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Warren Hits Back Hard on 'Broken Promises' of Corporate Trade Pacts


Warren Hits Back Hard on 'Broken Promises' of Corporate Trade Pacts

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) took decisive aim at President Barack Obama's pending global trade pacts on Monday with the release of a new report, which argues that—despite pledges to the contrary—so-called "free trade" agreements have a record of undermining workers rights.


Those are not “Broken Promises”, they are outright lies to benefit corporate profits at the expense of the American workers.


warren is doing something absolutely unprecedented in our political landscape, holding people accountable. when was the last time that happened, someone stood up and yelled JOIN HER!!! we must all join her. she’s doing great where she is, and smart to stay there, bernie needs someone else, and she’s a powerhouse.
judith braun


Obama’s legacy is so shot to hell that Bush (W) is giddy with the knowledge that he will soon have company in the presidential legacy gutter.


Warren is not perfect. Nobody is. But she is showing more courage than all the sissies in Congress. She has my support.


Don Drap…er, President Obama, has assured me through his Wall Street corporation commercials that cigarettes are not harmful, we are slowly disengaging from the MENA catastrophe, he’s not going to cash in after his time in the White House and we’re all going to get a pink unicorn on December 25, 2015 for getting an A on our term paper for Psychology 101: the theme was, of course, " Pavlov- Imagine You’re The Dog. "


Glad to see Liz is not intimidated by Obama’s name calling. I hope she keeps pounding away at this TPP swindle.


A Sanders/Warren Dem. ticket in '16 - 'twould be a winner, period, and our hope come true for real McCoy change.


I have no illusions that Warren, Bernie or any other politician can bring democracy to our rigged system of government. But I’m hoping that they can prevent a meltdown until the conservative troglodytes die out.


The biggest broken promise is yet to be told… Its TISA, the most secret negotiations of the TWO ADDITIONAL sets of secret talks (the other is TTIP) that the US media isn’t discussing, and thats a HUGE mistake, because its doing a dozen things we need to know about, its trying to privatize permanently, education and health care and water, not just here, globally, and it also wants to subsequently globalize those jobs, throw them open to international bidding and the firm with the lowest bid is entitled to perform the work, but the next issue is a even bigger problem because jobs are going away… they want to eliminate the global safety net, why? because the world is really going to need it, thats why. And then they want to pit the middle class in developed countries against the middle class in the poor countries, in competition for the same jobs, in countries like here. TISA’s impact will be much worse in America than in Europe because European workers have protections most US workers don’t. Formal protections. But European workers are the only ones who seem to know about it.

Here is a bit of background. For decades, rumors have raged that US lobbyists and negotiators were making hints to Third world nations that “mode four” concessions (service jobs) might be made in exchange for “mode three” concessions (“national treatment” and “most favored nation” things like opening factories overseas)

Well, from the acts of the Obama Administration and GOP and US media on TISA, its very likely this is true, and its also likely that there could be a really horrible side effect, the US could lose its minimum wage laws as well as a great many other laws, for example, ones that curtail discrimination. the WTO could rule that they were “technical barriers to trade”.

And this would be totally consistent with the WTO’s past behavior.

Around 15 years ago, the WTO forced El Salvador to lower its minimum wage from 60 cents to 36 cents an hour. The reason they gave was that it was a trade barrier to other country’s firms - That kind of arbitrary ruling on things like wage laws, movement of natural persons across borders by corporations and arbitrary rulings about laws limiting things like discrimination against people, would be subordinated to a new amoral system that elevates corporations higher than people and that change would likely have unpredictable results leading to a cascade (in the failure analysis sense) of disasters.

Something very similar could happen in the US and it almost seems like we are being set up for it.

Its very interesting to look at this document from the EAC Geneva organization about TISA, to see the different perspectives on the services trade.

Which is expected to boom because TISA forces federal, state and even local spending for contracts (and remember a lot has to also be privatized that isn’t now, things like schools, for example) the use of a global services procurement system, for contracts.

