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Warren Calls Out Fellow Democrats for Helping GOP Ram Through 'Wish Lists of Big Bank Lobbyists'


Some Democrats are not! Like Republicans, they are addicted to big money and give only lip service to “the party of the people”. They need serious primary challenges this year. If not, they will drag us down into the gutter with the Republican Party. And then where “the people” be?


Bernie Sanders did not end up as the Democratic candidate. Did you prefer the Republican candidate?


No, I supported Dr. Jill Stein.


The names of a lot of those “whores” ring familiar…Joe Manchin, Claire McCaskgill, Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, well actually most everyone on the list. Of course every last of of the vermin Are establishment, Clinton Dems.


No he didn’t. We ended up with a horrid choice as the Democratic nominee, so horrid she lost to Donald Trump. I’m convinced that if Sanders had been the nominee we wouldn’t have Trump.

A large part why Clinton was able to get away with stealing the nomination was that Warren was a coward, protecting her standing in the party, and refused to endorse Bernie. She could have helped him win Massachusetts and given him the momemtum to stand up to the fraud and purging that took away New York.

Instead to protect her own ass and keep herself in good standing with the establishment she acted like a coward.

It’s easy for her to stand up now against Trumpian Republicans. It doesn’t cost her one damn bit of establishment Democratic support. She disgusts me and I have no respect for her.

If she runs in 2020 and wins the nomination and gets into the White House she’ll be another Obama. She won’t be as bad as what Hillary would have been, but she’ll still be a tool of the NeoLiberal crowd and an easy mark for the NeoCons. No thank you.

We are far beyond the point of needing phony, cowardly, progressives who won’t take risks for the common good. We need heroes like Eugene V. Debs who was willing to go to jail for speaking the truth. Warren wasn’t willing to have the Queen of Chaos call her out for endorsing Bernie.


Reality check time. So why are we not aware of corporate state Republicans???!!! I can’t say Democrats are in a holier than thou position in our contest, but I am willing to put both out of power if we have a progressive alternative. If it comes down to one party against the other in 2018, Republicans supporting Trump are pathetic. If it comes down to who can best offer a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Right now it looks like the Trump government is of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. They are for the rich, by the rich and for the rich.


And this is why there was a Glass-Steagall Act, , wild and reckless banking by Wall Street giant banks.

Corruption And The Global Financial Crisis - forbes.com
Jan 27, 2009 · The financial debacle has many causes and implications, but it would be wrong to underestimate systemic corruption.
Inside Job: how bankers caused the financial crisis | Film …
The film Inside Job brilliantly exposes the corruption in US banking that led to the 2008 crash. … how bankers caused the financial crisis … The bank director


Seriously mountainmike, do I have to make that obvious point every clucking time I post?

You’ve been around here long enough to know that I don’t support any fucking Republican, and when it comes to Trump, I dare say I’ve almost lead the charge around these parts.


Of course Virginia’s own capitalist tycoon dem., Mark Warner’s on that list. He always votes against the best interests of his constituents.


Here’s what you can expect from Warren.

Later this year expect to see her on stage at different times with Joe Donnelly, Heidi Heitkamp, Jon Tester, Claire McCaskill, Joe Manchin, Tim Kaine, and Tom Carper as they run for the Senate again. Expect her to give them gushing endorsement speeches. Expect her to hug them or at least grab their hand and raise it in a victory salute.

Also expect that in 2020 she’ll do the same thing with Doug Jones, Mark Warner, Gary Peters, Michael Bennet, and Chris Coons.

As to her calling out fellow Democrats now? As far as I can tell she never bothered to tell anyone who these Democrats are. Her tepid calling out of them was “some Democrats,” not any kind of calling out that most Americans will get educated from.


No… Elizabeth Warren did not endorse any democratic primary candidate.


Long past time for ‘progressives’ such as Sanders, Warren, Sherrod Brown, Tulsi Gabbard, and others such as these to break with the corrupt, regressive, imperialistic Democrat Party and form a Progressive Peoples Party.

They won’t, of course, so we are burdened with two Corporate. War Street, Wall Street parties as we slide down into decline and chaos.


Elizabeth supported Hillary out of enthusiasm toward having a first female president. While I would agree with her about our need to have a female president and be like the other first world countries with a history of female leaders, I could never get past the fact that Hillary was and is a Washington DC insider. I was unimpressed with the Clintons. I would support Elizabeth if she ran for president. Then there is that fact that many of us voted for Hillary due to our unwillingness to elect a narcissistic sociopath Donald Trump to be president.


The US financial/banking/political “system” is a Criminal Enterprise. Period.