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Warren Grades Devos: "Worst Secretary of Education Country Has Ever Seen—By Large Margin'


Warren Grades Devos: "Worst Secretary of Education Country Has Ever Seen—By Large Margin'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Billionaire Betsy DeVos spent her first year in charge of the Trump Education Department making it easier for predatory for-profit colleges to defraud students, undermining her department's central civil rights provisions, and repeatedly


In Donald’s world, that is a mighty “Mission Accomplished.” Go to the head of the class, Ms. Billionaire Sociopath.


Betsy DeVoss would have been right at home running a concentration camp for the Nazi’s…in the name of Jesus.


Fanaticism and education do not mix.


As a resident of Massachusetts, I’m proud of Senator Warren and
Representative Clark, and state that this state has the highest level
of educational achievement in public schools in the nation. These
people know what they are talking about! And we do almost everything
contrary to the way Secretary DeVos prescribes!


Warren is one of the better ones, but don’t forget she helped install this wack-a-doddle with her conformation vote.


Good point–that’s why we have to keep on all of them!


Nobody is allowed to criticize De Vos or Dump


Resident here too!


Yes, Trump’s Cabinet is super rich.
The most conservative calculations put the personal fortunes of Trump’s Cabinet, in total, at more than $5 billion — more than 80 percent higher than the total wealth of President Obama’s Cabinet (with one billionaire, Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, in the lineup).
** (Video) | New …

Meet Trump’s filthy-rich cabinet members December 1, 2016 Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp in Washington and work for the middle class if elected president of the United States."


We have a Trump-publican troll here!


In school jargon–Betsy DeVos should be expelled.


Interesting how a rich narcissistic sociopath has brought together a whole cabinet of rich narcissistic sociopaths. This is a government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich that MUST perish.


This loathsome female may be called the “worst” Secy. of Ed. ever and from one point of view I’m sure that is true. However, this right-wing, know-nothing billionaire is doing EXACTLY what she was installed to do by the Trump Regime - dismantle the public education system of the U.S. and replace it with institutions like more private schools, charter schools, religious schools, etc. and to also introduce as much regressive bullshit into the curricula as possible. In other words, to make as much money as possible by turning our young people into future conservatives and filling their heads with approved dogma instead of real knowledge. She is the other side of the agenda epitomized by her appalling brother, fellow billionaire and head of whatever the current name of the Blackwater group of mercenaries call themselves these days. Erik Prince is a “Christian warrior” who believes in killing people if they can’t be saved for Jeebus and his contemptible sister is doing what she can to accelerate the process of our once remarkable public education system into what we see now - underfunded, under equipped, and overcrowded.
Betsy DeVos is just another shameless asshole working as part of Donald Trump’s wrecking crew in Washington, DeCeit and beyond. She is part of what I see as the worst bunch of corrupt, incompetent supplicants to Donald Trump and his enablers.
The RepubliCONS have been waiting for decades and with Trump and this disgusting Cabinet they now have their own perverted version of a Dream Team. Our country will continue its decline because of them.


DeVos has no interest in helping nor funding inner city schools. What an embarrassment…just like our “Knucle-Dragger-in-Chief.” Shame on them! Truth and Justice will prevail!!


She gets a F-


Fanaticism plus education equals theism.


Yes, She is a cancer to the institution of education… and still she remains in power.


DeVos and her blackwater brother are bookends on the spectrum of predatory capitalism.

DO NOT FORGET they are the spawn of a pyramid scheme way of life that embodies and exemplifies the narcissistic mindset of denial known as “externailzation” in the economic sphere. Anything inconvenient to recognize as obstacle between their desire and profit/power, it is legislated as not worth recognizing as existing. This is the ‘ist’ division (racism, sexism, etc)

These people know only the bludgeons of autocratic power. Honing the passive aggressive razor of scorn with a smile, they are oblivious to anything but GET MINE NOW!!!

It is no accident that they foment planetary rape and poisoning - ecocide and genocide and lies they pretend not to know about.

They have the emotional maturity, scope of insight and impulsive destructiveness of an unweaned child. Note that these are the “qualities” the system seeks to impose on human beings envisioned as “consumers”. They have become what they have been taught to scorn.


Excellent post, couldn’t agree more.