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Warren Draws Record Crowd of 20,000 in New York as She Vows to Combat Corporate Power

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/17/warren-draws-record-crowd-20000-new-york-she-vows-combat-corporate-power

Just blue-skying here: if Warren isn’t in the race for the sole purpose of siphoning off primary votes from Sanders, she could prove it conclusively by dropping out now and urging her supporters to back him (especially since she seems to copy and paste his program into hers). I’d almost guarantee her a lock on his VP nomination.


Manhattan crowds are Wall Street crowds, not Main Street crowds.

Manhattan went for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in 2016 because they knew Hillary was lying to get into office and once in office will keep the status quo for Wall Street.

If Manhattan goes for Warren in 2020, it will be clear she has cut deals with Wall Street to lie to the public about change and then provide her with reasons and cover for keeping status quo once in office.

People forget that Obama’s cabinet was chosen by Citibank and Obama chose Warren to move regulation to a new bureau that reports into a private corporation (the Federal Reserve) that is owned by the same TBTF banks that caused the 2008 crisis. That was an extension of the self-regulation and regulatory capture that began with the Federal Reserve Act a century ago.

Then Warren was made head of the Senate TARP oversight committee where she allowed the bailout funds to go without any strings attached and allowed the bankers to get their performance bonuses.



I think she is in the race for the sole purpose of winning the election. She has positioned herself quite well for that by moving into a tie for second in support and trying to be everyone’s second choice. Have a look at the chart here regarding the person supporters of other candidates are also considering

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Sorry, where?

Oops - I screwed up the link. It is the third one down at

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My concerns with Warren is multi faceted.

  1. She is still too cozy with the Dem establishment and when push comes to shove, she will bow to their demands, ie: we give you unlimited amount of money to defeat trump in exchange for you taking our picks for your VP and all cabinet and top admin posts.
  2. She has said she will take dark money in the general so concern number one is already out there.
  3. She does not have the movement already in place to fight in every state. On top of this she will listen to Dem ‘strategists’ and concentrate on ‘battleground’ states.
  4. She is not totally invested in the Progressive agenda and thus will not fight tooth and nail to see it enacted.

If Bernie, through some modern day miracle, wins the nomination, he will be beholden to no one but the people and can effectively, of course in his own Bernie way, tell the establishment Dems to eff off. He can run a true Peoples’ Campaign and beat the living snot out of the orange conman called drumpf.


Bernie is not going to have another 70 year old white person, male or female, as his running mate.


Thanks for the links.

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That’s more people than attended Trump’s inauguration. I hope they remember to vote.

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Warren did the best in a “debate” that was rigged, like the first two, to highlight the brilliance of the neoliberal agenda.


Come on Common Dreams. This headline is over the top. No matter what she may have said, she has no intention of combating corporate power. Her bottom line is support for free markets. She says so herself.


She is stealing just enough of Bernie’s message to look authentic, and then proceed on her own terms. The way the polling is going, it may be the year of the woman.


Well I naturally liked Bernie’s responses better - but with his hoarse voice that evening, I’d also have to admit that he didn’t likely come off as very strong to the typical viewer. Meanwhile, as you are pointing out, Warren will likely continue to get better press than Sanders. This means his best chance is the one he is taking - to use his superior boots-on-the-ground organization to win two or three out of the early Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and California caucuses/primaries.

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I think the powers that be have already demonstrated they can control Warren so they may want to position her as Biden’s stand-in against the orange mobster so their bases are covered either way. They think of it as a win/win/win, either an outright crook with the Donald, a lying old politico with ByeDone or a capitalism loving former Republican with Warren.


amen to that!

Answer me one question:

If Liz is vowing to combat corporate power now in 2019, why did she choose to support the corporate candidate, over the progressive, in 2016?


What ever you do, don’t ask Corey Lewandowski.

He committed perjury today. Can’t trust a liar.

I missed the part about the “record” the crowd set per the headline. What was the previous record? Warrens campaign seems more and more like orchestration, lighting, advertising, and reviews than anything I want to vote for in the direction of fixing anything. She frames her concern about climate change in terms of military readiness. She’s a committed capitalist when we need a leader who is committed to an economic system that works for People. She shows no sign or interest in reining in the military, without which there is no funding any purported progressive action she claims she’s in favor of. 90’s Republicans are not the solution to problems created when Democrats pushed 90’s Republican policies.

We have a person here who can be a useful senator for MA, but who clearly is more aligned in thinking with those who created the problems than somebody like Bernie or Howie Hawkins who have created the solutions Ms Warren pretends as hers but with much less commitment. She’s shiny like Barry was, and we want her to mean what she says, because she says it so well. But as with Barry, there was no prior demonstration of those progressive ideals and the democratic faithful projected their Hope for Change onto one who some warned us was fake. We got fooled, he was fake. He turned his back on his campaign promises before the election month was over.

Let’s not be fooled again. Genuine Bernie, or genuine Howie Hawkins.