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Warren, Sanders Lead Calls for Immediate Impeachment Hearings After Trump Says He Would Welcome Dirt From Foreign Power in 2020

Yawn, another Trumpster still having nightmares about Hillary over 2 years later.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…


He cares NOT for the American People. That’s obvious.
Once IN office, HE … is King.
— Does whatever passes thru that thing he calls his head.
— BUT … REMEMBER. DNC assholes for their OWN sick reasons are actually responsible for putting him there. Don’t ever expect them to admit it, though.

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Voter suppression may be the #1 reason why drumpf (and dubya) were installed as prez, but by parroting the rightwing Russiagate is a hoax line, despite all the evidence that Russia was involved in election meddling, despite hearing drumpf plea for foreign assistance, despite Felix Sater and the Russia mob laundering money thru real estate owned by drumpf and kushner, you and your kind are doing an outstanding job of electing more Republicans.

Oh sure, Michael Egan. Engage not. Sit back and let the catastrophe happen.

No nightmares about Hillary. She’s yesterday’s news. But I find it very interesting how the level of offense taken in these pages very much depends on who is the offender.

Hi Derek:
Yes way old news the Hillary is—but she keeps getting into the news anyway. Her brother died was the latest that I saw. Who knew she even had one. I see her face in the news a lot. She is scary—How is that Clinton Foundation doing-----what did they do with that money which she seemed to raise a lot of as SOS? : )