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Warren Presses Biden to Enact 'Effective Economic Stimulus' With Single Pen Stroke: Cancel Student Debt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/warren-presses-biden-enact-effective-economic-stimulus-single-pen-stroke-cancel


It’s hilarious. It’s like Liz never met Joe Biden.
I’ll be over here, not holding my breath.


According to OnTheIssues ORG, Warren took on this populist message after Bernie lost in 2016:

  • Wipe out current student debt; free public college. (May 2019)
  • Roll back student debt; free college going forward. (Apr 2019)
  • Proposed all-voucher education; now opposes charters. (Apr 2019)
  • Invest in black colleges & minority students. (Mar 2019)
  • Support teacher unions on this time of crisis. (Jan 2019)
  • Invest in education, but focus on results. (Jan 2019)
  • Why should government earn $174B profit on student loans? (Apr 2017)
  • Preserve Head Start and school lunch programs. (Jul 2016)
  • Invest in public education & universal preschool. (Apr 2016)
  • Give college students the same deal as corporations get. (Nov 2014)
  • Allow refinancing student loans; it’s a crushing $1.2T. (May 2014)
  • Bank on Students Act: reduce student loan interest rates. (Apr 2014)
  • Focus on public schools & public universities. (Sep 2011)
  • Promote student loan discounts without prolonging payments. (Jan 2006)

Not at all a progressive thought leader. A fake neoliberal.

Which way is the wind blowing, Liz?


“Warren presses Biden to enact ‘Effective Economic Stimulus’ with single pen stroke: Cancel student debt”

Yeah, like that’s going to happen!

Many things are constants with corporate Democrats and their corporate buddies in the Republican Party. Rule number one, never give the poor folk a break! No debt relief, no universal healthcare, never close a military base, never make peace with everyone, never tax the rich, never repeal Citizens United, never dismantle the nuclear arsenal, never apologize for overthrowing democratically elected governments abroad, never allow MSM to veer off of the Great Western Narrative, punish every hero who exposes the corruption (Julian Assange, Snowden, etc.), always divide and conquer and make America great again by bringing back slavery.
Now that I have that out of the way, it is important to begin our grassroots movement to start a Progressive Party. But to do this, we need core set of basic principles that members must adhere to, to be considered a real Progressive such as recognizing global warming as a real and present danger to the survival of the planet.
Once mainstream progressives can agree upon these basic principles, we organize the first “Progressive Convention” to rally behind truth and justice and begin the dismantling of the corrupt system we are currently stuck with. We have just under two years until he next Congressional elections. We have no time to waste and must begin organizing now.
Some basic core principles that I think all progressive agree on are…

  1. Global warming is real and must require immediate and drastic action to end the fossil fuel era.

  2. Ban nuclear weapons everywhere beginning with the U.SA. and Israel.

  3. Universal healthcare for everyone.

  4. Abolish the electoral college.

  5. Repeal “Citizens United.”

  6. End all U.S. military involvement everywhere immediately and close all foreign military bases around the world.

  7. End poverty.

  8. Place limits on how much money an individual or a group can have by expropriating businesses that are crucial to the economic interests of the majority.

  9. Outlaw corporate influence in government at the federal, State and local levels.

    No Republican and very few Democrats would ever sign on to these basic human rights necessary to save the planet and humanity. This is precisely why none of us should take either the Democrats or the Republicans seriously ever again.
    If anyone else can add to my small and humble list of basic core principles, please let me know what I am missing. Keep in mind that all core principles must be shared by a majority of people around the world. My list is hardly exhaustive, but as I mentioned earlier, every core principle listed here is considered a major threat to the existing capitalist system.


Actually I would go further and propose that all post K-12 education is free in the U.S. the way it is in more developed countries like Germany, England, France and Switzerland. I would also allow charter schools to exist under one condition, that their teachers are paid 50% higher than in the public school system. This will quickly cause Wall Street to shy away from the corporatization of education as most Charter Schools rely on poor wages for staff and teachers to create a return on investment.

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If McConnell pulls his obstructionist shit, Biden should definitely do this. It would be a large stimulus to the economy. It would get the attention of young Republicans struggling to pay student debt.

He should do it on Jan 21 as an emergency measure to stimulate the economy.


Great post! Along with getting rid of Citizens United I would abolish The corporations are people legal fiction. Also I think two senators from every state regardless of the number of people they represent is totally anti democratic. And also let’s make Ranked Choice voting a reality so the possibility of a non corporate third party might exist as well as ending the Lesser of two Evils voting strategy.

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Brilliant proviso here, Space_cadet, mindful of the “downstream” prospectus ever in play as Cold War weaponized and Feudal Lords of HI FInance\Tech\Telecomm\Life Sciences and Daddy Warbucks’ Neo-Liberal E-CON-omic dogmatized and doctrinaire policies are in play.

