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Warren Joins Chorus Urging Biden to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour for Federal Contract Workers on Day One

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/warren-joins-chorus-urging-biden-raise-minimum-wage-15-hour-federal-contract-workers


Too little, far too late.
Now that the majority of households will be nearing the financial abyss, $15 an hour is simply inadequate, as it’s not nearly enough money for a home to catch up after the Covid debt is piled on to their already ample debt load.
Try $20 an hour, accompanying a single payer healthcare system. That may begin to make a dent in Americans household finances. Any thing less is just moving deck chairs around on the Titanic.


If we can get other countries to raise their minimum wages we could definitely raise ours too. Otherwise raising our minimum wage is seen as discriminating against companies and their workforces from outside the US and its forbidden.

Look up “wage parity” in the context of trade agreements. If we pay our engineers or teachers or nurses or administrators a minimum of $9 an hour, foreign engineers, teachers, nurses, administrators should get at least that too.

Alternatively they want us to eliminate or reduce our minimum wages so they don’t represent the trade barrier they do now. They are framed as reducing/impairing the benefit they are entitled to from signing trade agreements.

This dispute goes back decades in the WTO. Rupa Chanda has written about wage parity.

We do need a single payer system desperately, and this need will increase tremendously in the coming years as jobs vanish for good, but it was taken off the table decades ago, ever since we joined the WTO.

Its not okay to lie to the Democratic Party rank and file in order to steal our votes for something they cant and wont ever deliver.

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Biden has already signaled in private he has no desire to rule by executive order. I would bet the dem leadership is hoping their good buddy McConnell doesn’t lose his leadership role in January. If so it puts Biden and other dem leaders in a bad position, they will have no excuse to not pass progressive policies, except the wishes of the donor class. The entire rotten system will be exposed if both Sen. positions go to dems in GA., proving what some of us have been saying for years.


You have to understand, hiding the trade agreements and how they will soon have hijacked democracy from the nation forever requires TWO PARTY cooperation.

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What does adequacy have to do with it?

That’s like saying that there “shouldn’t” be famines, or that people “shouldn’t” starve to death or die of thirst as a matter of routine when they lack enough money to buy food and/or water.

Its not personal, nobody likes to see babies who are literally shriveling up and dying before your eyes.

But for our Washington Consensus and others, it’s a matter of principle that the invisible hand of the Market determine all wages and prices.

Imagine what a slippery slope it would be in the jobless future if they started feeding poor people or caring for sick people. Since work will be free, done by machines, there wont be any.

“Joins Chorus To” does seem to naturally follow Warren’s name.


And of course you have to have a job to get that $15/hr. Officially there are 10.9 million unemployed workers in the US, and that number doesn’t include the many millions that have already given up looking for work.


How soon can this be done after the recent trump freeze on federal workers wages?

Ah, but that’s Warren’s great play, isn’t it. Too little, too late. Always fine to state the obvious when its too late.

Spineless Warren will be taking a back seat on Biden’s Obama Restoration bus, left to sift through Obama’s latest memoir for why she is a loser in their eyes.


in states where you would actually want to live $15 is not enough to afford rent on a 1 bedroom apartment yet we are acting like it would be some huge victory if enacted. We are so beaten down by the “bosses” that our expectations are pathetically low.

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Why are we celebrating and uplifting a neoliberal fake progressive who “joins chorus” way too late. Remember she endorsed Clinton in 2016 when Sanders was fighting for $15 / hour.

That’s not “leadership”. That’s “leading from behind”. “Leading from behind” is MBA jargon for a CEO who is not an expert at the thing they are selling but follows the demands of the largest customers and investors/donors to “lead” the company. A well-placed opportunist.


A federal job guarantee would set a minimum wage that wouldn’t have to be enforced, simply because whatever the federal government was willing to pay as a guaranteed job starting wage would quickly become the wage that private hirers would have to beat to attract workers. Stipulate that federal jobs must pay a living wage, which also values up-to-date training and experience, and government work becomes a labor career, that private businesses will have to compete for and required to bid on, to pry away from public employment.