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Warren, Markey, and Pressley to Join Launch of Sunrise Movement's 250-City Road to a Green New Deal Tour

Warren, Markey, and Pressley to Join Launch of Sunrise Movement's 250-City Road to a Green New Deal Tour

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Three prominent Massachusetts Democrats will join community and labor leaders in Boston Thursday night to kick off the youth-led Sunrise Movement's 250-city Road to a Green New Deal Tour.

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A political Traveling Circus, coming to a town near you.

I wish the Democratic Party wasn’t using a brilliant concept stolen from a real progressive political party, the Green Party, to advertise their corporate version.

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Keep up the momentum, Sunrise Movement. Love the AOC-narrated video. Well done Avi, Naomi, and partners…

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AOC and the people behind the Green New Deal are no doubt sincere, but one has to wonder how long before the Green New Deal will become the corporate, GREEN WASHED NEW DEAL.

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Thats where grass roots come in… getting it ROOTED locally, regionally. Utilizing the arts, community Public Banking, Co-ops - worker owned cottage production that researches the needs of a given town, region … There is no reason on God’s green earth that it can’t happen.

Something that is rarely discussed is the collapse of the rhetoric about the nobility of elite schooling. THAT is why public education is being extracted from communities. And when the extrators are done it, they will slather their own feces on their hands and point to the public and claim that the failure of education is due to the victims.


Nothing I have seen from AOC or the Sunrise Movement leads me to the cynical heart of your post…

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Yes, good answer. It will take millions of us.

Thanks for your opinion.

You’re a one trick pony boy: growl, grouse, dog in a manger, boring gatekeeper. Boo hiss. Yeah kids!


I don’t speak “Jessejean” so would you mind interpreting all of that for me please?

I really believe that folks should make themselves aware of exactly what’s in the Green New Deal. In this video, https://youtu.be/bgLLSI6srcA . Naomi Wolf reads the contents of HR 109 (The current version of the Green New Deal), and makes a few comments on what she’s reading. This link, https://www.congress.gov/116/bills/hres109/BILLS-116hres109ih.pdf , is the pdf of HR 109, so anyone interested can read along with Naomi.

Imho, the Green New Deal isn’t that great of a deal as it now stands. But please, watch and read along to come to your own conclusions.


Pariah Sojourner,

I too am disappointed in various elements of the Democratic Green New Deal.

Have you investigated the Green Party’s Green New Deal which was conceived around 2006?

Here’s some info from their website:

Compare the two and tell me which deal sounds better.

Unless I read this wrong, the dems Green new deal is a plan to mitigate climate change,
On the other hand little is said about that in the Green Party’s plan, which reads more like an extensive platform rollout. Good stuff mind you, but not the climate change problem being aggressively addressed.

Sorry G,

Here’s a more detailed policy paper on the Green Party United States position on Climate Change: