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Warren: I'll 'Fight My Heart Out' to Ensure Trump 'Never Reaches the White House'



Well, so much for her. Never really did trust her. Your true (camo) colors are showing, Lizzy.


She talks a great game, but never really acts on it. Where I come from we would call her a "bulls*t artist."


One person we KNOW will beat Trump - Bernie.
One person we KNOW could have used her help in Mass - Bernie.
One person we KNOW never had her help despite sharing 3/4 of his views with her - Bernie.
Maybe she's a closet "we need a woman" supporter. Maybe she's jockeying for a White House cabinet position.
What we DO know is that she should be supporting the one Democrat assured to beat Trump (Bernie) and yet she's waiting to support whomever the convention nominates.
We also know that it will be a contested convention, so


So Senator Warren, why have you not endorsed Bernie?


Yeah. The woman has unveiled herself as Devilette #2.

Holy Crap, Batman!


And a John McCain sympathizer, no less!

Boy, this is getting so frick'n interesting!


Notice how Warren has abandoned her blue for red (actually pinkish red). As the Kubuki theater of Campaign 2016 continues, we note that even the players are getting bored with the ritual they are performing.


Railing against Trump is one thing, failure to support a REAL alternative is another Elizabeth. Like the BS comment by Kirsten Gillibrand defending Clinton evading releasing her Goldman speech transcripts - both are offering more of the same two-party domination and service to 1% greed. So much for what seemed like great promise.........
Focus on "beating Trump" ignores the proven corruption, warmongering, servitude to global corporatism, environmental contempt and self-interest inherent to the Clinton crime family!
The Dem machine politics, like Reps, is a con-job, continued domination and usury - corruption and self-interest - and the people and planet can just die.......


Excellent comments one and all-----so true.

You would think this supposedly smart woman could do more than just send out steady streams of biting tweets and FB posts which are adolescent at best.

How about specifics of what it means to "fight my heart out"?

I can't stand that she gets this much press. And am so sick of the "who will Liz endorse" waiting game that she has crafted by her decision to not endorse anyone to date.

Some people still worship this woman------ I just don't get it!


I wrote her a nasty letter yesterday in response to her funding request for several other democrats who are running for the Senate. Once again I lambasted her for not supporting Bernie in the Mass. primary. If she had, he would have won and he would now be leading in delegates. I also told her to shove it and go ask the Democratic Leadership for the money for her candidates. We don't need any more like her in the Senate - talking out of both sides of her mouth. If trump wins, I will hold her and others in the "democratic" party responsible for not supporting BERNIE. READY FOR A NEW AND CLEAN THIRD PARTY YET?


Judging from the comments here, it seem that Sanders supporters are really closet Trump supporters?


No. Such a conclusion is imbecilic. She understands that fascism must be stopped at all costs.

The Weimar Government in Germany was hated just like Hillary is. And everybody though that a certain reformer - who proposes all sorts of progressive reforms that would help the working class, was the better alternative. Sure, he had a lot of obnoxious brown=shirted followers and friends, but that was overlooked because he would get rid of the corrupt Weimar crony capitalist "shills". So in 1933, they elected the loud mouthed populist. The rest is history.


I agree 100%. The dems., like Hillary and Warren are the more effective evils because they unlike the repugs, are the fake opposition that fool so many well meaning, however sophomoric people.


Let me rephrase that Elizabeth Warren statement to what she really said:
I will fight my heart out to make sure Bernie never reaches the White House!


Well, it would be nice then if she were to throw her support totally behind Sanders instead of Clinton. A Sanders/Warren ticket would pave the way nicely for a White House win.


I hardly think your comparison is valid here.


Has she fell under the spell of the Clinton's. Today the leader of Red states announced he also is supporting Hillary. One of the bankers on Wall street was quoted as wanting Warren neutered. What better spot than in a Clinton administration.


There was talk that Ms Clinton would pick Warren as her running mate thus bringing the progressive vote over.


Trump is actually more hesitant to commit military troops.Hillary big money and the war mindset. Not really much of a choice.