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Warren Calls Out Fellow Democrats for Helping GOP Ram Through 'Wish Lists of Big Bank Lobbyists'


Warren Calls Out Fellow Democrats for Helping GOP Ram Through 'Wish Lists of Big Bank Lobbyists'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Cooperation between Republicans and Democrats has become something of a rarity in today's polarized political environment—except when it comes to a select handful of objectives, like enriching Wall Street banks.


Elizabeth Warren backed the Wall Street walker instead of Bernie. Enough said!


Dodd-Frank is to Glass-Steagall as Heritage/Romney/Obamacare is to HR676. My prediction? This bill will pass with just enough Ds voting against to enable them to say, oh-so-plaintively, “But we tried, honest.” The old Potomac Two-Step.


Giving you more power is not ‘working for us’, Liz.


Big Bank Lobbyists wrote Dodd-Frank. So why wouldn’t they write the next chapter in legalized theft?


Well, you know who to “primary” when they are up for election. We don’t need any of these douchebag whores pretending to be Democrats on the side of the “little guy”.


I don’t understand why Angus King of Maine keeps calling himself an “Independent”. He seems to vote a straight Republican ticket just about every time. Asshole. The people of Maine should wake up and dump this jerk and also count their blessings that Gov. Paul LePage will be out after this year. The state deserves better than this racist, ignorant, right-wing turd.


Correct. Gore Vidal is proven right again and again by these sellouts - he said that our political system is really the “Property Party” and it consists of two right wings, the Repugs and the Demos. If I ever had the slightest doubt that the Congress is not hopeless it was removed after I read the conclusions of the Gilens and Page report which concluded that almost none of the business conducted by Congress has to do with what the American people say they want. Our political system is largely broken, perhaps irrevocably so.


Corporate State Democrats
Corporate State Democrats
Corporate State Democrats
Corporate State Democrats
Corporate State Democrats
Corporate State Democrats
Corporate State Democrats
Corporate State Democrats
Corporate State Democrats

ad nauseum…

Oh no, there is no such thing!!!



We either work within their system or drop out. Either way, we lose.

Direct Democracy, “The Wisdom of Crowds”.


Conversely, according to Thom Hartman in “Rebooting American Democracy”, greatly increasing the marginal income tax on the super rich results in the money filtering down to the middle and lower class, stimulating the economy, giving prosperity to everyone. In 1953, during the Eisenhower administration, the maximum tax rate was 91 per cent. Case closed.


The 91% maximum tax rate left the 1% with limited money with which to buy politicians. The 1% had more than enough money to purchase all the goods and services they wanted when the tax rate was higher. Reducing tax rates on the 1% gives them more money to buy more politicians.

The day after McCaskill voted with the GOP she had the audacity to admonish Al Franken to resign. McCaskill’s vote will negatively impact millions of people, exponentially more people than were negatively impacted by Franken’s indiscretions.


My “whose-side-are-you-on moment,” came when Obama announced his Cabinet. The Vichy democrat party is a competitor to the republicans, not an opposition party


You mean Shillary ?


Small community banks agitated for help in cutting some of the red tape in Dodd-Frank for smaller banks. Republicans said no deal unless larger banks were included. Thus, some democrats think this is possibly worth voting for. I hope they do not. AND, for some left wingers here, ask yourself why big banks even care about this if Dodd-Frank were not at least a fair obstacle to stop their shenanigans.


If anyone lives in one of these Senator’s states, call their office. It doesn’t matter what kind of “deal” they cut with their colleagues. Does anyone think the Trump Treasury Department, etc., is going to do anything but use new authority in a non-consumer friendly way? And does anyone know what problem this bill is solving?


I think you live in McCaskill’s State now. Call her office. She ought to be able to detail what problem this bill—at a time of massive corporate giveaways—is trying to solve. I bet some of these small community banks could underwrite loans using their new tax cut, really a subsidy from their customers.


All the criticism for Liz here and I have to recognize the Trump supporters that are involved. I’m calling you out, since all you have to offer is a nauseating Trump administration, one of the worst White House gangs in our entire history. And how dare she call out other Democrats for kissing rich donor butts on this issue. Bernie and Elizabeth are my favorite Democrats right now. Trump Republicans are nothing short of nauseating. At least she willing to call out other Democrats for butt kissing rich donors and Wall Street.


Is this meant to be a joke ?


Actions speak louder than words and her actions during the previous elections when she didn’t support Bernie but supported Hillary was terribly misguided. Yes it is good that she is speaking out against corporate democrats but she didn’t do anything back when she had the power to actually help change the system. Hillary and the incompetent corporate dems are the reason we have Trump and Liz railing against them now it too little too late.