The Charter School argument has had enough complexity to give our first partially African-American President Neo-Liberal E-CON cover for pushing his friends’ investment portfolios and even naming such weekly hoop-mates and scrimmagers like the unqualified Obama named Secretary of Education, the Privatizer on par with succeeding Trump appointee Betsy De Vos, she the cousin of Nanny State Shrink Big Government federal contractor of the Shock Doctrine Invasion and Occupation of Iraq Eric Prince dba Blackwater Mercenary and Military Security Services namely for two terms destroying many a school system, not least the Chicago Public Schools**, namely Obama’s Hoops bud Arne “Slam Dunk” Duncan.**

Especially given the massive inequities in funding and up-keep of rich neighborhood public schools compared with poor neighborhood schools that are often the absorption centers for next generation low-wage labor of foreign extraction, as are we nearly all of U.S. 'cept the blue blood landed gentry.

One way up the social ladder for U.S. generations extracted from migrant labor and refugees of what are often Washington’s Private Interest client-state policies is latching onto the Professional and Trades Cronyocracy. Either political party may apply.



Here is how even the newspaper of record for Wall Street covered the bid-net of investment class Wealth Management Portfolio interest in pushing the public funding of private charter schools (or cherry picking Public Charter Schools, if that t’ain’t an oxymoron):

Keep this insightful street-smart report by Gina (now her by-line uses Ginia as her first name) Bellafante back in 2015 handy to explain the new academic discipline de-constructed by such easy-to-follow online luminaries as Columbia University’s globe-trotting migrant-labor patterning scholar and FINANCIALIZING de-constructor, Prof Dr Saskia Sassen. The sub-lease discipline of Economics found in MBA curricula that is rarely explained to those of the rest of U.S. who bear the brunt of Wall Street’s imperial prerogatives: FINANCIALIZATION.

This is now the largest sector of our GNP generating economy, albeit fictive and purely speculative monetary value ranging from zero to whatever the Suckers’ Deregulated Market will bear. Taken together along with services and by-passing manufacturing and production of real things with real value creating real need-fulfilling jobs and circulating currency across the strata of social economy, if not Political Economy back when the Revolution That Was Not Televised in the 1970’s was launched. These products of Cold War weaponized propaganda content carried on state-of-the-art propaganda carrying systems were mined and altered versions of Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines and dogmas accepted by both of our Duopoly political parties.

Only then, after the Cold War ended, were these doctrines and dogmas aimed at the Cult of Personality Imperial Commies re-directed at the Democratic Socializing world rebuilding after WW I and WW II left the Imperial Follies fountainheads (at first on Washington’s Keynesian dime) in ruins with their developing nation-state holdings deemed contraband and plucked into either Washington or Moscow’s Sphere of Influence. Once the bi-polar world medicated itself and went Uni-Polar Every Financializing Robber Baron for him\her self, were these weaponized propaganda doctrines and dogmas found ideologically service-able by FINANCIALIZERS the world over, who’ve been turning them into the GREED IS GOOD mass media meme that has temporarily triumphed over the GOLDEN RULE.

It should be noted that the reach of the scriptures we now date to antiquity or mytho-poetic genesis, whatever lasting faith system we or others subscribe to or philosophical school we’re or they’re attuned to in whatever language they were preserved in has a greater global reach than the Mighty Wurlitzer of the Washington side of the Cold War Industry that contracted Milton Friedman and his wife Rose Director Friedman along with the CHICAGO BOYS of the heavily federally subsidized University of Chicago, known for such imperative doctrines as SHRINK BIG GOVERNMENT , avoid the NANNY STATE and GREED IS GOOD mantras that became their mass media and academia proliferated curricula and electronic memes within the Western World and even the non-aligned World.

Stay tuned and engaged, cuz Mother Nature and our Maker may have something to say about this sort of heresy…Not for nothing the Islamist Caliphate Revivalists targeted the WORLD TRADE CENTER (this is not an endorsement of such, but those off on conspiratorial attribution to the Lords of Feudal HI FInance or Zionist Cabals or Uncle Sam his holy dollar-hoarding reserve currency self can name yer enemy\hero of the cultic week and it will not negate nor alter the relatively low-tech ways in which what was actually brought down came down…Intel Black Ops or Corporate Caliphate Cut-out actors notwithstanding)

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Disc-us-sion List and Looksee

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So true.
And sad part is that the situation is so dire, that she is the (2nd) best around.

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It is very telling that when student debt is being discussed, seldom, if any time at all, do they mention the exorbitant fees that they have imposed on students. Most of them pay back exponentially more than what they borrowed.

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I predict this is because the jobs they hoped to get with their degrees are already committed to be traded away, so millions will have both unpayable debt and no jobs. For the rest of their lives.

Also massive redevelopment of cities within the next few years because of planned large scale energy exports, also committed in FTAs, will leave a LOT of people (those who live in rent stabilized older apartments in them now) with no place to live. I could see as many as half or more of the residents of many cities especially in the Northeast and upper midwest, forced out. It will also leave millions of homeowners with either a huge new expense or unable to afford heat.

Add huge increases in the price of health insurance due to coronavirus and reversion to the pre-ACA status quo, due to WTO rules (the Understanding on Committments in Financial Services) and the privatization and monetization of Medicare due to even a small expansion beyond Social Security, it can only remain subsidized if its not expanded because of explicit GATS rules. See the Annex on Financial Services, first paragraph, under systems of statutory social security.

