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Warren Says 'No Interest' in Discussing It Further After Dropping Bombshell Accusation of Sexism on Sanders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/13/warren-says-no-interest-discussing-it-further-after-dropping-bombshell-accusation


“Stay focused.”

Excellent advice for all of us.


Warren needs to get he shit together quick


She is not genuine.


i think this will work out fine for Sanders:

He’ll handle it well at the debate; his record speaks volumes about his actual position toward women in politics; and we all have three weeks until the Iowa caucuses to… stay focused on real issues that make Sanders by far the strongest candidate.


I don’t get how something from a year ago has suddenly shown up as Trump faces reports that he showed no evidence for his actions that nearly started a war? Nevertheless, Warren and Bernie should take the time to clear all this up. All I can think of is someone helped feed ammo to Biden right before a debate and that Trump may win by a wedge having been driven between the two front runners against him making their teaming up less of a possibility.


Bernie asked her to run in 2016 and only ran after she effectively chickened out. He has given support to countless female candidates, proudly touts the support of AOC, Talib and Ohmar. Has said, going back decades that a woman can and should be president. She meets with him over a year ago, waits all this time and drops this bombshell days before the primaries and days after disingenuously trying to use the actions of a single volunteer on Slack, whose post was almost immediately taken down. The person that posted the mild critique of her supporters had never even posted before, which means that they could have been a plant. Warren does this knowing how the corporate media will use this against Bernie and knowing that this could in fact benefit Biden. Absolutely despicable.

And asking for a truce now between them is like shooting someone and while they are bleeding asking for a truce. Warren is dead to me as a politician. I hope her campaign utterly collapses and god help her if this plays a major role in Bernie losing and someone like Biden winning.

CNN is simply not a journalistic source, it is full on propaganda. It was obvious that something like this was coming, wasn’t obvious that Warren would play a central role.


It doesn’t matter on some levels though. Warren has absolutely zero integrity and neither does CNN. How in the hell can anyone call CNN a journalistic organization after this? This is grotesque. Bernie or bust for me. Gonna contribute when I get home to his campaign and will volunteer this weekend.


I call BS. Bernie urged Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016! Only when she would not run did Bernie himself run in 2016. And now Warren and/or her campaign and the corporate media is alleging Sanders supposedly said “a women has no chance to win the presidency”? That just obviously BS. It’s obviously false on its face.


Warren has lost all self-respect. Once I thought she’d be a good president in 2015. I thought she cared about people and the future of this country. I was wrong. She could have been a character in Game of Thrones - lying, duplicitous, treacherous and most of all, a horrible politician who only cares about herself and her power. Bernie tried to convince her to run in 2016 for God’s sake. She didn’t so he ran - only to have her withhold her endorsement of him in hopes of being chosen by Hillary as VP.


A woman did beat Trump in the popular vote in 2016 and by a wide margin. Almost 2.9 million votes:

It doesn’t make sense there would be any discussion of whether or not that would be a possibility in 2018. Both Sanders and Warren are at the genius level of intelligence and one of them would have noticed that “a woman can beat Trump” has already been proven true.

Hillary lost the electoral college because of her free-trade policy positions that left her “deplorables” out of a job when their factories moved to China and Mexico. And no, they can’t just “learn to code”. Trump beat Clinton in the rust belt states by flipping many of those states from blue to red.

Warren is really a faker and following Clinton’s own propaganda about Bernie hurting her:


Great first comment, sally! You are in the right place…WELCOME!


Can’t defend Warren on this one. I’m disappointed. That being said, how Bernie deals with this will be critical. He needs to stay cool and win some of her support now that she is self-destructing.


there are no friends in campaign politics, and like I typed not two days ago, this was inevitable considering that both of these candidates will compete for the same bloc of democratic voters if they wind up 1 and 2.

sanders needs to take this fake down.


If this has a major impact in someone horrible like Biden winning, not likely I would think (he said something explicit about Clinton losing because of sexism and said that he won’t have to deal with that, Anita Hill, his horrible personal conduct with women and girls), her future is effectively toast. I don’t know, given where young people are ideologically, that she will escape majorly suffering as a national political figure after her utterly disastrous run for president. I could be wrong, but this may well be disastrous for her as a politician, and I would guess that AOC (among others) is not happy with her conduct and how she has handled this.


Ms Warren, apparently, requires disinformation to advance. But the more you look, the less you see in Ms. Warren. She should return to the Republicans.


I completely disagree, Clinton lost because of a lifetime of hypocrisy, lies, supporting the wealthy at the cost to the poor, war mongering, failure to deliver healthcare, and Lybia. Some saw a contest between evils where one of them knew where the levers of government were, making her the more dangerous evil. The Russiagate follow-up showed that to be a valid opinion. Risking global conflict over lies to cover Democrat election rigging is unacceptable from a party which would rule.


I don’t think CNN has ever deserved to be called a “journalistic organization” - kind of like a shapeshifting Republican magically becoming a “Progressive”.


Divertimento in D


Agreed, I am a fan of Chomsky and Orwell. My point was not that they were ever a reputable media organization.