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Warren Demands Investigation Into Obama's Failure to Jail the Banksters


Warren Demands Investigation Into Obama's Failure to Jail the Banksters

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Though President Barack Obama is set to leave office in matter of months, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is not willing to let him go without a full explanation as to why his administration refused to jail the Wall Street banksters behind the 2007-2008 financial crisis.


Senator Warren is absolutely right on this matter. She deserves our wholehearted support.

Jim Shea, Mt. Pleasant WI


"Too big to jail" is why Obomber won't do anything, same reason why nothing is done about Clinton, whom Warren supports.


This should be interesting and futile. On a related matter dealing with corporate criminality.

Trump is a lunatic, but every so often even he makes some sense.
Ford announced yesterday that they will be moving all of their small car manufacturing facilities to Mexico. Thousands of Americans will be losing their jobs and more manufacturing will be going to a foreign country.
Trump's solution? A 35% import tax on all Fords made anywhere except in the USA.
The only reason these Capitalist criminals begin manufacturing in foreign countries is because wages are lower and nobody is looking over their shoulder.
If we increased the price of cars Ford makes overseas to the same level that they would be if they were manufactured in America, then Ford would have no profit incentive to move elsewhere.


The five too-big-to-fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 now control nearly 50% and there is no end to their growth in sight. They have more control of DC politicians than they did 8 years ago. making Warren's effort a difficult task.

GM also needs to be investigated for using their taxpayer funded bailout money to buy back stock, close US plants, expand production in China to the extent that 2017 model year Buicks made in China are now arriving on US dealers' lots.


There's a reason that many Americans don't buy Fords or most other American cars: A lot of the American automobiles, especially the SUV's (particularly the larger ones), are horrible gas-guzzlers that one only gets 15-20 some odd miles to the gallon. A friend of mine had a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was a real gas-guzzler, and extremely difficult and expensive to maintain, so she got a Toyota Rav4, which has given her much better mileage. My brother also had a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and he said the same things.

Also, most of the foreign cars, including the Honda(s), are made here, in the United States, now.


Do not buy products that are manufactured anywhere except right here at home.
We American workers need a break.


One more reason, when capitalist criminals move offshore they have very little, or no regulations concerning where their pollutants end up, see China. Also, Elizabeth good effort, but don't hold your breath, see Eric Holder.


My household net worth has never recovered from 2008. Can anyone name a criminal bankster who has not profited from the crash?


I would love to totally limit the things that I buy to things that're made here in the United States. Sometimes, one can't avoid buying stuff that're made overseas.

If it's any interest to you, imhotep, I'm getting some new windows put into my condo that are made locally...here in the Boston area, to be exact, which are far better than the ones I've got in now. It's a pretty steep price, but it's an investment, and a worthy one, at that.


Too little, and not just fashionably late, Senator Warren, but cartoonishly too late.

How this woman can endorse a Wall Street horse's ass for president and then screech about a president who endorses Wall Street horse's asses is other-worldly.

The drama and dance-with-the-devil moves by Warren are threadbare and ragged. She waited until the last micro-second to ask questions that the rest of us have been asking for years now. Obama is too big to nail at this point, Senator Warren...and you know it.


Which is why the corporations have parked $2.8 trillion in profit dollars offshore that they owe US taxes on.


Make your best effort when you purchase something to see that it's American made.
If it's not affordable and you must purchase an import, then who can hate a person who tries to do the right thing?
Remember that every little bit helps.

Hope you have big savings on your heating bill this winter with the new locally manufactured windows.


I take Sen. Warren seriously because of her serious actions. I don't hold grudges by association. If anything, this act by Warren somewhat rehabilitates Clinton in my eyes. But it's up to Clinton to respond, or not.


It's about getting her (staff's) hands on the documentation and exercising her own due diligence in examining it.


Hillary is beyond redemption and Warren is playing some weird game.


Good point. And we might also ask whether Warren is prepared to ask another question -- why the DoJ failed to prosecue Clinton for the email/classified information violations.


Oh well thank you very much for enlightening the readership about Senator Warren's multi-dimensional chess game. She's brilliant.

Forgive me for not following the "When you do the same thing over and over, each time expecting a different result, it's not insanity" strategy.


Why was this flagged? Is 'cake hole' offensive to some people? It's like 'pie hole', not the classiest term, but, imo should not be flagged.

CD: please consider adding some logic to the flagging process, ie, require 2 or 3 posters to flag, before item is considered 'flagged'


(a) It's inappropriate to call our likely next President a psychopath.

(b) This letter to the DoJ is one of Warren's serious actions. Another was the creation of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Then check her record in the Senate.