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Warren Leads Probe into Half a Billion in Suspect Loans to Kushner Companies

Warren Leads Probe into Half a Billion in Suspect Loans to Kushner Companies

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner faces mounting scrutiny about conflicts of interest regarding his family real estate business and his role in government, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is spearheading a congressional inquiry into half a billion dollars in loans that Kushner's company received after he met with finance executives at the White House.


This is why I would support Elizabeth Warren for president. Or Bernie Sanders In the contrast to the Trump administration of a multi billionaire president with a cabinet comprised of multi millionaire Secretaries. That is a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

Also in contrast with the 14 Democrats that were just disclosed to be in bed with Wall Street getting millions of dollars in Wall Street lobbyist bribe money. Too many Democrats and nearly all Republicans are in bed with Wall Street because of the millions of dollars in bank lobbyists’ bribe money. Both major parties are on the take for bank lobbyist bribe money. That must stop!!!.


My thoughts also. Kushner is on his way to being neutered. Where was Warren a year ago? That’s right she was busy confirming Trumps, terrible appointee’s. To little, to late.


:“federal ethics laws” are enforced very rarely. Politician and their staff have been doing insider trading for years. Taking money from any entity (lobbyists) should be illegal, Pac should be illegal but our supremes have deemed it legal. WTF how can a small group that aren’t elected but appointed can turn this country from democracy to fascists. Corporations now rule


Also, where was Warren when she backed HRC instead of Bernie?


You Guys and Ladies… on this Glorious Day After Women’s Day…Fight On !!!

If gets so old constantly focusing on the Peyton Place of why she, when she, she should have…

How about we just focus on getting the job done “Throw mini-trump Out”

Then roast his dad until he is out on the street, preferably to a Correctional Facility of Our Choice

If need be Pence after that.

I don’t care who, what, where, why, or how, just…GET THEM OUT NOW !!!

All are welcome at this Weenie Roast.


jujudahl –

Agree – and don’t think it was ever the intention that democracy be overturned by five people on the Supreme Court. It seems that FDR’s programs were also held up in the same way - by Supreme Court.

What’s Constitution and what’s not could just as well - or better – be argued in open debate in Senate and USHR where the people can judge it. Supreme Court members on the right have bragged that they don’t listen to the public. And, clearly, they spend much of their time with Elites at various outings/events.

While we’re at it, how about acknowledging that for decades now many of our Federal rules/regulations and government agency programs and policies have been ignored or underfunded —

That was the Nixon way – establish an agency and regulations, but don’t give them enough $$ to do the job – and as often as possible put a head of the agency in who disagrees with the policies and wants to overturn the agency and its work.

"Federal ethics laws prohibit federal employees from profiting from their government service, and Mr. Kushner’s refusal to fully divest from his financial holdings raises questions in light of his actions as a senior adviser to President Trump," the lawmakers wrote, emphasizing that "it would be a serious matter if [the loans] resulted in a violation of federal ethics laws."

How is it that we still haven’t seen Trump’s IRS returns?

How is it that members of this administration have not disclosed all their holdings and done the necessary with them?

How is it that Kushner could have even gotten away with $180+ million in loans after White House interviews with officials from that Bank?

How is it that anyone is serving in the White House without the appropriate security clearances?

If you don’t have security clearance, you should not be permitted to begin work.

There should be legislation somewhere which says that all agencies must be funded appropriately to do the work they are supposed to carry out. Rules are made null and voice by lack of funding.

And it is allegedly the president’s job to ensure that all legislation passed by Congress is carried out as to the intent and spirit by which it was passed.

Meanwhile, a good guideline as to an overall “freedom” and “loss of freedom” rating for an administration is how much legislation has been passed to overturn freedom of citizens.


So there are actual ethics laws on the books?



that is actually NOT true. Warren is one of a few dems that are actual have integrity. keep up.

boy what dummies that really don’t know the party or what they are/do do. fucking read up on your shit before you vote.

oops…wrong place, carry on

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Bless her for being one of the very few who care.

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Explain what’s not true.
Explain how Warren couldn’t vote no to Trumps clowns.

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Oh we know the party, that’s why we’re OUT.

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It’s nice to see Ms Warren take a break from supporting the the Route 128 war profiteers, against humanities interests.

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Well put.

We perhaps don’t need saviors, but we do need Democrats opposed to the Clinton(s), Obama, Shumer, DCC wing of the party.


Agree. Also, she was silent the entire time of the Dakota pipeline protest. When the decision was about to be made in favor of the company she came out with a lukewarm statement in support of the protest. Most people saw her actions as political opportunism.


She will pay the price for that – as we all will – likely in dismantling of the consumer work she has done.
Bernie would not have permitted that to happen, imo.

I don’t know if Warren has ever been called on to explain why she didn’t stand with Bernie. I’d like to know why. FEAR of something, I imagine.