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Warren Proposal Would Use Tax on Ultra-Rich to Help Fund Universal Childcare Plan


Warren Proposal Would Use Tax on Ultra-Rich to Help Fund Universal Childcare Plan

Julia Conley, staff writer

Doubling down on her assertion that the richest Americans can and must contribute to the larger economy and the greater good with just a tiny fraction of their massive wealth, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday unveiled a plan to use her proposed Ultra-Millionaires Tax to fund a universal childcare program.



Ok why stop here ,universal healthcare for all …no more partial solutions



Out of the gate, I’m against this right now. It’s a good plan, but we need to prioritize. Expanded - improved Medicare For All should be our main focus, with the maximum benefit for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with the childcare proposal, but everyone needs affordable healthcare first.



Billy Ray Valentine: “Hey Coleman—do you want the lobster or the cracked crab?”
Coleman: “Why not have both?”
Server: “Extra primo good, sir!”



The Ultra-Rich are an asset to the United States that the Democrats and Republicans have fought hard not to tap into.

For decades, the monied-interests have bought those politicians and used them to influence legislation that shifts tax burdens away from the wealthy, to the masses.

Though late as usual for a proposal from a Duopoly politician, and more than likely will never become law, this will entice and draw in those who are easily swayed by the false prophets of the lying and thieving two-party system of deviance, some call government.

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Yes! Medicare is horrible unless you have money to pay for a good plan. This is a confusing mess for Seniors who should not have to deal with a broken system like today’s medicare. This is not the same as what my parents had!!!



Where’s Warrens plan to help us Seniors on a fixed income???



I strongly agree. Healthcare is becoming an abortion strength issue that hangs around like a nosy neighbor.
Gitter done. And candidates that are for this have to start talking about thousands of displaced workers this would create.
NAFTA wasn’t going to fly unless promises of retraining were on the table.
We might as well ask for that part of a plan to be addressed.

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My parents had insurance thru the company dad worked at. Aetna only a few dollars a month and followed them into retirement. That ins. premium was about to go up as the new union contract was being negotiated. Dad decided to keep the $5 or 10 a month, full coverage plan and retire early to keep it.
Mom as survivor got dinged a little with the ACA coming to town. But she gets most of out of pocket back at the end of the year.
The point being, they didn’t even need medicare because of good insurance.
If anyone says it can’t be done, it’s because of the 30% overhead that insurance creates as part of our heath care cost. You might as well call it Capitalist Care.

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Warren is a little hesitant about everything. She refused to support Bernie in 2016 even though she agreed with his policies wholeheartedly and totally disagreed with Hillary.

She thought Hillary was going to win so she remained neutral. Bernie lost MA by 1 percent. Her endorsement could have given him the momentum to win her home state of MA and win the primaries and defeat Trump.

Nevertheless I think she would make a good VP for Bernie.



We also have hundreds of thousands if not millions of people living on the streets of the US each night - homeless. That is a real nation emergency and I don’t see the politicians mentioning that fact. I guess they - the homeless - are all just hidden in plain sight.

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Also, most homeless people don’t vote whereas “families with children making $50k per year” do vote.

The reason FDR’s New Deal and other early to mid-century legislation was so successful was because it wasn’t incremental and carved out the way legislation during the past half century has been.

Unfortunately the New Deal’s success made it a target of the corporations, their media and politicians, resulting in very little being left of the New Deal in the 21st century.

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Or we could go back to the days when jobs paid enough that one parent could earn enough money to support a family and the other could raise the children-if they desired not to work.



Hey Aunt Lizzy, are you going to change the new tax refund law that Trump laid on us? We are Not happy campers!!! * Many Americans have come to rely on refunds: About three-quarters of U.S. taxpayers typically get one and they had averaged around $2,800. For some low-income households it is the biggest cash infusion of the year.



That’s only one of her very Big mistakes!!! Never gonna give her my vote now that the big boy is back… Bernie! He raised over a million bucks in 3 hours from small donors, not super pac money that Warren and Harris will gladly take no matter what BS they say!



U are so right! What I have is Not the same Medicare my parents had! Don’t know if you are my age, but when you are Forced to go on Medicare, you will be blow away by the sheer bull shit this program is all about. It will make your head spin like a top!



I’m 69 and have had VA care longer than I’ve been on medicare. After a 10-15 year uphill battle to get disability ratings for a half dozen service connected conditions, and a final push from 90% to 100% disabled. That means something different for each individual of course.
I am paying for, on the other hand, insurance I don’t need. Like "Part B, self and one other BC/BS, and Part D.
One good thing about VA care is I never get a hassle or have to question a bill, paid or unpaid, or questioned. Everyone should get hassle free 100% coverage birth to death. We are willing to pay for it as long as greedy MFers keep away from it.

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This sounds so typical Warren. She gets to use the words “universal” and “fundamental rights” and “care” without talking about single payer medicare for all. How about we go there first.



They won’t go there because they are already spending like drunken sailors, again.
Hard to spend 1.5 to 2 trillion on tax cuts, a bunch on military spending and then come up with some spare change for low income housing. And of course that ties into overall infrastructure spending which is not happening either. They have us looking OVER THERE, while the till is being ravaged.
And welfare, uh uh, only for the rich.



Which reminds me once again, how is that voting/voter reform legislation coming along. Anyone hear a whisper of it. IMO. we should be shouting about it.