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Warren Praised for Using DNC Address to Demand Child Care as 'Part of the Basic Infrastructure of This Nation'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/warren-praised-using-dnc-address-demand-child-care-part-basic-infrastructure-nation


Not to be too much of a wet blanket, but all of these niche issues like day care, the economy, gun regulations, the pandemic, etc. are all relatively meaningless unless we get a handle on global warming.
If large swaths of the tropics are uninhabitable in 30 years, nobody will be thinking about where their kids are while they work. They will be thinking about whether they will be alive tomorrow.
No democrat speaking in this “convention” has made more than a passing reference to global warming. That’s more than disheartening. It’s suicidal.


If wages were actually adequate, maybe even more so, there would be NO need for child care as one parent could stay home to care for the child let alone a “village”. Instead we are now in times that even two parents working–if there are actually two parents–is not adqeuate to pay for basic needs.

Then there is the overrated glorification of work for its sake when human beings need meaningful lives and occupations that this western model makes impossible for the majority and creates diseases directly associated with it. Very little ability for people to “follow their bliss” to borrow from Joseph Campbell. Time we took a really hard look at that “civilization” thing and its discontents.

Socialism or barbarism. Period.


We need some real good geek heads to get together, look at the spread and deviation rates of economic indicators with two simple columns: predatory rates and equitable rates. To meet the descending recession/depression st some hard worker/employer/CEO (b)onus for a recovery period in which the vampires, parasites and abusers face stark shut-down limits on the EXTRACTION ADDICTIONS.

How many times per century do American citizens have to fight predatory systemic structures on a battle field for the very simple basic, essential dignity of resources to live, create and evolve?

Those who prevent peaceful re-evolution make violent re-evolution inevitable.


I’d add that even if “socialism” is adopted, its actually, in order to function, a system that has no accurate name yet. Note that oligarchy hammers socialism as much to make us use the term as to obfuscate the fact that an economy CAN BE ANYTHING - and requires public participation. The crashes are as much to shake the traps open for next round. And around it goes, spinning out of control, like a herd of heroin addicts into an abyss of its own making dragging all life on the planet with it.


Child support for workers is a no brainer which Covid stay at home has highlighted BUT vulnerable children need time with parents so it can be unhealthy to force a generation or society of babies to be plucked from home for the sake of productivity.
How about demands to respect stay at home parents, moms and/or dads, to be critical infrastructure for healthy development of children and family and use a fair portion of the massive gains in productivity we have already made possible to pay parents what they are worth.


Agree but I think we are capable of walking and chewing gun simultaneously. At least with better leadership not being offered by the Dims. In the short run I think progressives need to campaign against Trump but organizing against Biden so that we can push issues like climate, healthcare, child care, ending racist policing, and economic justice.


I fear what will happen is, should Biden get elected, his administration will be kneecapped for two years at least by the lingering pandemic and its subsequent awful recession. As people are thrown from their homes, live in their cars and in Hoovervilles under highway overpasses, global warming will be all but forgotten again. 2024 will roll around, the CO2 level will be in the mid 430’s and rising even more rapidly, and much of America’s Heartland will either be suffering terrible floods or unending drought, effecting the US food supply.
What I fear most from a Biden win is that he will be incapable of stabilizing the nation and, crippled by his fealty to capitalism, will be unwilling to even try Green New deal as an economic catalyst. At that point, the democratic electorate will be disillusioned, the poor will be angry, and a goddam horrible fascist like Tom Cotton or Ted Cruz will get elected. And then global warming will go uninhibited until the mid 2030’s.
It will of course be way too late by then.


I was about to say global warming is also a “niche issue” to an extraterrestrial observer puzzled by the antics of the dominant species here. But everything’s entangled in the same global niche – I view the pandemic in particular as of a piece with the general ecological collapse accompanying global warming.

This becomes the week of California’s “historic lightning siege.” For fans of weather pyrotechnics, the early-morning electrical storms have been unforgettably spectacular, like something from another planet. With 11,000 dry-lightning strikes, and smoke blanketing everything, authorities are challenged just trying to count the wildfires. Now the troposphere has a very smoky niche for us Californians to respire in, for the foreseeable. Another year of fire catastrophe, officially under way for us. Mass evacuations soon.

This much while the frontliners of our first responders, the forest firefighters who are prisoners at Susanville, have been sidelined by the decision of prison authorities to allow the virus free reign inside all state prisons, even essential Susanville. We’re begging fate for more trouble than we need, out here. Heading into a bad fire season (like 2017) with about half as many crews as usual. All worn out.

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" Using DNC Address ?" That tells more than is perhaps intended. The Democratic Party claims it represents all of the people - ostensibly, doesn’t it?? - but we see over and over that is a damn lie! The DP is a private club of sold-out players who don’t give a shite about the “little people” really!
The trump regime criminal mob far worse.and more depraved!

