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Warren Rips USPS Board Members for 'Acting as Accomplices to DeJoy' as He Sabotages Mail Delivery—and the Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/28/warren-rips-usps-board-members-acting-accomplices-dejoy-he-sabotages-mail-delivery


This type of behavior warrants tar, feathered and run out of town.


“The Board of Governors remains fully confident that Mr. DeJoy is the right person for the job.” wrote Duncan.
I’d guess that depends on just what DeJoy’s concept of the job is. If it is dismantling the Poat office and walking off with the billions of real estate holdings it now possesses, then I would agree with this assessment. Now if his task is to stabilize and expand its abilities then he has been no better a pick than the failure that appointed him.


In spades, but why go to the trouble for 45 wisely, as it turns out, enlarged the swamp and has room for all the snakes and weasels he has invited to the Capitol.

Huzzah. I’ve been advocating this for a while now - especially the mandatory riding on a rail and dumped in a ditch outside of town.

At this point, it would be good for the national psyche. None of this “blind justice” needed, not when we can have a patriotic national nostalgia moment. It’s important for those who have inflicted pain and suffering to experience some in kind, and to know in no uncertain terms we reject them.


Agreed. This should be perfectly fine with “traditionalists” like Barrett, Kavanaugh, et.al. A traditional punishment.

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This extremist hyper-partisan pos needs to be prosecuted to the fullest along with his sycophant lap-dogs! The USPS needs to be rebuilt and every rotten act from the criminal dejoy restored and strengthened to the max!

The sabotage of our electoral processes - intentionally and admitted - is a crime against the nation - a treasonous act of subversion! Of course trump & co are behind every pos stooge and GOP goon in the trump regime, and they ALL should be treated as they have treated the nation and pay the most severe penalty under lw - and if what they did is not illegal, that needs to be fixed as well!


Despite the loophole where they are not “required” to disclose financial holdings, wouldn’t they have to if records were subpoenaed as part of an investigation, “special employee” or not?
Should the Dems, sweep Congress and WH, then they have a lot of work ahead of them. Priorities should be:

  1. Undo all of Trump’s executive orders. Many are legally suspicious anyway.
  2. Attend to the virus.
  3. Begin legal proceedings against Trump, his family ,and all his WH sycophants for crimes, not the least of which should be treason. If the “rule of law” is indeed what they believe in, then it must be applied, not just mentioned.
  4. Eliminate the Electoral College
  5. Medicare for all. (Screw “public option” BS. It’s time to stop pandering to corporations; they’ve gotten enough from us, it’s time to pay us back).
    To quote RATM;, “It’s time to take the power back!”

None of which will happen, let alone address the militarization of the universe and climate devastation. Rely on Democrats for change? Have you been paying attention the past 70 years? They are indelibly woven into the fabric of corruption, crime, and injustice that is the U. S. government and the fascist political system!


well, Trump has supported bringing back the federal death penalty. Good (enough) for him!


After this debacle, we need EVERYONE’s “private” financial disclosure filings to be on record on the internet, ready to be downloaded. This means for EVERY person who participates in our government. We’ve seen how this Administration uses the cover of “loopholes,” and simply refusal to cooperate, to send the VERY WORST PEOPLE into positions of power.

We cannot take that abuse, and still run a government of, for, and by the people (As Lincoln put it, in the Gettysburg Address).


According to author Sarah Kendzior (from her book, “Hiding in Plain Sight”), who has lived in and studied authoritarian governments, e.g., Uzbekistan, “…the Trump administration is a transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government…”

That covers it all.


if the Democrats survive the election fraud and voter suppression they have allowed to happen for the last 50 years and they do not prosecute DeJoy and other of the right wing destroyers of this country it will be proof that they really DO NOT care what happens as long as they can raise money from it (just like they did with the Barrett appointment— where they did NONE of the parliamentary maneuvers available to them to stop her appointment) -use it to gain power-just like the Republicans

since the Democrats have allowed two treasonous presidents to walk away from their treason(Nixon and Reagan) and then not only allowed another to steal the election by stopping the counting of the votes(setting a precedent for the current administration to steal this election) then backed his lies that led us into the wars we are still fighting-letting a war criminal continue his crimes until the Democrats took over and doubled down on those wars and then committed many war crimes of their own

time to face the sad fact that if you aren’t rich and powerful --you are meaningless to the oligarchs of our current political establishments–I continue to hope that the progressives will walk away from the Democrats and help form a new party that will represent US rather than the rich and powerful corporations that have so successfully captured our country with the bribes they label campaign contributions

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You are confused, if they did this they wouldn’t be Democrats, they would be those awful much-hated “Progressives.” I’m sure none of them could stomach that, they’d much rather be Republicans but Democratic voters don’t vote for Republicans (for some reason that they find unfathomable).