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Warren Officially Joins Sanders on Single Payer: 'It's Time to Fight for Medicare for All'

But there has been no draft and Flowers does not cite. i appreciate your skepticism but this assertion is not true. The bill will be published next week.

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I had posted it recently. It was on both Truthdig and Counterpunch, an article by Dr. Margaret Flowers. I contacted Bernie’s offices but no straight answer. Hopefully they have revised it to reflect true Single payer but until the details are in it would be a good idea not to get overly excited.


"Warren wrote in a blog post on her website. “Healthcare is a basic human right—and it’s time to fight for it.”

The last time I checked “healthcare” was not listed in the bill of rights in the Constitution. Such sloppy scholarship by a former Harvard Business School professor should be corrected.

Now with N. Korea threatening to become a thermonuclear ICBM power, as large swaths of Texas and soon most of Florida are torn up by the hurricanes Harvey and Irma respectively, and the collective national legislature known as congress is still dithering around and incapable of doing much of anything, the blond lady in blue has uttered her latest diatribe. While the country wonders how in the world they can get the Congress and Senate to do anything constructive, the blond lady in blue wants to play the health care card.

Hey, Webster…Bernie’s linked page lays it all out - we will soon see if his bill mirrors that page. I called Bernie’s people when there was a lot of criticism on supposed “co-pays” being in the bill - they had gotten a LOT of calls on co-pays. Their answer was that even a $5 “co-pay” would reduce people going to the Doc for a cold, splinter, pimple, etc, and reduce that burden on the system. We will soon see. Keep the faith Brother!

And why we should call now to make sure that these are only rumors and that what he presents will reflect what we, in the majority demand: The Senate bill exactly as HR 676.


Thank you for your sane, substantive, rational, informative/informed and unbiased comments! We can only hope that it will silence the critics/skeptics.

This is a huge problem of mine with politicians even ones I respect as much as Bernie - why make anything secret? You aren’t working out a deal with Cuba or Iran here, you are penciling in the particulars of a health care system that is going to either affect all of us (I hope) or those without good insurance (if it isn’t really single payer and is just a public option). We have a right to know the particulars AS THE BILL IS EVOLVING. I’m sick of this reveal nonsense - this is OUR government - not Apple coming out with it’s latest iPhone. I had the same issue with the “Better Deal” nonsense. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing in public (see most open-source/free software efforts).


Today Russell Mokhiber hosted a debate between Dr. Flowers and Jon Walker.

"Tensions flared in the single payer community last week as details of Senator Bernie Sanders still not public single bill leaked out.

Single payer doctors said the Sanders’ bill isn’t single payer — because it allowed the private health insurance industry to stay in the game.

Physicians for a National Health Program, the leading single payer doctors group, said they couldn’t support the Sanders bill if it included co-pays or other cost sharing measures.

Jon Walker and Dr. Margaret Flowers have both been active in the movement to bring single payer to the United States."


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We haven’t seen the bill so we speculate but from what little we know of the bill, it appears to be bait and switch. If it were the real deal, the two of them would be referring to it plane and simply as “Improved Medicare for All a companion bill to HR676”.

Sander’s and Warren’s ambiguous reference to the generic Medicare for All is suspect at best.

And, then there is that “secret” thing that is problematic. HR676 has been in the public eye for the last decade. If the forth coming bill is a companion bill, there would be no need for secrets.

Another reason for my skepticism is that the neoliberal and corporate backed Kamala Harris has stated that she will co-sponsor. Her largest block of donations for her run for Senate, $626,869 came from securities and investment interests (insurance), Presumably, before making the announcement she read the bill and is not worried that her sponsorship will alienate her largest block of donors, insurance and pharma cartels. A sponsorship of a companion bill to HR676 would most certainly damage that relationship.

So, I expect another swindle that will divide the currently strong and growing solidarity of the movement for a true single payer system. Dividing the movement will undermine any chance we might have had for attaining such a system.

Gosh, how did I become so cynical? I’d love to see my suspicions proven erroneous and completely off base. May I please have a slice of humble pie when this much anticipated secret document is revealed.


I am here in California and yes Single Payer makes a lot of sense as we are paying the most of any country for health care coverage yet we are NOT getting quality health care. We are getting un affordable health care. And that includes Trumpcare which the Congressional Budget Office researched and said that it increased costs by 750 percent and left 23 million Americans uncovered. Then the Republicans decided to have a meeting on Trumpcare and decided to eliminate all of the womens’ health care in the initial proposal. And the committee to decide against women was a 100 percent male group of Republican men.

I could be mistaken, but I do not believe that for something to be a ‘basic human right’ means that it has to be listed in our constitution.

First, there are no single payer doctors in the US. Moving on, the issue is quite simple, extend medicare-to-all and cover the cost through taxes. A private system can coincide, as in the case of most industrial nations, but they work at the fringes. The arrangement works perfectly fine and it actually pushes the public system to be responsive (Britain is an excellent example). It’s what already works for seniors in the US. There doesn’t exist to pure single payer system in any industrial nation on earth. Just sit down and think about what that would entail.

Atelios–I am neither arguing that healthcare isn’t important nor that the government of the US shouldn’t do what it can to promote healthier citizenry. However, to call 'healthcare" a basic right implies that it has been codified into law (as in the bill of rights contained in the constitution. This is obviously not the case with the Sanders-Warren proposal else why wpould they be introducing it as a bill to become law.

Ninth Amendment and “unenumerated rights”…

“Since it is impossible to list each and every power and right afforded to the people, the Ninth Amendment acts as a catch-all to those rights that are specifically listed. The main purpose of the amendment is to protect individuals’ basic rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which are listed in the Declaration of Independence. The founding fathers of America believed that these natural rights, or “inalienable rights,” are a gift from God or nature, and cannot be denied.”

Like every law, it is the intent as well as the written word that is considered in legal matters.

And how can someone who cannot afford health insurance or pay for healthcare have a life, liberty and the ability to “pursue happiness” when their lives are in jeopardy and they are imprisoned by their life-threatening health issues?

Where does this kind of reasoning end?
How can anybody be “happy” without at east two weeks of paid vacation a year?
How can anybody be satisfied and happy without modest costing clean needles and pharmaceutical grade psychotropic drugs to assist in dealing with their emotional instability?
And how about the natural urge to copulate–shouldn’t adolescents be protected from the consequences of such promiscuous behavior?
I know that is not what the blond lady in blue and her curmudgeonly colleague are proposing, but calling something a basic human right invites one to walk off of a slippery slope.

Where was Warren when we needed her in 2016…ahhh oh yeah supporting Hillary.

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So I guess you’re a trump supporter?