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Warren Leads Call for DOJ to Probe 'Frenzied and Unprecedented' Spree of Federal Executions Under Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/22/warren-leads-call-doj-probe-frenzied-and-unprecedented-spree-federal-executions


It’s about time our politicians questioned the immorality of Trump’s actions in a way that might amount to something. Oh yea, the courts are all pretty blood thirsty since McConnell’s appointments. Too bad for morality.


Thank You Senator Warren


The system is now wholly dependent on negation. Like a child confronted with a new and scary experience, the eyes covered by hands to prevent sight, that loss of interdependent balances embracing ‘the least amongst us’ (itself and cringe-worthy turn of phrase, intentional no doubt). We are missing invaluable time, consideration, clarity and challenges calling for collaboration. Most of this MUST rise from the local level. Participate - respectfully - in municipal decision making. Build from the ground up.
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What is there to investigate Liz? Spend your time abolishing the death penalty and investigating subjects you can do something about, there are many, DeJoy comes to mind, instead of wasting time on issues you can’t change with an investigation.