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Warren Proposal Would Use Tax on Ultra-Rich to Help Fund Universal Childcare Plan


I want both also, but lets say I don’t trust the dem party to handle more than 1 major issue at a time. We’re going to have a hard enough time educating the public that Medicare for All is not as good or the same as Expanded, Improved Medicare for All.

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Wondering how many here might support Warren for President … ???

Or is she hoping for VP?


We also need RANKED voting – especially right now.

Don’t know how long Maine worked on it before they actually delivered it.

Maybe they’ve left an instruction sheet around somewhere?

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You can track the progress of Congressional bills at congress.gov. For the bill you are talking about, H.R. 1, you would go to https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/1
where you’ll see that he was assigned to 10 different committees who each have purview over parts of it (it’s a very large bill with 31 named titles). Hearings should be held soon.


Maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about nickel and diming plutocrats if we stopped them from stealing fistfuls of Benjamins from us?


Post above: I can’t say I would support Warren for Pres. or VP., her past statements that she is a capitalist makes me a little nervous. That and her past support for the GOP makes me believe deep down she’s a centrist, not a progressive, but I do appreciate her work in consumer protection and that she seems positive about taxing the rich.

I guess I need to do research on ranked voting. I always thought it would be a good thing, then started seeing posts about negative impacts (can’t remember of the top of my head what they were) on the process, so I’m on the fence about it until I have time to do some reading the subject. Maine is probably a good place to start the research.


Elizabeth:You can’t serve both god and Mammon. You’d perform more admirably as your local Girl Scout leader. I say this, fully knowing that I am not one of the faithful believers-- however, religious literature sometimes does get things right.


Recon –

Personally, I don’t trust Warren - at all.

We know who Bernie is –

And, Maine seems to have done itself credit in the mid-terms with RANKED voting
in place.

Plus, it’s protection against a “spoiler” candidate.