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Warren Refuses to Let Trump's Luxury Hotel Conflict Slide


Warren Refuses to Let Trump's Luxury Hotel Conflict Slide

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Drawing further attention to one the many business ventures likely to conflict with Donald Trump's responsibilities as president, Sens.


"Thus far, little official action has been taken to rectify Trump's business conflicts. The Democratic senators conclude the letter by saying that the GSA "needs to provide assurances to the American people that your agency will take whatever steps are necessary to protect taxpayer dollars and avoid any conflicts of interest.""

I say we should get busy and reform the democratic party. Hey! Let's make it our party and put in charge of our political revolution..


If the GSA were to allow Trump to take office in spite of these illegal Conflicts of Interest, how is that not a Conspiracy to Overthrow the US Government? Those rules were in force long before Trump filed to run for office, Some of them are straight from our Constitution. It was his duty as a candidate to KNOW the rules, and agree to abide by them. Actually, if he he had no intention of taking office legally, he has ALREADY committed fraud upon EVERY voter! Therefore, as a citizen/owner of this country I ORDER our servant, the GSA, to protect and defend OUR White House from this illegal invasion. I also ORDER our servant, the Attorney General, to inform Mr. Trump that he is dangerously close THIS MOMENT to committing a crime against our Constitution, and would thereby run afoul of every military person, every police officer, and every public official who has ever taken a vow to defend our Constitution. I hope you will contact your public servants, too. Remember the vow: ... defend against enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. What is a person trying to become President outside the rules of the office, if not an ENEMY?


This is what fascism in the 21st Century looks like. It's not about jackboots and armies bent on world conquest. It's more subtle than that but just as totalitarian. Corporatism allows "free speech" just so long as they control all media outlets either directly or by infiltrating them to shape the discourse. Want to call yourself a Libertarian? Fine. A nice little playpen is all set up for you to do your thing. Want to debate state socialism vs. archo-syndicalism? Go right ahead. You'll be the hit of the cocktail-party circuit. Into that democracy thingy? Knock yourself out trying to get out the vote. But as Stalin said, "The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do."

Global warming is bearing down on us like a freight train. Mother Nature is not into debating the fact. The corporations and the political class are too busy goosing each other to notice. The Powers That Be are ready for the great culling of the human race. These are dark times.


How about all proceeds from the hotel go to the IRS (or whatever agency would oversee that) for use by the government for the benefit of the tax payers? At lease while Trump holds elected office. Maybe we could actually pay for the things that will be cut due to his one-sided tax cuts for the rich.


Taxes? From a hotel? Leona Helmsley said only the little people pay taxes.