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Warren, Sanders Join Letter Urging AG Barr to Resign Immediately Over 'Corrupt' Role in Roger Stone Case

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/14/warren-sanders-join-letter-urging-ag-barr-resign-immediately-over-corrupt-role-roger


Senator Blumenthal accurately summed up Barr’s flabbergasting interview yesterday, saying Barr doesn’t mind doing whatever the man says, he just wishes Orangeman would stop tweeting about it already. This pathetic puppet AG somewhat resembles a cuddly muppet AG (with a pouty frown).

Insisting on Barr’s prompt dismissal seems far too kind to the miscreant. We can take a slow walk to justice in this case, and meanwhile enjoy watching the muppet moan.


“I had made a decision that I thought was fair and reasonable in this case,” said Barr.

Translation: I did exactly what Trump told me to do.


The prosecutors that quit were tired of being over ran by this republican congress and the three branches of government but it just gives them more opportunity to replace with stooges.

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Its a nice gesture and statement to make but can it be enforced?
Dunno but doubt it

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If you read right wing websites or news articles this guy is a hero just as their man Trump is.

It shows how much so many millions of people hate the Politicians in Washington. They will embrace this corruption just because they think Barr and Trump are taking on the corrupt.

Again political support is being based upon the concept of the lesser of two evils and in the mind of Trump/Barr supporters it Trump and Barr that are the lesser of two evils. This a symptom of a populace that has lost all faith in its elected representatives and it a damned stupid way to decide who to vote for next.


If they don’t resign today, IMPEACH the Bastards!!


I guess I don’t understand the system. I’ve ask multiple times why AG Barr isn’t in jail until he answers his subpoena. He is presently in contempt of congress and everyone acts as though this is just fine. Move on, nothing to see here.
I’m way more than fed up.


Defiance of Congressional subpoenas is something our Mitch Jezeritch (of KPFA) has explored at length. The basic problem here is that Congress doesn’t really have its own police force to charge with marching over to arrest someone like Barr – not to mention its own jail, etc. (Executive control of federal jails might have something to do with the suicidation of an inconvenient acquaintance of Orangeman, come to think of it. Why doesn’t anyone look into that?)

Orangeman exploits a basic flaw, perhaps, in such a constitutional system as USAmerica’s. Once a tyrant like that gets through the impeachment gate, all bets are off – on war powers, emoluments, hit-jobs on annoying opponents, you name it.


Glad that several Democratic senators didn’t fall for Barr’s fake pushback against Fuhrer’s attempts to intimidate jurors, witnesses, judges and prosecutors.
Whatever Barr says in public, in private he’s a hit man for GOP criminals, and always has been.
He’s also a theocrat who despises secularism and rational people.
He should NEVER have been confirmed.


For this, and for his enabling of Bush II (pardons), he does not deserve to remain in the U.S.


I wonder who or what is going to do said impeaching.

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Something is way wrong here of course. How is it they can be in contempt without redress? Sgt. at arms can be sent to take Barr to any lockup. Or a stiff fine can be imposed. Congress is asleep at the wheel, and intentionally so it appears.


Now Barr is doing the same thing with the Felon, Flynn.

Stop Barr now.

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Barr has said that trumps tweeting makes it hard for him to do his job. I agree! It’s hard to be sneaky and criminal when the boss is pointing at you and saying ‘Thanks!’


This is where Mitch’s historical expertise was illuminating. I doubt we can point to any instance of Congress’s (cheifly ceremonial) sgt-at-arms arresting someone like the Atty Genl – not without executive assistance.

I think it’s a flaw in the fabric, now torn to shreds. Not such a huge loss, really. USAmerican democracy is such a sham on so many levels, it becomes less and less tenable to defend our sacred Constitution as a brilliant document which shouldn’t be blown up like this.

“‘I had made a decision that I thought was fair and reasonable in this case,’ said Barr.”

Not “I made” a decision, but “I had made” a decision - as if Barr “had” acted at some long past point - not just now, in direct response to Trump’s demand.

These worms literally cannot utter a single sentence without trying to wriggle out of admitting their corrupt and slavish obedience.

Honestly, it’s hard to caricature Barr - a life dedicated to cruel right wing values and corruption has physically degenerated him into a disgusting, non-human freak.


I certainly agree, but this is a rare instance where subpoenas are being ignored by many, and it rarely has happened. New situations should call for new laws if the old ones are no longer viable.
But then there is tomorrow. Something worse is bound to happen by then. I wonder how much of this is a diversion tactic, and how much is cut throat politics.


Your comment is verbatim from reich-wing Trump cult propaganda.
Stone is a career criminal and GOP hit man.
He’s fortunate he hasn’t gone to jail before.
The 7-9 year sentence was well within established federal sentencing guidelines, too lenient.
Stone is an international criminal who helped Russia and Trump collude, lied about it, threatened witnesses.
A woman in Texas was sentenced to five years in prison for mistakenly voting.
And you’re whining about Stone going to prison. Sick.
Barr isn’t restoring justice and fairness. He’s a corrupt fat-ass little weasel who is Trump’s mob lawyer.
Get a clue, and stop lying on behalf of the Fuhrer and his gang.


I think you just had a great idea for a cinematic comedy. I wanna see Eddie Murphy in the role of Congressional Sergeant-at-Arms, maybe with his trusty basset hound like Detective Columbo, dispatched to arrest Mick Mulvaney in the White House. Hooboy!