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Warren, Sanders Introduce Legislation to Stop Subsidizing CEO Pay and Help Seniors, Veterans


Warren, Sanders Introduce Legislation to Stop Subsidizing CEO Pay and Help Seniors, Veterans

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced legislation on Thursday that would provide tens of millions of Americans with an emergency payment while tackling a corporate loophole that boosts CEO pay.


Please, please, please … Sanders and Warren in 2016… please! Double plus good please?

Is it just me or are their two names getting mentioned together a lot more?

Please, please … seriously… wow what an election that would be!


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“Congress sits on its hands and pretends that there’s nothing we can do, taxpayers will keep right on subsidizing billions of dollars’ worth of bonuses for highly paid CEOs,” Warren stated.

And a few words from the ghost of Eugene V. Debbs:

“I am opposing a social order in which is possible for one man who does absolutely nothing that is useful to amass a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars while millions of men and women who work all their lives secure barely enough for a wretched existence.”

That is called socialism and it predicated on a new social order where everyone is equally valuable not simply a tinkering with the old capitalist one.


If some elected officials would just pass a law capping the pharmaceutical pricing of prescription drugs it would save Seniors more money than that one time check.

It is not right that the Wall Street types jack prices and prevent everyone from reasonably priced drugs. It is not right that Congress then makes Seniors into Criminals if they are forced to buy their prescriptions from another country. Americans are a captive market, lambs to the slaughter, for Big Pharma. Even the VA is allowed to negotiate drug prices that are 40% lower than what Medicare is forced to pay. But then, Republicans don’t want to save Medicare, they want to run it into the ground and then say “See, I told you it was not financially viable”. So Congress ignores profiteering on prescription drugs, on purpose.


Well, did Sharma Sawant win in Seattle against well funded DLC-like opposition? The contestants spent around $750K, in total. That’s a lot of tinkering and $$$ to prove who’s got the better plan on how to make it really work, for all the workers. I heard she’s winning, but my point is it takes money to change the damnable system, too. And, all the money only got 37% of those eligible, to vote, as well. Sens. Warren and Sanders, and other like minded Progressives, don’t have control over their own caucus, yet. So, these types of legislative acts ( proposals ), are to counter the multiple factions in the country right now. What you call tinkering some call revolutionary and others call treason. I’ll go back to the 37% number, again. Are the 63% just happier than all get out with the 1%ers, the UniParty and the Establishment’s status quo policies. I f they don’t vote what do you think they’re prepared to do? Just askin’.


Ive been saying that same thing, hope your correct I don’t even like to type the opposite of LEFT!


If this Congress can spend millions of our tax dollars bailing out the banks and car makers, then what in the hell is their problem with giving Seniors, Veterans, Disabled a raise/increase? Our Congress gives themselves pay increases every damned year, they don’t do their jobs; they do nothing other than cause the polarization that is going on in our country. We are no longer an experiment, we are a torn up, battered people and it is time that our politicians do everything they can to work together for the people instead of against the people.


Of course I do not know definitively why they do not vote: Are they waiting for the system to implode? Are they organizing an alternative party–Sawant certainly falls in this category–? Are they organizing socialists in their communities? Are they waiting for a great man or woman to surface so they will vote? Debs certainly organized and ran for president. The last true revolutionaries the US produced were the original Black Panthers and what happened to them sent a chill through the spines of many. The recent documentary, The Black Panther Party: The Vanguard of the Revolution , http://theblackpanthers.com/home/, makes this most plain. On the way out I heard a young white fellow remarking to a black man that he thought the message of the film was depressing. I remarked that it certainly explains a lot as to where we are today. But it is an old truism that we must be willing to sacrifice for what we hold as true and valuable.


I’m out on an island. Can somebody tell me when’s the deadline to register to vote in the Democratic Primary? I don’t want Clinton in there!


It appears that Senators Warren and Sanders are doing what they are elected and paid to do–
represent their constituencies. That is a rare event indeed in the US Congress.


Shame on liberal media for being so business-focused on behalf of the Democrats that they “overlook” the details. Note that Social Security provides retirement, survivors’, and disability benefits. Since the Clinton administration, Democrats have been working to dismantle Social Security the way they dismantled our former welfare programs – one cut, one program, at a time. Democrats have repeatedly “agreed to” target the disabled with benefit cuts and freezes – an issue ignored by liberal media. In fact, because of B. Clinton’s cuts, the disabled had become the fastest-growing group of homeless Americans by 2000 – and they did very poorly on the streets. While President Obama finally restored disability benefits, the Dems in Congress promptly resumed targeting them again with benefit freezes, etc. They began 2015 by “agreeing to” virtually end food stamps for the disabled – an income cut of roughly $100 per month for people who truly can’t afford it. This year, while Warren yodels about the glorious Democrats protecting the better off, middle class retirees, she neglects to mention that Social Security disability will see NO cost of living adjustment. Again.


Please note that the Democrats excluded the disabled from any benefit increase. Democrats have repeatedly (since Bill Clinton) targeted the disabled on Social Security. After virtually ending food stamps to the disabled for 2015, Democrats have scheduled yet another disability benefit freeze for 2016. Liberals have consistently called for shoring up middle class retirees, while virtually ignoring disabled workers.


I love them both, but we need them in Congress. If we let all the best into the administrative branch, there’s a chance the Republicans would get even more seats.

Warren and Sanders–please continue to fight in the Senate!


Bolstering your observations, last week NPR interviewed soon to be retired Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), When asked about her biggest regrets during her three plus decades in DC she responded: “I regret voting against Bill Clinton’s welfare reform because it worked so well, and I regret voting against confirming Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve Chairman because he saved the economy”. .


The Social Security Administration’s no cost of living this year is a lie and a sham. Who’s cost of living are they talking about? Certainly not the people who are living on small Social Security check. Most people who are living on $1,200 a month surly don’t have the money to own a car, never mind put gas in it. A large number of seniors living on $1,200 a month are small apartment renters,with heating included in the rent. I guess the cost of living has gone down for people who use a lot of gasoline and heating oil. That ain’t us. All of the things that most Social Security precipitants spend their small checks on has gone up considerably. We have got increases on food, housing, public transplantation, medical, clothes, and absolutely everything, and the Social Security Administration knows it. Those bastards are not cutting back on free give always, they are robing senior citizens and the disabled of their payed for benefits.


I doubt this bill will go very far. Congress has no interest in making the lives of millions of Americans any easier.


If anyone is to take the office fairly (no hanging chads) then they must come from the progressive position.

The mundane, always check to see if your slip is showing Hillary, will not alone offset the shear number of know-nothings on the GOP side. Honestly, loudmouth is in the lead???

If we look at the truly progressive model, ie. Budget, Climate, Rights, Legislative Bills, they at least provide for an intelligent starting point for negotiated governance.

Similar to the Teddy Roosevelt position of its time, we are poised against the same cartel of wealth,
with the same obscenities in society clearly visible.

The only healthy way is forward in Respect for Our World and ALL that Inhabits it’s Biosphere.

And I think that this time it is spelled Sanders/Warren


I’ve heard a lot about there being no COLA but I don’t have a good understanding of why this is happening. No doubt I could look it up but just in case someone has a quick reply, other than the elites want it this way, I’d appreciate it. I’m continuing to slog my way through the entire TPP document. Fascinating.


So why hasn’t Warren backed Sanders?