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Warren Says AG William Barr Must 'Resign or Face Impeachment' for Intervening in Roger Stone Case

Hard to say, they are a tricky bunch.

…“perhaps should not have even been brought,” Trump wrote.
Yeah right, The prosecution got a conviction but the dunce in chief thought it was just business as usual. Kinda gotta think that for him it likely is. The Party of Lincoln has truly shown its real colors.

Cowards, not so much. Hell, they support much of what the Party of No is doing! The only cowardliness comes because they are afraid that their base will figure out why income disparity is a growth industry for a very few and Bernie Sanders is the only voice that will rally the real Democrats.


Good article - Thanks. Barr has a sordid past, especially with the CIA…the exact opposite of pristine.

Seven to nine years, however, is prosecutor overreach, just like the DOJ has been trying to do with Flynn. How is seven to nine going to be more rehabilitating that three? It’s actually likely to produce a more hardened criminal.

Prosecutor overreach has become standard operating procedure, especially if the DOJ prosecutors are holdovers from a previous administration of the opposite party. Even the people who Stone said he’d take away their dog, stated that they didn’t believe Stone was actually going to harm the dog or them.

Time for Warren to go back to Harvard or the Senate, where she can continue to pretend she’s something she isn’t without affecting so many people.

I guess silencing the 1%ers pedophile pimp wasn’t outrage enough.

These are empty threats. The RP will not allow him to be impeached successfully, Trump will protect him (with that handy pardon card if necessary), and he has no reason to resign, or can be made to do so. The DP has no power to get rid of any of them,and that includes DeVos who keeps giving all of them the finger. As for Warren, her run for the WH is over, and good riddance. Same for Biden. The RP, Hillary C., and Centrist Conservative long knives are now out to gut Sanders attempt for POTUS. Not to worry. They will be very successful and even back Trump to stop him.

I’am not so sure of that. I agree she was used by the Hillary clan but we shall see.

Thanks Callmeskeptical, helps to have a broader context. Barr has been muddling around in national politics for a long time.

Seven to nine years: The maximum penalty for his crimes (conviction on seven felonies) is 50 years, seven to nine years by that standard seems reasonable in my opinion considering the nature of the crimes. At age 61, it could be argued that he already is a hardened criminal, but thats another story.

Great observation about DOJ procedures where this case examines the separation of powers and political influence in obstructing that process.

Warren is the least of our troubles and she was never convicted, except in the domain of public opinion. And, honestly I’m not sure the public really understands what happened.

Hi fern,

I’m more with Trey Gowdy’s way of thinking about this:



Well it is better than Mike Huckabee, he thinks we should just forget the whole thing. Still there are numerous unintended consequences, so this should be interesting.

Keep track of the names. The Prosecutors who resigned, rather than participate in Bill Barr’s Abortion of Justice, should be at the top of the list when it comes to working for the Sanders Administration.

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