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Warren Hits Back Against Attack With Video Shedding Light on Women's Pregnancy Discrimination

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/09/warren-hits-back-against-attack-video-shedding-light-womens-pregnancy-discrimination

Back in the 60’s I remember to this day an older gentleman, after my interview, telling me that I was young and pretty and he wouldn’t hire me because I would soon be married and have to quit to take care of my husband and children. I was 30 when I married! So sorry this is still a thing.

when our whole damn world is crashing, the economy, environment, massive wars, lack of any healthcare, a million homeless. I’m supposed to give a f#*k about Warren losing her job fifty years ago because she was pregnant? The DNC standby is identify politics. Just great.

The perfidy of prepartum prejudice

The same thing happened to me, in the academic year 1974-1975 teaching at Jacksonville State University in Alabama. Because I didn’t announce my likely pregnancy at the interview, the administrators told the department head, “She came in false colors.” I was told I had to take two months off before March when the baby was due as an unpaid leave. A feminist gave me a copy of a federal law that said I had to be paid on the leave (which was forced) so I showed a copy to the dean. He was furious; I got paid but lost the job. I filed a complaint with EEOC although I was warned I would never get another job. I did get another job but when they later asked for references, I couldn’t get any. So I told about the EEOC complaint and my contract was not renewed. Although the EEOC investigator caught my department head in a lie, he later decided not to pursue the case. Those were tough times and especially if you made a fuss. I was even denied medical insurance for my “preconceived condition” which was the reason I got the job as my husband was not employed. So Elizabeth Warren was describing the situation that commonly happened in the 1970’s.

The video of Elizabeth Warren’s 2008 interview discussing her past contains no description of being fired because she was pregnant. She mentioned that she was teaching on a temporary teaching certificate and went back to college to obtain the appropriate credentials. At that time she felt she could no longer continue taking college courses because of the pregnancy. Is there more than one interview on video or am I misinterpreting???

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Warren’s problem is that she never lets the truth get in the way of a good story. She wasn’t fired for being pregnant, although that does happen to other women. Her position was terminated because she didn’t have the credentials to continue in a permanent role. She may also have been pregnant, but that wasn’t the proximate cause of her firing.

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I was a long term sub in 1971 when my husband was stationed in North Carolina. When I started showing, I was let go, because the school had a policy against pregnant teachers in the classroom. Then in 1980 when I applied for a job at an elementary school in NH, the principal asked me at the interview, “You haven’t had a full time job since you’ve had children?” “No,” I said, “I chose to stay home until they went to school.” “Well, what does your husband think about you going to work?” I was floored and shot back, “What does your wife think about you going to work?” Amazingly, I still got the job. But I couldn’t believe the assumption that I needed my husband’s permission to go to work in 1980.

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