Only the big global firms will be able to compete. It will force down quality and wages. A global race to the bottom.

Look at some of the other links I’ve posted on this site. And read the documents mentioned in the EAC Geneva document on TISA. Ive posted links to a lot of them here. Its unbelievable what they are doing.

Please examine the links in the above paper. And also take a detailed look at this, its the way too vague TISA “mandate” document- and especially research the GATS provisions named, such as GATS Article 1:3 which they try to hide their reference to.

They are planning to privatize a lot, perhaps most of government services jobs except a very few that fit into some extremely narrow exemptions. Talk about broken promises, that must be the biggest.

Bluntly, there is a whole world out there we are being prevented from knowing about which we need to know.

here is proof that what I said about the never ending decades long rumors trade of jobs for concessions.

Here are the TISA and TTIP “mandate” documents.



The GATS Articles they cite desperately need to be researched deeply - and then explained to Americans- so we Americans understand what these documents (that are going to be blamed on us for a lot of future problems) mean.

People should realize that the whole Obamacare thing may have been part of a scheme to trap us into bad health care using WTO GATS. This is borne out by a little thing in the GOP healthcare “plan” selling one insurance plan across state lines. Why is that important? The answer is in here.

The other big danger they identify is also mentioned there and - its TISA.

*Finally, the trade rules are changing.  The most likely source of GATS conflict that was identified involves proposed disciplines on domestic regulation that are presently being negotiated at the WTO.  The Maine CTPC has already communicated with services negotiators at the Office of the United States Trade Representative regarding the Working Party on Domestic Regulations, and indeed Chief Services Negotiator Chris Melly has appeared before the commission.  It is recommended that the Maine CTPC continue to monitor the domestic regulation negotiations very carefully.* 

One needs to know how indirect expropriation and GATS Article XXI work, basically, its like what Senator Warren has been warning us about, it literally makes the country’s healthcare market the PROPERTY of insurance companies.

What are they trying to prevent ? our FREEDOM… Something a majority of Americans want, but are forever deprived of by CROOKS

Read and weep - contrast the US attitude to this:

RIP Nicholas Skala - died August 9, 2009 - I never met him, but I honor him. He had courage like Senator Warren to tell the truth.



She sure is getting a lot of mileage on this one, without actually DOing anything.

Lots and lots of smoke.

No action.

Typical Democrat. Like any good used car salesman, she’s telling us exactly what we want to hear. And then…nothing.

Sounds just like Obama before 2008.

Can you people not see what’s happening here?


I wish

Read this: http://www.pnhpillinois.org/pipermail/activists_healthcareil.org/2009-August.txt.gz



Confused yet? Thats the whole idea!


Senator Warren’s response to the White House Ignoramous is intelligent, unlike his ill-considered grunts and poo-toots.

Why don’t the Democratic Senators demand a moratorium on all trade deals until the existing ones can be cleaned up or cancelled if not cleaned up within 90 days?

Give them a day or two to respond before answering with the obvious.


if you mean by “conservative troglodytes” the Clintons, Obamas, Schumers, Feinsteins, Wydens, …


I don’t understand why you would condition your approval of her action with the phrase: “Warren is not perfect. Nobody is.” If no one is ‘perfect’, why suggest that she is imperfect and thus flawed in some way?


“No action.” She is already doing more than all the others combined What actions do you have in mind?


She looks FAR more Presidential than Obama.


I hope people realize that Obama has an slumlord attorney past which explains a lot about his present.

While in this position during the mid 1990s, he would have learned about GATS’s standstill and ratchet which barred any renewal of public housing program contracts. So, Obama’s friends positioned themselves to cash in on the misfortune of tenants in public housing.


Elizabeth Warren has more GUTS than the entire rest of the party combined. She knows how the banks steal - and sees how the control fraud by politicians is being used to steal our democracy and future away and lock it up for corporations and they don’t like it at all.