The DNC entrenched establishment controls the rules, the mechanisms, the narrative, the candidates and funding, elections, and sabotage of any candidate - ie progressives - that might threaten their corrupt domination - or their campaign-bribers! The whole process is manipulated and that must be recognized!

Take the removal from the DP ? - DNC ? People’s ? “platform”, agreed-to some time ago - “Democrats support eliminating tax breaks and subsidies for fossil fuels, and will fight to defend and extend tax incentives for energy efficiency and clean energy,” - - “Fossil fuel subsidies cost the US between $20 to $649 billion each year, according to different estimates.” - that “platform” pledge to end fossil-fuel subsidies was removed, which at this time of pandemic and the Global environmental existential threat all life is a blatant betrayal - as usual!


NOW there is this from Biden supposedly: " Joe Biden recommitted to ending fossil fuel subsidies following backlash from environmentalists. On August 17th, the Democratic National Committee quietly removed language calling for an end to the subsidies from a draft document that triggered confusion over Democrats’ stance on fossil fuel subsidies, since the DNC, Biden, and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) have all opposed fossil fuel subsidies in the past.
Then this claim:
" the Biden campaign emphasized: “He will demand a worldwide ban on fossil fuel subsidies and lead the world by example, eliminating fossil fuel subsidies in the United States during the first year of his presidency,” - policy “confused” in the latest SNAFU -

You can bet uncle-tom perez may be behind the removal - his interview with Christian Amanpour showed a shallow political hack spewing talking points repeatedly with about zero substance - that is what Obama wanted when he hand-picked perez to deny Kieth Ellison the position as DNC Chair!!.


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There are reports that a number of women are deciding that they are not going to return to work after COVID as they have learned spending more time with their family more important.

This in turn has the Capitalists alarmed and they indicated this as proof benefits for COVID are too rich meaning people are discouraged from working. It will also make it harder for them to keep wages low if too many leave the workforce.

Remember that those that are Capitalist to the bones remain Capitalist to the bones. Rather then promote strategies that would allow a single income to support a family , they pursue strategies so as to ensure that labor pool as large as possible so people will work for less. To single moms , they are one of the single largest sources of low income jobs in the workforce. In other words from the POV of the Capitalist this less about empowering women and more about fattening their profit margins.


Unfortunately, here’s what Biden and his New Republican Party really think of your big ideas. We just can’t afford to spend on unimportant things like climate change, income inequality, healthcare and the like. Child care? You must be kidding. Taking care of my rich friends is the pressing need of the day, says Joe via one of his mouthpieces.

For those able to handle the truth about Biden and his New Republican Party, you might want to take a look at this preview of a Biden/Harris administration to be found on David Sirota’s TMI website. Looks like one of Biden’s surrogates was again reassuring Biden’s fat cat buddies that they need not worry, that the Biden administration won’t be spending any money trying to address the big issues they’ve been saying in their campaign that they’re going to address, that the middle class and the poor folks will be tightening their belts another notch once the New Republicans are in power. Pay no heed to what we say, says Joe to the oligarchs and his corporate friends. I’ve got you back!

The title of the article is Team Biden Now Signals Austerity, Despite Campaign Pledges . It’s easy to find. A search for TMI Sirota will get you there.

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And without control of the senate nothing is going to happen anyway. “Demand away Mel.”

Indeed. What a perfect example of the DNC “show” puts on for us every 4 years. The BLM blocks are classic. Tons of empty platitudes, photo ops (like Pelosi tearing up the SOTU speech) and phony politicians who speak like they care about the people, but in reality, sabotage and fight the measures that would bring meaningful change to people’s lives. Medicare for all. Nope. Living wage of $20 per hour. Nope. Forgiveness of student debt. Nope.
I’ll grant that Warren is one of the better actors, but even her act is now threadbare and people are seeing through it.


After all public relation firms are in charge. Since the fifties no person or corporation has made a move without consulting a firm for advice on how to proceed to make money/be successful. Life is not about service to people and society as a whole but individual success. We have the propaganda of “the tele” and now every other form of advertising to form public opinion and thought pattern of what is important in life.

What a huge business being a consultant is !

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politicians are completely out of touch with the worker. By the time a person reaches the power and status of higher level I’m thinking that the most important item on their agenda is how to keep their power and how to benefit from that status.

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I must admit I had a knee-jerk Pavlovian reaction to the headline DNC address, interpreting and reacting to the “C” in DNC as “committee” rather than “Convention” - I plead overactive frustration and anger at both parties and the garbage they bring to the table- my Bullshit-Ometer has been red-lined for far too long.

Me too – if we leave it to him. If he manages to “win” we must expand protests around issues. Count on liberals to turn against us but we must stay in the streets.