Also because of it standing in the way of services liberalization, Social Security will probably be phased out. (Its incompatible with the GATS’s promised services liberalization and our new skilled professionals pay will be too small for Social Security to be fair to them since they will only be here a few years and then will likely go back to India or whatever other country their employers import them from.

Also, after training their replacements, a great many US workers will probably be free to go, Estimates by (Princeton economist) Alan Blinder found approximately a quarter of US jobs were vulnerable to outsourcing or offshoring or body shopping but he left out public services, which is the area most targeted by GATS. So the real number could be much higher. A (Harvard) replication study of his original work ("How Many US Jobs Might Be Offshorable) work found the real number was likely to be more than 40% (actually 46%) but made the same mistake, leaving out soon to be former public services and quasi public services. So how high will these numbers go? I think half to two thirds would not be surprising but it might take five years or more to lose that many jobs, because just because employers could save half or more of wage costs doesn’t mean they will do that right away. Also, most body shop firms use a longer period for workers remaining on contract in order to avoid having to pay trade assistance benefits, also keeping those layoffs out of the statistics, making the real job losses due to trade agreements seem much lower than they really are.

What jobs would be left and will there be a second wave of layoffs?

the intent of services liberalization makes it clear that ultimately, lower skilled jobs are also targeted by the neoliberal project, because even lower skill jobs because they are so numerous are worth offshoring in terms of profits. But the fnancial incentive is much higher with professonal jobs.

Lending is an industry and a huge business in the US. Just like private universities and colleges, they are trying to turn the hopes of students and the credit they still have into profits. That money wont last long as society realizes that people need to go to school longer and longer to get the degrees the employers want, also the employers will increasingly be subcontracting firms that often preferentially hire workers who are tied to the body shop model of employment by visa status. They even admit this.

Exactly. My loan started out at $13,000 in the mid-80s and is now $49,133. I’ve had cancer twice and filed bankruptcy once, but the loan remains. Thirty-five years later, I’m still not able to discharge the loan. Biden’s pittance of $10,000 would do virtually nothing for people like me.


You have to understand, the number of people who did everything right is too high. They don’t want more college grads. They privately will tell you, they want to outsource those jobs, they are looking for short term profits. Its only business.

Would outsourcing the profession you got your degree in help?

Of course not, that would be the straw that broke the camels back. Well that’s what they promised the whole rest of the world ago decades ago and are negotiating. We are the last to know.

Why? Its cheaper. because they want to help people like them, more than people like us. Their loyalty is to their cult. I’m not kidding, I couldn’t make this up. As far as I can tell, we are trading our jobs away. To prop other countries despotic leaders and ruling class elites up. And as they have been working on this “global grab” for more than 25 years they aren’t about to just give this up.

This is why people in the know desperately want them to forgive student debt, I am guessing, because it will just be too much to be carrying all that debt and have the frigging jobs traded out from under people, then their having to train their replacements.

We have people leading us now, lots of them who have some kind of serious issue that makes them very very bad leaders, but very good liars. They actually have less brain in our areas, which shows they don’t have a normal empathy or moral compass capacity, and more brain connections in the area that keeps track of all their lies…

Its probably that they know whats coming and their inflexibility reflects that. Any little bit of compassion would lead to more compassion being expected, when they just want to disengage from us and our needs, because they all were known and expected and its their narcissists abandonment of their human responsibilities that expose their scheme as a failure.

The fact is they have written contracts with these countries that appear to me to do something that looks a lot like they in all practical terms nullify democracy, except in name only, systematically, when business is involved.

We need to come to terms with the real them.

If all student loan debtors went on strike and announced it, the effect on Wall Street would force Biden to forgive all debt. If done quickly enough, Trump & Mitch would do it just to steal the thunder from the Dems that could reverberate down the campaign trail for decades. The Debt Collective is trying to do just that. Look it up.

This is something that the people can do on their own. If the student loan debtors go on strike en masse, the debts will be forgiven quickly. Many of those loans have been partially or wholly privatized and then bundled like subprime mortgages and sold. An announcement of mass strike would cause a reaction on Wall Street. In order to save Wall Street those loans would have to be paid off. Trump or Biden can do that by executive order. Remember Trump promised to do that in 2016. Now is his chance. Mitch & the GOP will encourage that to save Wall Street and steal the thunder from the Dems.
If half or more of the 40 million student loan debtors go on strike, their loans will be forgiven totally without all the nitpicking negotiations and diatribes about the worthiness of it all. Do not leave it to the politicians. This rebellion can be done in the safety of home. It doesn’t have to happen in the streets.
Those student debtors are, in general, good citizens that want to do what is right. Also they desire a good credit score and want to maintain it if possible. Wall Street has them by the credit score and will squeeze. If those loans are paid off it will not affect their credit scores, but they have to have the courage not to pay.

Its won’t happen Warren, not on sleepy bidden watch. See, bidden is GOP slightly to the left but quite not that left. OK, he is a republican in democractic suit