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Warren: Lawmakers Attacking CFPB 'Declaring Loud and Clear' They Are Pro-Wall Street


Warren: Lawmakers Attacking CFPB 'Declaring Loud and Clear' They Are Pro-Wall Street

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) minced no words Monday as she raised alarm over the likelihood that her Congressional colleagues would soon move to dismantle the consumer protection agency that she helped found.

"Anyone in Congress—GOP or Dem—who votes to weaken the [U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau] CFPB, will declare loud & clear they represent giant banks, not working families," the progressive firebrand declared on social media.


Warren will have a huge fight on her hands considering that Trump's appointee short lists have been lists to warm the heart of Wall Street.


Hey, but this is better than Killary right? I mean, we had to stop the duopoly. Now our voices have been heard, a statement has been made, and we get to enjoy the fruits of our victory a while, a monopoly.


The solution to the big banks has always been the same.



Likely so.

But it's still a duopoly. The Dems have not expired yet.


Warren is an example of a self-blow-moting, worthless-piece-of-humanity, that should be made to spend at least three days with Mr. Needle Nose Pliers and Mr. Blow Torch.


They'll just print more phoney money. The answer is the violent overthrow of government and the banks eradication and their personnel killed during that process.


They as well as Republicans can and need to be made to really expire, as in no more oxygen.


My mother who is a trump supporter tried bragging to me about how trump hardly took any campaign donations from wall st. I tried explaining to her that he had no need to and that since he's in cahoots with wall st. that you can only expect him to buddy up with them. I mean sheez... he's been a NYC landlord for how long? She really thought he was going to stand up to wall st's corruption? Such ignorance and gullibility.


Her words would carry more power if she had endorsed Bernie early on. She is partly responsible for this mess.


Shees, talk about misunderstanding things... trump didn't need to cozy up to corporate wall st interests "BECAUSE HE'S ONE OF THEM!" Hillary was an outsider and felt she needed to cozy up to them. trump's melodrama as you describe just detracted people's attention from the fact that he's a nyc financial elite. His melodrama just fooled people into voting against their best interests by supporting him. Or do you still misunderstand my point? My mother was NOT correct!


No I shouldn't be sticking up for her and her racism and bigotry.
Speaking of which, stereotyping GenX+Y as taking the easy way as you did shows that you too are given to stereoptypes, lies and false information as long as it suits your chosen world view no matter how wrong your world view obviously is. Think I should beleive anything else you have to say since you are given to your fantasies vs reality?
Ok since you claim I'm soooooooooo wrong. then tell me why Trump is different from all the other NYC billionaires. This should be good for a laugh. Please do try to explain why he's the good guy here and he's really going to do the right thing to narrow down the widening income gap....... Please convince me he cares. Please convince me that he wouldn't have helped bail out Wall st like Bush did. Please convince me that trump would have jailed Wall St financiers for their crimes.