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Warren Officially Joins Sanders on Single Payer: 'It's Time to Fight for Medicare for All'

Warren Officially Joins Sanders on Single Payer: 'It's Time to Fight for Medicare for All'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced Thursday that she will co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) Medicare for All legislation, calling it "the best way to deliver high quality, low cost healthcare to all Americans."

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Go Elizabeth! Go Bernie!! I’m calling my senator to ask why he isn’t on board with single payer and Bernie’s bill yet. It’s about time to get this done. Help people in the for-profit health insurance industry get other jobs, stop the insane profiteering on a human need, and cover all. Help American businesses be competitive, not be gauged by the insurance companies by the huge cost of covering their workers. Yes!


Great, Elizabeth.
Maybe, just maybe, one step at a time you’ll become a progressive.
… at least on domestic issues …
Now, about your love of Israel and the war industries …


Appears California is still pushing as well

Hard to sort the players stances

We need it.

“A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones” - Nelson Mandela

ANY national government that actually cares at all about its citizens, rather than profits for the ruling-class, will adopt national universal not-for-profit health care and education…among numerous other qualities/policies lacking in our history and current predatory vulture capitalist system. What few legal protections for workers, women, minorities, civil rights, our common environment, and pretend justice system, are being systematically dismantled/destroyed by the depravity, racism, corruption, cronyism, ignorance, for-profit war-machine subversion, and blatant criminal actions and/or support of the trump regime!

Resist, Remove, Prosecute, and Imprison!


I’m skeptical about Warren and Harris also. I keep thinking of the phrase “talk is cheap” in relation to these two. With the Repugs in charge of everything, Medicare for all will never happen so they feel safe supporting this. I hope I’m wrong.

You are either stupid, or you are a tool. You come to every thread and spread bullshit, and you get schooled every time, and you come back and spread bullshit again.

Please SHOW ME, with an ACTUAL CITATION, where the Sanders bill is fake Medicare that actually funnels money to the insurance companies.

Otherwise STFU.


Here is Bernie Sanders’ page explaining his Medicare for All plan:


Since this bill has zero chance of passing in this Congress it seems necessary to speculate what it is really about. It seems to me it could be about a few things. One is to keep the momentum going for single-payer until there is a real chance of passage. Another is that is really about the internal fight between the Clinton and Sanders wings of the party. It is a statement by the Sanders side to draw support away from the Clinton side. A third possibility is that it gives Democratic senators the ability to say they support single-payer if they are up for re-election next year. As far as the needs of Americans right now the most important thing is to prevent repeal of the ACA and try to improve it.

Warren should have “joined Bernie” when he was running for Prez…that might have made a difference…but Liz failed. Standing up for what’s moral is a far cry from politics as usual, and BS party establishment “loyalty”, corruption, complicity, and cronyism!

While we’re at it one of the House Dems that has not signed-on to HR 676 is the craven Wanker Sean Patrick Maloney, NY18th, who evades but does nothing on resolving his supposed “problems” with HR 676 - typical Clinton/Obama corporate BS sellout! His “issues” website a frelling desert of nothings!

We will have to see how robust the bill is and why Sanders did not support and sponsor HR676…too radical? Or is there some Obama-esque sellout to health-care insurance corporate profiteers and parasites? Will we hear the same-old rubbish that “we cannot get that passed”, so we will bend-over for corporate usury and profits over people?..yet again…


Indeed. We are waiting to read the details and the last time some came out it was disappointing and not a true single payer bill with co-pays and deductibles.

Flood the Bernie phone lines and demand to see the details first:

(202) 224-5141


I think you are right. Dr. Margaret Flowers explains in the Aug. 31 article:

“Recent reports are that Sanders’ bill falls far short of HR 676 in fundamental ways. In fact, Sanders’ bill is a multi-payer system not a single payer system. His bill reportedly would allow private insurers to compete with the public system, allow the wealthy to buy their way out of the public system and allow investor-owned health facilities to continue to profit while providing more expensive and lower quality health care.”


I wrote to my senators that HR 676 is the minimum acceptable, and if Sanders does not introduce an actual single-payer senate version, then I demand another senator do so.


Single payer means single payer. Period!
And the only way to achieve that is through government. Multiple insurance companies are NOT single payer.
THINK before you spout off.
All the existing universal programs are government administrated. That is, why Elizabeth is foreseeing a massive counter campaign by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

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I personally think that there’s too many limits for insurance companies, as well as medicare/medicaid, as to how much care that can be given to a person who needs it, whether it be hospitalization, physical therapy, or whatever. That’s something that should be changed as well. Medical care should either be low-cost (with decent, competent caretakers), or free.

Good on Elizabeth Warren for getting on board with Bernie Sanders in his Medicare for All Program.

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Sanders’ web page says “no co-pays.” Can you provide any cite that says something different?


“… full of enough loopholes to run Irma through.”

You say that with certainty, but you do not know. Sanders will publish his bill next week. Until then you are asserting speculation as if it were fact.

“Look at the details…”

The bill is not published yet, and there are no details to look at. You are arguing as if you were on solid ground, but you are not.

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In her article Flowers states she does not know, and is operating on “what we have learned about your legislation without having the benefit of reading a draft of it.” She gives no citations for “what we have learned.” When Sanders publishes his bill, then we will see.

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As i replied to Minecritter’s cite of that article: In her article Flowers states she does not know, and is operating on “what we have learned about your legislation without having the benefit of reading a draft of it.” She gives no citations for “what we have learned.” When Sanders publishes his bill, then we will see.

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Here is what Sanders says about his legislation:

The Plan
Better Coverage
Bernie’s plan would create a federally administered single-payer health care program. Universal single-payer health care means comprehensive coverage for all Americans. Bernie’s plan will cover the entire continuum of health care, from inpatient to outpatient care; preventive to emergency care; primary care to specialty care, including long-term and palliative care; vision, hearing and oral health care; mental health and substance abuse services; as well as prescription medications, medical equipment, supplies, diagnostics and treatments. Patients will be able to choose a health care provider without worrying about whether that provider is in-network and will be able to get the care they need without having to read any fine print or trying to figure out how they can afford the out-of-pocket costs.

What It Means for Patients
As a patient, all you need to do is go to the doctor and show your insurance card. Bernie’s plan means no more copays, no more deductibles and no more fighting with insurance companies when they fail to pay for charges.


Thank you, That is exactly what I have expected, though he term ‘insurance card’ may be misleading to some: It is not a card issued by your (un-)friendly insurance company, but a card issued to you by the government, which certifies, that you are a legitimate recipient for medical treatment and not some foreign tourist or business person without such entitlement.

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