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Warren Incensed at GOP Effort to Gut Financial Protections for Retirees


Warren Incensed at GOP Effort to Gut Financial Protections for Retirees

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on Tuesday to repeal a new Labor Department rule aimed at protecting retirement savers from Wall Street brokers.

Yes, you read that right.

The Labor Department rule, issued last month, requires financial advisors to adhere to a "fiduciary standard" that places client interests ahead of potential profits for themselves.


It wasn't many years ago that a bill like this that enriches Wall Street at the expense of the rest of us would have been voted down by Senators fearing that their constituent voters would never re-elect them when they passed such a bill in an election year.

Today's Senators fear losing Wall Street bribes more than they fear voters voting them out of office.


Maybe Liz should have had the courage to support Bernie Sanders early-on that would have sent a strong message about real change. Bernie has worked on issues such as this one his entire career - repealing a law protecting the rights of victims and giving the thieves carte blanche is just over the freakin top. Liz should have allied with Bernie, an act that would have shown her quality, instead of going it alone.......too bad.


Good Cop. Bad Cop. Another prop in theatrics of US Politics.
"Why would anyone on Earth vote to overturn a rule designed to protect Americans from financial fraud?" asks Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Good question---Liz Warren should know the answer as she is of the Empire, same cloth as Hillary...she is trying to portray herself as the fighter against the system, reminds me of OBama.

Good question... why would anyone..... make and sell cluster bombs, or why would anyone pilot drones to kill human beings.....why would anyone...
Why would anyone frack for fossil fuel and destroy water supplies......


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"Show me your company, and I'll show you who you are." ....so true.....Anyone who tries to change the system from within the system is of the system. The system is the problem.
To a certain degree it will not matter who is elected President for they will become embedded if not already within the system......Warren is a good example and maybe Obama was to (pre-election of his Prez. Dennis Kucinich had to leave the system because he knew that he could not change the system. I am with much of what Bernie has said that he is for, but if elected I really wonder how far he could move his positions forward. The system neutralizes extremes to either side of it...They system keeps moving forward with its own inertia, direction and momentum, certainly directed by the Powers that Care (for their best interest)... Real change will only take place with a different system, most likely from the Ground Up.....(no pun intended?).


Where's the surprise?

All Empires loot both from territories and 'subjects' abroad, and from their own 'subjects' at home in the metropole of the Empire ---- and this current, entrenched, extant, 'establishment', but extremely well hidden Disguised Global Capitalist Empire, which is nominally HQed in, and merely 'posing' as, our former country IS an EMPIRE in every sense (and is NOT any kind of functional democracy, nor even a normal country), so, OF COURSE, it helps, facilitates, and provides 'cover' for the looting that all Empires have always done "abroad" and "at home", as the late great Jewish intellectual and academic expert on Empires, Hannah Arendt, had warned her own German people:

"Empire abroad entails tyranny at home". --- That's just what Empires do!

And we the domestic 'subjects' of this first truly disguised and global capitalist Empire are suffering under both expanding Empire wars "abroad" and massive domestic economic tyranny and inequality "at home" in spades, which is killing; us, our kids, our grand kids, our former country, our environment, and the entire world of all "we the global citizens" who don't fire a loud, public, but non-violent "Shout heard round the world" to ignite the essential "Political Revolution against this Empire"

We can't just follow some pied piper who repeats the vague and vacuous sound-bite of somehow causing an indefinite "Political Revolution" --- against what?

We have to actually ignite a "Political Revolution against Empire" --- which is what all successful Political Revolutions throughout all history have been 'against'!

But our greatest advantage over this new disguised Empire is that since no country has been exposed as an Empire after 1989, and since being identified as being an "Evil Empire" (are there any other kind?) today is totally unexceptable in the 21st century --- we don't have to rise up and fire shots at this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire in our former country, but all we, the American people, have to do to 'bell this hidden Empire' is to shout it out loudly, in public, in unison and 'expose' that it's a damn EMPIRE, which will quickly and non-violently kill it through world public opinion alone!

However, only Americans can 'out' this Empire --- because, as we have seen in numerous foreign countries whose people have tried this, they will be slaughtered with impunity and without limit, if they try to do what only 'we Americans' can currently get away with. But that widow of opportunity for 'we the American people' may very well be closing quicker than we think.


I would like to think of Elizabeth Warren as a true progressive and she has spoken out on many progressive issues, especially the banking/wall st sector. I think she made what she believed her best decision, although I question it, and not endorsing Sanders, except for fear of Clinton's potential retribution. I don't understand the comment about her "alarm" and what "aspects of Bernie's campaign "discontented" her.
The Irish parable" "Show me your company, and I'll show you who you are" is largely accurate, but I don't see how that relates to Sanders and who his "company" is. I do see how it relates to trump and Clinton.
I am a believer in the promise of what Sanders is fighting for - what he champions, in many areas of politics, public policy, and the environment. He has shown extraordinary courage and energy and I will support his leadership all the way. The failure of many politicians who talk a progressive line to openly support/endorse him and his/our issues, is a disappointment, but as you say doesn't need to rise to vitriol or hatred - only great disappointment and perhaps a great missed opportunity.


" "Why would anyone on Earth vote to overturn a rule designed to protect Americans from financial fraud?".....Perhaps because Wall street has been particularly good at financing Clinton.....expect this to go through Warren has dropped in my opinion soon she will endorse Wall Street Hillary. The Clintonization of the democratic party .


Perhaps the violence or behavior of a few of his supporters. But, it is what it is and that it's a dirty and ugly thing, politics--especially this election. I think however that it's going to really hurt his chances, but who knows. People can only take so much. Again, just my opinion that this is what was alluded to.


and I am alarmed about your implication without any substance which makes no sense. No one has any business comparing Bernie to Trump or blaming Bernie for a few extreme fans. Yes, I am incensed with dem party and there treatment of Bernie and arrogant establishment rules to suit them when it suits them but I cannot control them anymore than Bernie can. He does nothing to incite that kind of behavior.


That is what Bernie's revolution is all about.


Again you don't make sense.


If that is what was "alluded too" then it is so insignificant in totality except for the media play on it almost as bad as "Howard Dean Scream". I guess if you repeated it enough, it will become significant.


What I don't understand is that I thought they always did have a fiduciary responsibility to represent the interest of their clients? I am a retired real estate agent and there was a whole long page of all my fidicuary responsbility to either the buyer or seller and it had to be clear which party I was working for. I had to be licensed with the state and had to have so many hours every two years of education to maintain that license.

I can't believe that someone advising people on investments were not regulated as much as real estate agents were.


oh, i see we have a trump secret santa here. actually warren is a democratic unlike bernie who is pretending to be one to get trump elected and to stroke his vanity.
the right wing rats and termites will never stop gnawing away at the framework of our society in their efforts to serve the 1%. the right wing serves only the rich and then people wonder about what they call polarization. or as warren buffet said, there is a class war and his class is winning.
bruner defeated in texas! yay!


I agree with Elizabeth, on principle, that Congress is more concerned about re-election than doing it's job. I disagree that it is only Republicans who are doing this. Perhaps it is time to send them all home to live with the corrupt laws they have passed... Time for term limits.. stop the incentive to be bought.


I do not believe that anyone chooses a running mate until he or she is nominated, and that makes sense.


Way overdue for term limits, and also time for the electoral college and its delegates to go.


I think you need to reflect what you are talking about.