lose…

But, she"s right.


If Sanders won’t run -----you should Sen Warren------New court documents more confirmation of Reid allegations----It’s time to POP this corrupt ballon.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Friday took aim at President Donald Trump and the GOP for “funneling relief checks and contracts to the wealthy”

Well, let’s see, now. I believe the entire Senate, including Ms. Warren, voted for a $2T (+?) Stimulus package that - you guessed it - went mostly to the wealthy owners of corporations; with less than perhaps a half-month’s worth of expense money to the working stiffs, and some $$ to small businesss - though most small biz owners report they’re unable to get any of that. And the bill was so poorly written so as to allow Trump to effectively give the money to whomever he wanted.

Now, Ms. Warren, you’re crying about ‘moral failure’? Fer crissake, you couldn’t even stand long for a single payer Medicare for All - which would at least have made it possible for COVID- treated people not to go bankrupt.

So please, spare us the crocodile tears. At least, I’m not buying them. You just can’t have it both ways, Sen. Warren. You stabbed Sanders in the back for your neolib pals, in hopes you’d get your reward. I give you the finger in return.


Checklist of non-impeachables (add some more, it’s fun):

  1. Economic disaster
  2. Moral failure
  3. Sedition
  4. Separation of families
  5. Placing children in cages
  6. …and counting…
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I’d make that willfully inept.

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He won’t win