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Warren, Sanders Lead Calls for Immediate Impeachment Hearings After Trump Says He Would Welcome Dirt From Foreign Power in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/13/warren-sanders-lead-calls-immediate-impeachment-hearings-after-trump-says-he-would

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Keep handing him the election. Russiagate’s a losing issue for everyone who isn’t connected to the Maddow IV drip.

Where’s Gabbard, eh? Oh, yeah…down the memory hole.


Meanwhile in Trumps Bizarro World, where no means yes and yes means no, Don the Con will get Sarah “Lying” Sanders to have another one of her “that’s not what he said” press briefings and the Trumpsters will again be satisfied with her doublespeak.


Bummer, but I am morally obligated to draw the readers thoughts away from all the soft core criticism that enables our nation’s leader John Bolton to do his dirty work.


Yet again, the Clown Prince demonstrates he is unfit for the office he holds. He is a power unto himself, so he thinks. He says whatever he wants to, ignorant of the federal statutes his statement might violate. He has threatened to act; in some instances carrying out the threatened action and in others not. Is there any Constitutional remedy available to stop him from declaring himself King Trumpus-Rumpus I? Yes, but I doubt that in this episode of The Real World - Washington DC that there is a competent coalition that can do it. His statements and actions will remain a distraction while his courtiers continue to carry-out their dangerous policies.


What cynicism! You think you know, don’t you, drone? Just as cynical an idea as yours (although millions of other drones espouse yours as well) is this thought: That if you DON’T impeach the agent orange tyrant baby blimp, he will win the 2020 election. I’ll go 60-40 for the latter view, and see Pelosi as 20-80 up till now on your side, but why do any of us have to pretend we’re bookies who can look into the future when we clearly are not cut out for that role? How about ignoring the doomsday predictions and doing what’s right?


I am not getting on this train. Look at how this is getting started: two despicable people sparring: George and Donald. Both sides will eat this stuff up.Russiagaters will have a new cause to rally around. Medicare for All will be talked about less. Regime change coups will be off the front pages. Dem pres candidates will clammer to see who can get the most support for calling for impeachment.
Meanwhile, two tankers just got bombed in the strait of hormuz. Read Moon of Alabama for the most detail.


i’m disappointed in Bernie for jumping on this train. I’d like to see what Mike Gravel and Tulsi Gabbard say about it.


"Foreign Powers, if you are listening:

Get to work. (Polls show I could use your help). Also, do not give me or my campaign your dirt directly. That would be too obvious. Pass it to me through a patriotic supporter of me, like my son Don Jr… He’s smarter now and knows how to handle it.

Also, if you’d like a great deal on a condo to launder some money, we’ll see what we can do."

The President of the United States


In general, if you become aware of a crime and fail to report it to law enforcement, you’re complicit.



So Bernie, so Elizabeth, file articles of impeachment. File articles of impeachment or STFU. No, you don’t have to wait for Nancy Pelosi. Yes, Nancy Pelosi would be quite angry if you went ahead and did so. So what? So what? Put your money where your mouth is candidates. Bernie, aren’t you supposed to be an independent? Why do you kowtow to billionaire Nancy “Trump”? Bernie! File the articles!

PS it’s all Kabul theatre. Bernie, Elizabeth, Chuck(D), Mitch, Chuck® and Diane will be having dinner, drinks and lots of laughs at our expense in some high end Georgetown joint most any evening.

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Senators can not file for impeachment. As for House members, all I can think of is that because of some arcane rules set up in the 18th century, only the Speaker can move/start legislation. Just one of many undemocratic issues that keeps power in the hands of the few.


What Laws? He is able to dodge any law that’s why he’s still here. The rest on both sides are no better. We’d have better luck putting his head in front of a Dart Board to make something stick. This is the biggest 3 Ring Circus that ever came to town. I have no trust or faith in any of them. Another great way to start your day: Reading the News…


The law is the law, dude, and he just crossed a huge legal line. I don’t give a shit which country it was.


he was born across that line.

so do it and be done with it? or is it just too useful for your masters to continue to drag this out in order to keep from dealing with the single fact that we have literally no opposition party in the US?


That piece of paper is just part of the Trump Bullshit. I am frequently staggered by his ability to offer up crap like this “secret deal” and his estimated 10,000 lies so far in office as a way to bamboozle his idiot followers and the country in general. To HELL with Nancy Pelosi and her fellow sellouts. Warren and Sanders are correct. IMPEACH this POS gangster now! Hearings will not create some kind of backlash against the Democrats. One poll after another shows that many Demo candidates are running ahead of Trumpo the Traitor. Nancy is just spineless in this and obviously doesn’t want to offend her rich donor base. It is also time for her to step down as Speaker.
These hearings will bring out even more reasons to perp walk this appalling asshole from the White House. I’d like to see the whole Trump Crime Family burned to the ground.


With Trumpo the Traitor in the White House and his bunch of Republican scum tearing the country down it feels like “fork in the ass” time. Turn us over, we’re done.

I just change “policies” to ‘snake-oil deals’.


hey, if the constitutional law on impeachment is now dead, I just as soon no/know now


The foreign nation most guilty of subverting our politics, politicians, media, Congress and foreign policy is the US proxy in the ME, Israel (and Saudis). both manipulate trump like a sock-puppet. Their history of false-flag ops and production of phony “documents” proven false, their attack on the USS Liberty, and openly spying, now can include “dirt” on Dem candidates and many other false documents to support their lap-dog prez Their Mossad is likely behind, one way or another (possibly with Saudi involvement), the probable false-flag attacks on oil tankers in/near the Straits to “justify” war against Iran, nothing new for them as they constantly foment/create diversions of world opinion/opposition to their long-desired theft “annexation” of the Occupied Territories, regardless how illegal under International Law and UN Charter, ets, etc… Their agents bolton and pompeo as well as trump serve them openly (as well as other powers foreign and domestic).Treasonous by any standard and a hanging offense - Impeachment only a weak slap on the wrist!